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  1. I worked at a cheaper public course last year and you’d be shocked at how many we had to replace because of that.. A couple times people drove straight into them....
  2. So today I shot an 83 and finally got my tournament index. I'm an 8.6 which is honestly better than I thought I'd be. This is just even more motivation to keep practicing. My driver is the best it has ever been by a mile and a half, and my wedges and general game inside 100 yards has become really good. However, I think it's time to get fit for irons since the last time I was fit was over 3 years ago and my swing is a lot different now than it was before. Other than that, the only issue I have is not creating enough speed with my wedges and blading chips/pitches across the green. The biggest issue I've had is impatience. When I start hitting bad shots I get angry and swing harder and out of tempo so the shots just get worse and worse. I've really slowed down my practice this year and I've had the best results yet. I usually take about 4-5 slow practice swings per ball I hit. It usually takes me about 1 minute to hit a ball this way. I feel like if I go any slower it just throws off my comfort level and I lose focus on what I'm working on.
  3. I plugged my 20 most recent rounds into Practical Golf. It says I'm a 2.9. I say, yeah right...... I had a few rounds of 90, 93, 90, 93, though all of them were on the same course from the back with a rating of 76.5 and a slope of 145. Other than that I'm lower than 85 with a few 79's. Most of my 20 most recent rounds are at my colleges main course which is a rating of 76.8 and a slope of 137. My highest score there is an 85 and I have 2 79's so far this year. The 85 was in a tournament, my highest score on it out of a tournament was 83. My tournament index came back after todays round of 83, and it is 8.6, so I really doubt that I am a 2.9. Their(practical golf's) calculation must be really incorrect.. Unless its me who is incorrect... Regardless, my tournament index is calculated by the people who run the tournament so thats what I'm going to go with on my profile. I'm still on my blind journey to scratch golf, but I don't know where the hell 2.9 came from.
  4. My back is fully healed and I’m back to playing and practicing. But during rounds I keep losing focus or making dumb decisions without even realizing it. In my last tournament I shot an 85 and It should have easily been a 79 or better. I missed three, four foot par or bogey putts, and I had 4 separate holes where I 3 putt when i got on the green in regulation. I also made three birdies. Im still shaky over having 3 birdies and shooting an 85. I feel like I unintentionally let myself shoot high scores without realizing it. I usually have a routine before every shot, and sometimes I feel confident enough to cut the routine short. Sometimes it works, others it doesn’t. I’d say it’s about a 50/50 between working and not. But at the same time, sometimes I’m not confident and I take longer on my routine and most of the time the shots are bad. When that happens it’s about a 70% chance I mishit, or otherwise screw up, the shot at hand. I hate golf. But, I love golf. Haha.
  5. Slow down your swing. It’s possible that with your frustration you are swinging harder and harder. Try going as slowly as possible to make solid contact. Do that the whole day until you can consistently hit the ball at that speed. Then slowly get faster and faster until you start mishitting, then slow it down.
  6. Any time you make a major swing change, any time you notice that your contact is improving but you cant control the ball anymore. Really it comes down to you making good swings and the club not doing what you expect. Just be sure you know that a good portion of ball flight flaws come from the player, not the club.
  7. I don't think they're graphite, just the black version of the c-taper.
  8. I'm frustrated for the first time in a while. My parents moved so I was helping them get some things out of their house and tweaked my back in the process. This was about 2 weeks ago. I had a tournament last sunday and I had to play through the injury. Miraculously I took 4th, but since then I cant hit my 5 or 4 irons, or my driver. I just spray them all over the place. To be honest I'm just concerned about swinging too hard and hurting my back so my swing with those clubs has gotten really wristy and flippy. It's causing inconsistent strikes on the face, and some fat shots. I think I'm just gonna stick to hitting my shorter irons and my wedges until I really feel normal again. My back doesn't hurt anymore but I still don't feel 100% right. Aside from that, my wedges up through my 6 iron have ridiculously good dispersion on the range. On the course is a similar story but I'm still trying to improve with different lies. The course I play a ton is really hilly so sometimes I get some really bad hook lies and some balls well under my feet. I'm learning, and its a blast. I'm just frustrated that I had to get hurt.
  9. Still working. My misses are getting better, though I've been developing a new issue. I have extremely inconsistent distances. Some days I can hit my 7 iron 180 consistently when needed, and others i struggle to get 160 out of it. The same goes for the driver. Some days I hit it 240 and others I jump back up to my expected 290 or so. Its a weird issue that I'm working on fixing. The issue seems to be that I consistently let the clubhead "release" too early. I don't have any actual physical control since it happens so quickly at such a late point in the swing but I've really been working on emphasizing the feeling of lagging the club. I will try to upload a video of my caddy view swing to show what I mean. My goal is to get to a 5 handicap this year. I'll update more as the year progresses.
  10. It’s been a while. I’ve still been working on my swing but I noticed that I was starting to get a little too obsessed with watching instruction videos and I was starting to self diagnose. I found an instructor and have been working on my swing a lot. I consistently strike the ball now, and rarely lose balls out of bounds(my largest goal). Today I made a commitment to myself and improvement, I went and got custom fit for a driver, and a replacement for my favorite hybrid. I was fit for a Ping G410 9° with a Tinsei Orange shaft. I knew immediately after switching to the Tinsei Orange and Ping G410 combo was the one. I made what felt like a mediocre swing and got the best result of the day both on simulator and watching the ball itself. I proceeded to hit about 10 more with the exact same pattern, starting a tiny bit left and fading about 5 yards right of where I aim. The last shot was the one that completely sold me because I made a swing that felt about as bad as i could possibly hit it and it went the same distance as my average distance and only went slightly more to the right. I got fit for a G410 19° Hybrid and that has a Tinsei Blue shaft. I was hitting about 60% of the greens from 240 away and that’s the exact distance I bought the original hybrid to cover. I still don’t have video so I hate to tease you, but this year is going to be different. I already shot one of the lowest scores of my life on a D1 collegiate course in the blistering cold wind. I am confident with my swing now. I’m learning my yardages better and learning to control the trajectory at will. It’s becoming just as fun to practice as it is to ply. Now that I don’t fill my mind with swing tips I know what to work on and have gotten to a point where on my best days I hit the ball with a little fade and on my worst days I pull the ball straight about 4-5 yards. Even when I’m not swinging well i’m able to find a common swing pattern unlike before. Just wanted to update 🙂
  11. If it works for you, that’s all that matters. If you can get the same distance and accuracy or better with a club you feel more confident playing then make the switch.
  12. Some professionals won’t replace their 3 woods until they break or become unusable for another reason.
  13. Over the past few years I’ve seen countless reviews for Tour Edge clubs saying they’re “just as good, with better pricing.” Last summer I started gaming a hybrid iron instead of my 4 iron and my accuracy went up and my scores went down surprisingly a lot, since I was able to hit some recovery shots I wouldn’t have been able to otherwise. Naturally I started looking at the newer hybrids and started seeing reviews for the new Tour Edge clubs so I figured, if they’re good why not give them a try? Except, their newest products are selling for $249.99, the exact same price as the other brands. What happened? I thought they were always the brand that was cheaper but the same quality.
  14. In my opinion, this is all completely blown out of the water. I’ve caddied for low tier profiessionals on a few occassions. I was happy to walk away with ~$400 for a weekends work. I’d have been just as happy if Kuchar asked me to hold his bag for $3000 for 4 days. I’m not his caddy, I didn’t travel with him the entire season sometimes forfeiting profit for missed cuts, etc. At the end of the day the guy carried his clubs. It’s not a million dollar job.
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