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  1. This past week I purchased a box of the project a balls. I wasn't sure what to expect. They say what everyone else says about their ball. Long, soft, spin, etc. I played two rounds with them and I have to say I was pleased. I hit two of the longest drives I've hit in a long time. It could have been a fluke, but maybe not. Around the greens they were nice to. I normally play the prov 1 or the prov 1 x, but I think I'll stick with these for a little while longer. I also like the price. And even better, Walmart sells them. Let me know if anyone has played these balls and what you liked or didn't like about them.
  2. Has anyone tried out the taylormade M1 yet? I am still hitting the sldr and I really like. I get very little spin on it and a good launch angle. I play the standard stiff shaft they put in it. I am looking for some input on the performance of the M1 and what shaft you have in it. Does taylormade still recommend lofting up? Thanks for the input.
  3. I have had success playing with a PW. I open the face and hit behind it like a regular sand shot. Keep in mind the lip needs to be fairly low to pull this off. Otherwise you'd have to take a huge swing with your SW and blast it up there. Hope this helps.
  4. I have heard about flaring your front foot out, but both I had not heard of. I can see how it would keep you more centered. I will have to try it.
  5. I found your topic interesting. I read a book by Bob Rotella about short game and putting a few years ago. He talked about the chipping and pitching being more important than the putting. His reasoning was that the closer you get the ball to the hole the better your chances of making the putt. I'm not sure if this correlates to your article exactly, but I thought I'd share this. I think I'd rather have great putting and chipping and be a decent putter than having to try and make long putts for par all the time.
  6. I recently purchased a sleeve of pro v 1's. I have been playing the x model. I heard Adam Scott plays the pro v 1 regular. Not sure if this is true or not. Anyway, not sure if it was just me, but I did not seem to lose any distance on my driver or irons. The ball seemed to play well around the greens too-plenty of spin. I would be interested to see what others experience has been with these two balls.
  7. Has anyone heard about the technique of swing back a little flatter and then bringing the club down a little more upright? It seems like Hogan may have done this a little bit. I have always been told to swing a little more upright on the backswing and then flatten it out on the downswing. I would like to hear fellow golfers thoughts on this.
  8. I think it depends a lot on your handicap. The higher the handicap the more forgiveness one needs. I have leaned towards the game improvement irons even though I am a single digit handicap. I just like the extra forgiveness.
  9. I have been playing both the grafalloy blue s and the nv 75. Has anyone tried these two shafts. The grafalloy feels much stiffer to me. The ball flight seems to be a little more penetrating. I would love to hear peoples feed back.
  10. Has anyone experimented with the new exercise bands. I hear that they really do help. I was wanting to get some of them. Before I did I wanted to know what others experience has been with them.
  11. This is very encouraging. I was under the misconception that the handicap had not gone down despite advances in equipment.
  12. I have never got to try a trackman. I would like to see what it does. I imagine it wouldn't tell me everything, but quite a bit.