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  1. Kasich really is the turd in the pool at this point.
  2. I have a 60 degree wedge that I would like to use through this season. It's a replaceable face Taylor Made xtf conforming (not Z nonconforming grooves). There is literally nowhere to buy the replaceable faces anymore, they have become like rare gold on ebay. Anyway my grooves are okay but the bottom of the face plate where it connects to the head is becoming cracked, forming a quasi groove. Is this club now illegal by USGA rules because of the fracture? I don't think this created groove comes into play on normal shots, though it may be deep enough to impact something, though not noticeably. Is
  3. Let me go further and simplify more as I'm really starting to digest this swing. Yes feel free to experiment with advice and be cautious and verify as you will. If you're open to experimenting you can always play around with things and see how it feels, throwing out what you may. Again you have a great swing so take this analysis I'm about to make as simply a hypothetical towards better golf. It's possible tindalla your swing is perfect and the best it can be, obviously looking at fred couples swing there is plenty to play around with, but it doesn't need any tweaking. Golf is very
  4. No problem. Let me be clear, I don't think you should be moving the ball away from you. Now that I see your iron swing it is just the opposite, you should be taller at setup and the ball should be closer. I was saying before with driver you should move the ball back, and essentially you would have to back up to realign. That's irrelevant now as the real issue is more pronounced with irons, it was harder to see in your driver swing. Seeing your swing close up now it's obvious your issue is simply a kind of "slapping at the ball" action. Again a great swing. You're close to fine, but being hunch
  5. Looking at the swing again it's clear your arms are making the swing happen. Gotta get the body involved from the ground up. Try to take very short swings, and get power into it. You need to get the body moving a lot more and the arms moving a lot less. The goal is the have everything moving together. So basically if you swing properly you won't be able to get your arms that far away from you. Then when hit through the ball you won't flip your wrist because the body will be engaged. Before I said your left shoulder and that still applies, your core needs to get involved and the left shoulder n
  6. Great swing. I don't see any swing plane issue. Shanking usually occurs when golfers throw the hands out to the ball instead of bringing the hands in. In your case I think it's a ball position issue causing the club to be outside the ball. It seems like your arms are aimed slightly to the right of your feet, and the club is set closed to the target line. This tells me your ball position is too far forward. Nicklaus said all very good golfers set the club slightly open behind the ball, because that will allow it to be square at impact without manipulation. Try moving the ball back, and setting
  7. Oh sorry missed that. Looks like in a 8/10 condition the retail on 710s are average 375us, 712s are 575, and 714s are 700. So according to price there is not much difference between 712s and 714s. I have hit the 712s and they were great, 714s I have been told are an upgrade. Never hit the 710s but I imagine they are older tech and will not go as far as the 712s. If it were me I would buy those if the condition really is that good. It comes down to how often this person hits the range. If he is a range rat who hits 300 balls four times a week then no, because the faces will be dead in a y
  8. Okay @coop6 got a swing fix for ya. If you aren't looking for one feel free to disregard but thought I would share. Now that I've finally got a couple rounds in this year and feel like my swing is where I want it to be, I think I can offer some really solid advice to people. This way I'm not just being theoretical but actually promoting what works for me. I have a pretty standard swing so I just stick to the overall basics and don't try to touch the natural moves people have unless they are really wild. Anyway what I see you doing is taking the club back too much with your arms in the tak
  9. A single AP2 iron still retails for $80 so obviously the person is being nice. I was given free irons once I used them for a few years and then returned them to the guy. Dufner uses AP2.
  10. @mvmac What I think will help you tremendously is to make some swings using only your arms and shoulders as much as possible, especially on the through swing. Try to really stay back and let the club swing in front of you. In your swing the body is a bit in front of the arms, on the backswing as well. On the backswing the hips and knees open up before the club has gone very far. Let the club get going before the body going back. On the forward swing, try to keep your back to the target longer. This is a common swing concept being taught now "back to the target." If the body is too far in front
  11. @Diego Verbeke your club face is not open at the top it's square to closed. I don't see a late set either. What I do see is a beautiful backswing. You have a big flip going because you're not using shoulder rotation to hit the golf ball. You rotate the club going back, but the shoulders are not guiding the backswing, instead you have the arms guiding the shoulders. Then going forward the arms are in control again, the body opens up and the wrists make a scooping motion. I think an impact bag would help you greatly. Many golfers don't get the shoulder rotation going enough, especially on the do
  12. Whatever if I am not deleted I will just help the member swings until then and not post anything for discusussion.
  13. If what you're saying is correct, that the speed is maximum before impact and measured then, then I am wrong about that. See I can admit when I'm wrong! That is the difference between us. I was under the impression some devices are placed after the ball that measure swing speed (not the modern launch monitors). Perhaps that is how these older devices worked. In any case, swing speed is fastest just prior to impact* However it is still a fact that weight transfer is a part of gaining swing speed, and having more weight will increase the pull of the club and speed, all things being equal. Maybe
  14. it is interesting to think of swing speed vs swing force. The thing is, swing speed is measured after impact. I guess I was wrong to say swing speed can't measure force, because the more force you have at impact, the more speed you will maintain after impact. So a heavier golfer will be able to maintain the speed better than a lighter one (excluding other variables). However the "swing speed" is just averaging out these factors. The swing speed measurement is not in tune with what is really going on. Here is a physics question. If the swing is faster will it slow up less at impact because it h
  15. On to the last point about Badds. It's funny I too was thinking of him. Again what is on paper and what is actually happening are different things. You can be the best putter in the world but if you don't make the putts on the last few holes on Sunday, or when you are straddling the cut line, it won't help you. Tiger made every putt inside 3 feet, something like 1000 in a row, a world record. That's why he won everything. Ball striking stats are equally deceiving. Maybe the golfer hit the fairway or the green, but maybe it left a bad angle, or a tough putt over a ridge. The fairway is not alwa
  16. Well my handicap is a little high because I play difficult courses from the back tees and I don't play the same courses over and over. I have a lot of improving left to do. I said Obama was a Harvard lawyer, and he is. I don't have to list his other achievements to say that. If you want to chime in with the "not only..." that's your call. Telling me I should reconsider my approach, doesn't look like I'm the combative one. I won't reconsider, but if you want, you can consider reading other posts. Okay so back to educating the others. Physics is a great science but it makes a lot of assumpt
  17. If you are actually an expert you should understand this. Then again Obama is a Harvard lawyer. I'm sorry but "read the darn charts," and " hahaha no" are not arguments. You clearly have no idea what you're talking about when it comes to scoring. It's nice to hide behind charts but putting is far more important than ball striking, and the strokes gained due to either can not really be measured. Being in the top ten in putting is more important than being in the top 100 in ball striking. If you don't think this is correct, you should really find another sport to analyze. You're right about
  18. You are wrong. A heavier golfer can swing at the same speed as a lighter golfer and have more force, while the club swings freely, there is still arm and bicep influence involved. The heavier golfer gets more swing speed by transferring more weight, the lighter golfer is expending the bicep and arm support to achieve the speed, hence acceleration and momentum. This is what ACTUALLY happens even though a computer model cannot account for all of these variables to generate it. You're looking at it too theoretically. In theory the weight of the golfer is irrelevant but in real life it is not bec
  19. Excuse me? Tiger gained as many strokes with putting as he did with full swings? Are those two things equal? You take a whole lot more putts than you do swings. Saving two putts is much more important than hitting the fairway or striking the iron well, if you're trying to win a tournament. Look at what just happened to Phil. You have to get the ball into the hole before you get a score. Being #10 in putting and #500 in ball striking will equal better scores than being #2 in ball striking and number #20 in putting. Tiger was #1 or #2 in putting all those years, that is why he dominated. Everyon
  20. I'm finally realizing I will definitely need a video to describe the swing I'm talking about. There is no way for me to explain it in words, if I did it would take up about 100 pages. I have to show it, and I will get to that. Weight transfer doesn't affect club head speed, but it does affect power, greatly. You do understand that someone who weighs more will hit the ball further than someone who weighs less with the same exact impact position right? Force and speed are two different things entirely. Force is mass times acceleration. Acceleration is the speed part of the swing, but t
  21. Tiger Woods 2013? How about the Tiger Woods that owned the game of golf for a decade. That Tiger Woods was always number one in chipping and putting, whether you look at it on paper, or use your eyes. Yes he lead in nearly all categories, driving and approach shots included, but he really separated himself with the putter. This is the same case for Spieth, who with an entirely different swing, is able to dominate through short game. The swing only has to do so much, and by do so much I mean be near what I'm talking about. It doesn't have to be right on, but thisnis where beginners need to go.
  22. I confused supinated (wrist up) and pronated (wrist down), please reverse those in my statement. @iacas you missed that my statement about weight transfer being part of the golf swing is why the robot that swings in a vertical circle is not a realistic swing, nor is it possible for anyone unless you are 7 feet tall and take a half swing. You might disagree but without weight transfer you will lack a lot of power, even if you are still staying centered and getting the club where it needs to go.
  23. @coop6 Assuming you guys are working on the connection as you stated earlier, I'm curious to see how you fix it. I struggle with the connection when I'm having off days, and I can't find a good fix. The towel under arms is the original fix, but i structors don't like it, I don't like it, and even Dufner seems to have inconsistencies, though he uses it in his warm up routine. I saw that your drill was moving the arms first from the top to about hip level, and rehearsing this motion several times. I'm trying to find or think of other drills. If you find something you're willing to share and your
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