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  1. freshmanUTA

    What'd You Shoot Today?

    81. Very proud of my results today. It was a sloppy, soaking wet day and I worked in the morning so I figured I'd play. Short irons and wedges were absolutely on fire today. If I missed a green close, I was able to make the up and down more often than not. Though I had 2 doubles and a triple that ruined my score. The first double came from parking my drive behind a tree and not having a good shot back into the fairway, so i had to hit my shot backwards towards the fairway and left myself 200 yards in, missed the green and then hit a chip too hard, and two putted. The second double was from putting a par 3 tee shot into the water, then missing the green and chipping then 1 putting. The triple was just a complete lapse in gameplanning. I took driver on a hole that was admittedly way too tight, hit it OB, re-teed and put my shot behind a tree again, and then missed the green and yadda yadda. Still had a blast as I haven't hit this well in a while. I recently purchased Ping iBlades as I've been eyeing them for months and found a deal I could justify, and also bought some ping glide 2.0 wedges. My wedges are 46(12 bounce),50(12 bounce),54(12 bounce),60(8 bounce). I can not believe how much the 12 degrees of bounce has helped me with my wedges. I am lightyears better at chipping and pitching.
  2. freshmanUTA

    Ian Poulter - Ass

    Patrick Reed is not that bad. People keep jumping on this guy. He has fiery moments, but for the most part he likes to joke and have fun just like the rest of the younger guys on tour.
  3. The instructor was referring to not looking at the ball. He’s made it clear that the whole not looking thing is just a drill to train the swing.
  4. Above is the video I'm referencing. I challenge everyone to give this a try. Maybe not permanently, but if you're in the ruts, it's a fun drill to just relax and do for a bit. Over the summer my scores have fluctuated so drastically and I've gone from striking my irons really well to not being able to hit the club at all and once I tried this drill it helped loads with my confidence. Let me know what you guys think.
  5. freshmanUTA

    PGA Tour Players are Whiny Spoiled Babies?

    I don’t mind this. If they hit a bad shot and laugh it off I don’t care. If they’re laughing as if it’s the courses fault they hit a bad shot...ehh
  6. freshmanUTA

    2018 U.S. Open at Shinnecock Hills

    Do you think it would be fair to assume that a 10 could make at least 1 birdie on the easier holes, and 2-3 pars? We're talking a 10 that shows up, perfectly in form and playing the best they're capable of. I always like these debates because think about a 10 with a mediocre short game. They may duff a chip and be saved by the speed of the green because if they didn't duff it, they would have blown through the green. I think with greens this fast mistakes can be saved, but they can also ruin your game. Let's start a petition to let one high handicap play every year to see if they can beat a pro. 😉
  7. freshmanUTA

    My Swing (freshmanUTA)

    I had a really busy weekend so couldn't fit range time. I'm planning on going tomorrow after work. If not, I'll try to sneak in 9 holes or so and record my swing on the course. It probably wont be as good of an angle, But I'll try my best. In regards to my game, my putting has actually become a strength. If I start the ball on its line I can hole putts. However, my wedges and long clubs have been wrecking my scores. I played a couple holes today after work but it was soggy and to be honest I think I was doing more harm to the course than normal so I stopped. Hook is still there, though not as bad. I experimented with weakening my right hand grip and that helped a bit but felt too awkward to hit well and I hit a few fat. Maybe that will help with face control? No way to tell till I record the swing though, so I'll check back when I record it.
  8. freshmanUTA

    My Swing (freshmanUTA)

    I didn't legitimately mean, "done." I just need a break. I've been putting hard work in a few days a week at the range and the range work is and has been good, in fact my swing has gotten better. I'm just having issues. I don't know if I'm swinging to hard or what but I just need a week or two to relax and get recharged. I get free golf since I work at a course now, so I'd be a fool to walk away entirely with this gift. Theres a tournament at the end of the month that I'd really like to play in so I'm gonna walk away for a week or maybe two and then get back to work. I just need some time off. I think everyone goes through this at some point. Before, I'd get pissed because I'd stop working on things and go back to back habits, now I'm pissed because my work paid off for a while and right now I'm just at an uncomfortable point in my full swing where I just don't have the clubface feel fully down. It's not a contact issue for the most part, sure sometimes I'll hit it fat and thin but, right now it's just a face control issue that I can't seem to resolve. I'm probably just thinking too much about it. It was dumb of me to phrase it the way I did. I'm not quitting, I mean I was literally winning my tournament by 3 strokes, and I truly believe I can win. Plus, with driver and 3 wood my contact is better than it's ever been. I just need to take a step back and re-evaluate everything. And when I come back I'm going to take a lesson with the guy I've been working with, and see what he thinks is next to work on. I'll go to the range in the next coming days and try to get a much better video to post here. I need to invest in a tripod and a holder for my phone to make it easier.
  9. freshmanUTA

    My Swing (freshmanUTA)

    Before my tournament I shot 3 straight rounds of 88,87,88 and since my tournament I haven't shot under 100. Today I was 22 over after 5 holes. I just can't hit the ball in bounds. I'll hit a driver OB or into water , then tee off an iron, hit it OB, and again, and again. Even from the fairway I just hook everything left OB. Then when I aim to the right to compensate I push it OB or into water right. I had 3 holes with scores higher than 9 today and I walked off the course before I even finished 9 holes. I'm just over, and done with it at this point.
  10. freshmanUTA

    Faster Play - Is It Hurting the Game?

    Considering that the course I work at has had almost 10% of its members from last year not come back due to rounds constantly taking 5+ hours, no I do not think faster play is killing the game. In fact, many new players manage to play quickly because they are embarrassed. Lets be honest, at least once a year everyone encounters a guy who goes out and can barely get the ball off the ground, and still manages to play each hole in under 10 minutes. I see quite a few players who are new and struggling to hit the ball, they let players through when they need and try to avoid looking for balls for 5+ minutes because they don't want to hold people up because they're bad. Everyone has seen someone who plays like this. The problem really arises when there are certain foursomes of players. Some of these players seem to take an astronomical amount of time to play, commonly playing 18 holes in 4.5+ hours. For some reason they take minute long pre shot routines, not playing ready golf, take years on the greens, etc. Just based on the short time I've worked at my course the demographic can be summed up to 40-60 year old men who play in foursomes and shoot between 78 and 85. These guys think they're the embodiment of tiger and will wait around on par 5's for the green to clear when they're 230 out to go for it in 2 just to mishit their ball and end up 40 yards short. They play with no real plan of action and decide what to do right when they stand behind their ball. Faster play wouldn't hurt the game. It's a misconception that being "rushed" would make you swing worse, play worse, etc. In fact, I've noticed that when I tell slow groups to speed up play, it helps players shoot better because all they think about is how far to hit their ball and what shot they want to play, and what to avoid. Something like; "155 yards, bunker left so aim more right." Side note: We've been telling golfers that when you are on a par 3, or par 5, when your entire group finally gets their balls on the green you should wave on the group behind you to hit. After they hit, you can finish putting and move on. It helps avoid backups on the tee boxes because groups tend to take more time on the greens than anywhere else since not everyone will be on the green when they arrive. It has really helped speed up play.
  11. freshmanUTA

    Anyone wear UV sleeves?

    Oops, thought it said that you posted that last monday not this monday...
  12. freshmanUTA

    Anyone wear UV sleeves?

    @iacas Have you tried those sleeves you linked? I’ve been getting burnt at work even with sunscreen, cause sometimes a few hours go by and I forget to reapply. For $10 if they’re good I’ll snag a few pairs.
  13. freshmanUTA

    What'd You Shoot Today?

    45 on a par 35. I work at a golf course now so i get to play free. It was busy, so I only played 9 to avoid the back whoch gets backed up a lot. I didnt have to pay so I dont want to make anyone else wait for me. No real excuses, iron play let me down. Though, it started raining on hole 6 so it turned from golf to “drive to my ball and hit it.” No excuse though I still took my time to plan my shot and line up. Just poor execution. Just a side note. Now that I work at a course, I see just how bad some people really are. A guy i had the luxury of watching while shaving the tee boxes shot what I presumed to be over 150. I felt bad at first but he also kind of just walked up and hit the ball aimlessly and sometimes didnt get it more than a fot or two.
  14. freshmanUTA

    Time On The Driving Range

    Recently I’ve been basing my range sessions on goals, not time nor balls hit. I may go to the range with my swing thought in mind and say to myself “okay, while your hips are turning your left wrist will flex and help the club shallow behind you into the ball. Don’t leave until you hit 25 solid swings that produce the result you expect” and it may take an hour, it may take 20 minutes. But one thing I do constantly is monitor the pace of my swing. If I speed up too quickly the contact goes away and the swing will produce a bad result. So, I step away and rehearse the feel for about a minute or so, then take 30 seconds to “erase” the bad swing from my mind and hit another one at a slower speed. Since I’ve done this I’ve shot my best 9 hole scores ever, so that’s saying something.

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