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  1. Bill and John, Thanks for the feedback. I will get some of these files as well so I can get the product sharper moving forward. For the sharp corners, making the image larger would definitely help. See this example of the number 23. Erick Attached is your 2nd tag. I contemplated just telling you that it couldn't be done, but I gave it my best effort and got this result. It definitely requires some artistic work after using it. Basically, to get the image like I did, I had to trace parts of the stencil but not all of it. So as seen, it is possible to make it but it is not easy and it is not something I would recommend trying to do on the first tee unless you have a long wait. I will ship your tags tomorrow.
  2. Hi Bill To address your concerns, yes unfortunately the 3D printing process can only make detail that is so precise. One of those things "it is what it is". One question though: did you use an ultrafine sharpie? This will give you the best results. The strength should be fine. When I developed the product, I found that if I made it thicker (originally it was twice as thick), then you could not get the pen on the ball. By making it thinner, it made it possible to get the pen on the ball. The clear coat I put on the part gives it strength. I've had 2 in my bag just placed in a pocket for months and neither has broken. I appreciate your feedback and will make improvements where possible (which is probably only the polymer, making sure I get it more evenly coated)
  3. Bill and John, your GolfTags will ship today will send you guys the tracking numbers Erick, finishing yours up and should ship tomorrow
  4. First one is for Bill Chao and Second is for ClubRat now onto to Iacas' tough one...
  5. Sorry for the late reply on here, been busy making all these stencils Here's a few more. ClubRat came up with an idea for having 2 stencils overlay each other to create a dual image. Hearts and golfers Got some more photos of produced parts coming in a bit
  6. yeah, I can probably only do the outline for @clubrat maybe some internal detail if there is enough room plus, think about it, how much time do you really want to spend drawing all kinds of small details? :)
  7. Hey guys, Just made the PSU paw logo for Iacas. Photo attached So whats going to happen with the NCB logo, is that I will have to make all the curved lines about the same thickness. There are 2 limitations, one is the 3D printer resolution but the other is that the smallest pen (that I know of) is an ultrafine sharpie. This also limits the size of detail