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  1. Your question is would an elite school accept someone who makes the golf team and meets their qualifications? I don't know I'd say the odds are about 13.7%.
  2. Yeah, my dad owns two sets. He loves them, not sure how well they get spin, i was able to get some nice check on the full shots. They feel amazing, great deal for 3 for 99$
  3. I think talking about anything regarding Islamic rule and their misogynistic laws is a double edge sword these days. I would stay silent on that topic just because of the islamophobic label that the media is quick to use like it's nothing. I said this in a different thread but he's also probably attempting to reshape his image after he got hear from playing golf with Trump, which I think is completely ridiculous but won't go into detail here. Also, isn't it entirely possible Rory wasn't completely aware of the situations that happened because those are events that weren't directly tied to a golf course? I can see how he would be aware of the overall social second class treatment of women but not particular situations. This next part should be inside the quote: I have no problem with him playing wherever he chooses. It's just that he shouldn't scold Muirfield with one hand and then accept a truck load of cash from Emirates with the other. Rory is basically the UAE's one-man minister of tourism for one week out of every year. Yeah. It could have been completely financial, there could be implications that would arise, etc. We don't know and Rory spoke too soon. That being said, Rory made it public that he would have a distaste for the club, but he didn't say he wouldn't play there. This is his job, if he wants to play courses it's his job to do so, being a money ***** just comes with the job. Playing the course doesn't mean promoting laws the government has in place. He's not the only professional that plays in Duabai, it's a tournament stop and they're competing to win money. After this whole situation don't be surprised if he makes a negative comment about Dubai soon and he's to go through this all again. My biggest problem is that he's a guest invited to play for a lot of money, he should just keep quiet and let the media handle the inequalities or injustices, you're there to play golf.
  4. Dude, all Rory said and meant was that he doesn't approve of their rules not allowing women as members. It's pretty clear that a majority wanted the change to occur, the first time they voted something like 63% voted to let women be members. Who said anything about socialism? Allowing women to be equal members isn't socialism.
  5. Rory is a professional golfer, I think it's fair if he keeps quiet on things other than the world of golf. He recognized the male only rule was an issue, and spoke his opinion on it. If he feels it was about time and that he wouldn't mind not playing there if it meant they kept the male only rule then that's within his rights as a human to do so. He's a younger golfer and he's in the middle of the worlds movement for change, it's no shock he feels the way he does. Not to mention, after the heat he got from playing golf with the President, it's no shock he's trying to make himself look better.
  6. Are you actively trying to swing up on the driver? I don't want to make you conscious of something incorrect but you may be pulling up because you transfer your weight too far to the left side and are actively trying to hit up on the driver so your body pulls up to counter act it. Just a thought.
  7. I think he'll win one more time then retire from golf entirely. He has the will and drive to keep playing but his body can't handle it. I think within the next 5 years he'll get a win.
  8. It seemed like a no brainer to me, 40$ per year to "Never miss a shot" as their advertisements claim. During larger events they stream weekends, but only featured holes or featured players/groups. They advertise heavily that subscribing to PGA Tour Live will allow you to see exclusive coverage, but what they really mean to tell you is that you'll be able to see the morning warmups and the first tee shots that sometimes aren't shown on live TV. Then after that theres nothing really new. They advertise that you'll never miss a shot the whole season with access to featured groups/holes, but aside from some larger tournaments there hasn't been any weekend coverage and no way to watch after Friday's round without subscribing to a service provider to watch Golf Channel. I still think it's worth it, they give good coverage and you often see a lot more shots from a lot more players than Golf Channel can cover, but be wary when purchasing, it's a lot more clear now, but when I first purchased it seemed like they scammed people into thinking they'd get full events, as I did.
  9. The first 5 events of the season! That's when everyone's in their "winter" form, if pros even have that. Id love to be sponsored by PXG for clubs, an Edel putter cause i've always wanted one, and volvik balls. The bright purple one is my favorite but it's pretty hard to find now. I found one on the course at ASU Karsten and the first hole I used it I made birdie so I put it away and never touched it again, finish on a high note they say. As for apparel I like nike clothes but sometimes I don't like the no collar look they have their guys wear. I also don't like the new modern golf shoes, I prefer a more classic look. I'd probably want to look something like this, just hopeful not a walking billboard and preferably not orange it's my least favorite color.
  10. Finally got it. This time in full speed. The more I watch it the more I see that me casting the club is just to shallow it to get it on a better plane, and as soon as its on plane I stop casting. I need to get a face on swing but at this dome it's hard to do so when there are so many people and so little hitting bays. You can see the cast a little at the start then it goes away when my shaft gets on plane. I think if I shortened my backswing a little the Cast would completely go away.
  11. This is today. I'm a little frustrated at my computer because the video was recorded vertically and plays upright on my phone and computer but whenever I upload it to youtube it turns it sideways to fill the video.. I'm not sure why. My my only real problem is that it looks like I cast the club to start the downswing.
  12. My swing already feels better from the work I've been doing. I'm going to the range tonight and I'll upload a video later tonight. My most recent lesson left me working on making sure my weight transfers into my left heel when i'm striking the ball. This not only lets me hit ball first but also ensures that i don't lean into my toes which causes me to hit fat shots where I deliver the toe down and opens the face and forces me to push shots to the right while losing distance.
  13. What do the numbers at the top correspond to? The 60, 70, 80, 90, etc.? Is it the average Swing Speed?
  14. Thank you. This is a ton of good information and I really appreciate it. The thing I noticed was that my centered strikes launched a little lower but definitely went farther. The problem is, when swinging with longer driver shafts I can get high 130 swing speed, but never really can find the middle, which is more important than swing speed(to an extent). High face is definitely likely, so I think a lower tee height could help, but before I try that I might want to see if there's a way I can get my strikes more centered on the face. I basically just use what I did when I trained to get my shot power up in hockey. I cut a wooden hockey stick down to the same size of my current driver, and taped two hockey pucks to the end, and swing hard as if it were a golf club. There are easier ways to do this, find an old golf club and take the grip off and fill the shaft with sand, tape something heavy to the end, etc. Just be careful because swinging something too heavy when you're not ready could hurt you, bad. I'd recommend starting with an older driver, probably one of the old steel shafted ones so that there's a good amount of weight to swing, and when you switch back to your driver it'll feel like nothing. I also recommend a lot of stretches in your back, core and arms, as well as a couple lunge stretches for your hip flexors. When I don't stretch I'll be lucky to break 120 swing speed because my body is too tight to create speed.
  15. I read that article, that's nuts. 3* loft? Wow! But that actually gave me a little bit of hope considering I've been blasting a 10.5* driver this whole time! I'm nowhere close to 439, but I sure do believe I can get there!