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  1. This is a great video. I like the idea of a partner helping. I think the standard pitch shot is so neglected.
  2. I like the idea of starting the club slow from the top and then gradually accelerating it. I phyisically swing slow to about shoulder height and then swoosh through. I do this several times and then go back to what I call a normal swing. Hope this helps.
  3. http://www.dwquailgolf.com/training/Figure-8-Strap-Smooth-Swing.html http://www.dwquailgolf.com/training/summitSwingZone.html hopefully these links help. I agree that these moves of hogan are awesome.
  4. That is very interesting. With your club head speed I would think that a 12 degree launch angle would be perfect. You just need to monitor your spin. You don't want to go over about 2500 rpm. Once you're there your set. Not sure if this helps.
  5. Years ago in my youth I would say go for it. Now much wiser, lol, I would put it in the wide part of the fairway. I look at it like this. If I played the hole 10 times what could I reasonable pull of 8/10 times. Boring answer I know.
  6. I don't see it as an issue. I think your reasoning is fight on. It's after impact and other players do it. If you're striking it well just go with it.
  7. This may sound totally crazy , but I know of a device you might like. I hate training aids but the one has helped me. I've been able to get back to shooting a few par rounds. It's called the slice eliminator. I know it sounds like a gimmick, but it sure shallows out the path. If you can find another way to solve the plane issue let me know. Just thought I'd throw an idea out there.
  8. Sounds too me like you need to shallow out your club path. I'd be interested to see how deep your divots are. You might need to look online for some videos about " shallowing out swing path golf ." This should help. Undoubtedly someone else out there has had this same problem. Hope this helps.
  9. Just watched your swing. Good motion through the ball. I would suggest just hitting a lot of balls. You've got to hone those fine motor movements. Remember, the golf swing is not a natural motion. It takes time.
  10. Here's a different way to look at it. Just play your draw on every shot. Look at Kenny Perry. He's made a decent living doing that. Yah, some pins you can't go for, but so what. Just wait till you get that pin that's tucked right where you can draw it in. I think working the ball is overrated. Go with your strength. Hey, Nicklaus played a fade his whole career.
  11. I like your honesty-keeping it real. I have never been a great driver of the ball. I gave up trying to hit it straight. I go for a cut. Sometimes the balls cuts more than other times, but I just play. Line me up down the left and let it fly. I like having a go to shot. It's like having an ace in the hole. You might mess around on the range and find your "go to" shot. Hone it, own it, and rely on it when things get bad. Hope this helps.
  12. I'd be really interested to see your swing. I'm worried you're getting to technical and playing "swing" not golf. How's your short game and ability to score? The only reason I say this is because I used to be paralyzed by over analyzing the mechanics of my swing. I had to get out of my own head and just "play." Sorry for the ranting I'll be quiet now.
  13. The balls on the range tend to spin excessively on irons. If you want to get your distances figured out I suggest a few options. On the par threes pace out your shots and write then down. After a few rounds you should have most your distances. The other route is to go to a golf store with a launch monitor and measure all your iron distances. Hope this helps.
  14. Just look at John Rahm' swing. Only go back as far as you feel comfortable.
  15. Your eyes are not fooling you, but let me tell you a little nuance in what they are doing. They are working on "swinging left" to zero their club path. They want the club head to exit left after hitting the ball. When a person slices the ball the club head comes out over the hands and comes over the top. This little difference is almost impossible to pick up with your eye. If you want a training aid to help with path try the Plane Finder. I don't make any money off the link I just know the device has helped tremendously.
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