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  1. I'll have to go the range and to get it recorded again. Thanks! humping the goat!
  2. @mchepp Thanks for your help. Didn't realize this was the section for videos. trying to get some help for reason why my hips kept moving forward even with feeling of 80% of weight on heel and toes up Thanks
  3. Hi all finally joined after lurking for some time. Started golf almost 2 years ago after 6yo son wanted to play. We have been trying to play and getting lessons continuously. Progress isn't as fast as I would like. So I'm now trying to se anyone can help online in this community! Maybe I can join a round or two if there is anyone around here too!
  4. Hi all, I have started to play golf late 2013 and have been taking lessons since then. It has been a roller coaster ride to say the least. My issue now for the past few months has been my weight moving forward towards the ball. My hips tend to move in and I will then either hit it fat or shank the ball. i have tried all kinds of mental thoughts, even keeping up my toes. I have a video of myself with toes up and still the butt move towards the ball. This issue started to crop up when I started to work on my swing plane to inside out vs a outside in. Any ideas on how to keep it back? I wonder if it's due to the way I turn my hips?