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  1. you mean golf channel tour right? the golf week ONLY does shotgun starts, so with 120 players it takes forever
  2. in a member guest tournament 2 years ago, there were 78, 2 man teams that's 156 players, shotgun start. It took 4 hours to play 9 holes. It was unbearable
  3. yea so it has to be tee times, not shotgun start if thats the case, i might look into golf channel tour
  4. that doesn't seem possible. 180 players on each course, so 10 players per hole. did they do 2, 5 somes per hole? i feel like that would take 8 hours per round oh, maybe you did tee times and not a shotgun start? (GWAM only does shotgun start) if tee times, i can believe it
  5. I will give my 2 cents. I played Golfweek am tour past 2 years in charlotte nc the tournaments are run well and its essentially cash prizes (visa gift cards that you can use anywhere) the cost is higher than a regular round for sure (they have to make a profit), but a lot of the events are on private tracks you cant get on easily otherwise my issue with the Golfweek is pace of play. Because they are for profit, they will put up to around 120 players on the course (its always a shotgun start and they will double tee every hole except par 3's) im done with it. An average rou
  6. Thanks @klineka for the review yes, I can customize this to any phone actually at this point, I have the designs for probably 95% of the smart phone market but it i dont, i can easily make the one you need
  7. this was a great study, one of the most thorough ive read yet Ive been leaving the pin in for every single putt this year and FINALLY after 50+ rounds had one bounce out the reason: it was a 20 footer, left to right breaker, and the pin was leaning 10-20 degrees to the left i need to pay more attention to the lean now on, and take out if its leaning towards the way the ball would go in
  8. I found this topic when I was searching for “most rounds of golf in a lifetime” I honestly might set the record for all time Im currently 35 years old, and for past 3 years ive averaged 300+ rounds per year, and I can keep that up for the rest of my life barring any major injury. I wont ever have kids, so I don’t need to worry about that Heres my exactly round total since 2006. I used to have the data before that but the hard drive crashed so I would have to estimate. In college, I also averaged 300+ rounds per year 2006 155
  9. yes it would be better if it could rotate without taking off, but my goal with this was to keep it simple and as a result keep the price point down once you add more parts, the complexity and assembly time increase exponentially, and so the price has to go way up Pretzel had some good advice on it being able to be mounted sideways. See images for new model.. Going to start up the printer tonight and get it made
  10. yes, and most golfers i know already carry those alignment sticks, so it just attaches onto something you already carry. and it weighs like 2 ounces so if you carry your bag, you wont even notice the weight difference
  11. im going to add in clips so that the swing shot can be oriented horizontally as well ill post photos when i have it
  12. i appreciate the extra posts, but i do have 2 people at this time i need to send to you can still get one on ebay if you like
  13. also a good answer, ill send you one as well what phone model do you have? and i need your address as well and i like that idea of clips to all it to be mounted sideways, ill add that feature into the design. this is why i like asking people for feedback when i have an idea i always get ideas to improve that i didnt think of im in vegas for a week, ill make it and send next week when i get home
  14. good answer, ill send you one i will create a new version for each phone, although the same case will often cover quite a few models. I havent made one yet for the S8+ but almost all the major phones I have covered. Because of 3d printing, I can make a new version for each phone very inexpensively. please send me your address
  15. Looking for some feedback on a new invention of mine, so the best 2 responses on why you would be a good candidate will win a free sample The product is super simple, I call it the swing shot 2.0 (because I had a previous version) the case holds your phone to any standard alignment stick, so you can video your swing or if you just wanna take selfies 🙂 I made one for myself originally and use it almost every round I play and when Im on the range heres my ebay listing: swing shot 2.0 golf camera Selfie Stick Holder Alignment Rod Video Record Clip
  16. yeah im pretty close to you thanks for the feedback. I have a lot of other designs and offer custom ones too
  17. hey all, been a little while I have a new 3D printer that makes these golttags with more precision than was possible before I also have some new design. Ill attach 2 photos one is a Tiger Woods TW logo tag and the other is a dual tag to make the Deadpool logo im currently selling these on my etsy site here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/CADdesignhelp?ref=seller-platform-mcnav
  18. Bill and John, Thanks for the feedback. I will get some of these files as well so I can get the product sharper moving forward. For the sharp corners, making the image larger would definitely help. See this example of the number 23. Erick Attached is your 2nd tag. I contemplated just telling you that it couldn't be done, but I gave it my best effort and got this result. It definitely requires some artistic work after using it. Basically, to get the image like I did, I had to trace parts of the stencil but not all of it. So as seen, it is possible to make it but it is not
  19. Hi Bill To address your concerns, yes unfortunately the 3D printing process can only make detail that is so precise. One of those things "it is what it is". One question though: did you use an ultrafine sharpie? This will give you the best results. The strength should be fine. When I developed the product, I found that if I made it thicker (originally it was twice as thick), then you could not get the pen on the ball. By making it thinner, it made it possible to get the pen on the ball. The clear coat I put on the part gives it strength. I've had 2 in my bag just placed in a pocket f
  20. Bill and John, your GolfTags will ship today will send you guys the tracking numbers Erick, finishing yours up and should ship tomorrow
  21. First one is for Bill Chao and Second is for ClubRat now onto to Iacas' tough one...
  22. Sorry for the late reply on here, been busy making all these stencils Here's a few more. ClubRat came up with an idea for having 2 stencils overlay each other to create a dual image. Hearts and golfers Got some more photos of produced parts coming in a bit
  23. yeah, I can probably only do the outline for @clubrat maybe some internal detail if there is enough room plus, think about it, how much time do you really want to spend drawing all kinds of small details? :)
  24. Hey guys, Just made the PSU paw logo for Iacas. Photo attached So whats going to happen with the NCB logo, is that I will have to make all the curved lines about the same thickness. There are 2 limitations, one is the 3D printer resolution but the other is that the smallest pen (that I know of) is an ultrafine sharpie. This also limits the size of detail
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