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  1. I beg to differ. If we’re basing this entirely on “Can they wreck your game?” the answer is yes. 100% of the time. Grab any handicap golfer and give them clubs 2” longer or shorter than what they currently hit. The results would be significantly worse than the clubs that are a correct fit for their game. Can they wreck a game? Yes. However, short of clubs that are drastically unfit for you as a player it’s usually the player.
  2. freshmanUTA

    My Swing (freshmanUTA)

    The 7 iron was for sure, I remember that 4 iron shot finishing far right but to be fair i don’t remember if i pulled it to start. I need to continue working on shallowing and I’m going to give straightening my shoulders a go. I play tomorrow so I won’t be able to try to work with that feel until Friday or the weekend.
  3. freshmanUTA

    My Swing (freshmanUTA)

    I was referring to the driving irons and hybrids I was hitting, but yes. To be fair, it could have been measuring the toe'd strikes I get sometimes. The golf shop uses a simulator that I don't know the name of, but I place the ball within 5 dots on the ground and when I hit it it tells information about the spin, launch, and face/path angles. Its not trackman and not GC2/4. Maybe you know what it is? This was today. Poor swing day, but for the most part ballstriking was as consistent as it's been all winter. 8 or 9 times out of ten I strike middle and the other couple are out of the toe. This is the 4 iron, I've been working on keeping the face closed to start the backswing and shallowing and turning my hips to start the downswing. Looking at this video I'd say that my path is not 1* "in-to-out". Though, it was cold and I was getting a bit armsy with my swing because I wasn't a stupid monkey and starting hitting harder to get my ball to go further in the cold. No excuses, but it definitely had an effect. Here is an example of a toe'd ball with my 7 iron. This shot comes up every 9 or 10 and starts super low and either fades softly or hooks hard. And for the first time in a while, I was pushing my wedges. I think I was honestly just getting tired as it was a really late night for me with schoolwork and I got about 4 hours of sleep. Again, no excuses. Just to take away a few things that I myself feel good and bad about: I think my hip turn is good on the backswing and downswing, but at address my hips and shoulders are aligned really far to the left. Even my feet are aligned to the left slightly. I think a good amount of posture practice can help tremendously with the downswing. I start the swing with my hips but I honestly think they get too open and that causes my shoulders to turn to match it. Other than that, I feel good about it.
  4. freshmanUTA

    Need Advice With My Wedge Set Up

    The most important aspect of wedges is bounce, but i see a lot of people who forget that if there’s too big of a weight difference that can effect shots as well.
  5. Here’s something that you could try to do: Pick out a course near you that is extremely challenging. it’ll be easy to find if you think about courses you know, maybe you have a PGA course near you, you have a spot of an amateur qualifying tournament or something very high-level near you and you’re going to pick one of those courses and play it four times. The reason you’re going to play it four times is, well you probably could’ve guessed it: that’s the average length of a PGA tour tournament. if your schedule with work and what not allows you to I would say take up to a month in advance to really work and practice. create a game plan for how you’re going to go about playing the course and really dial in yardages. you’re going to need different shots, and to know when to hit them. After that, play your four rounds in a row, preferably not on the same day and if the highest score on your scorecard at the end of four rounds isn’t lower than 67, assuming you’re on a par 72, you probably don’t have a chance. Even on courses as challenging as PGA tour golfers play, they still manage to shoot rounds of five or 6 under at a time. not always, of course, but the average PGA tour golfer plays off around +4 and Tiger Woods(you can find it on this website) played up to a +7.7 and thats on courses extremely more challenging in the courses that you play. I hope that puts it in perspective.
  6. freshmanUTA

    My Swing (StripeIt)

    To me it looks like you get so into the habit of twisting and throwing your arms outwards that your entire swing shifts outside and causes poor contact. I’d need to see a face on view to confirm but it looks like you fire your hips at the same time you fire your shoulders but it should actually go like this: Legs go while shoulders finish the rotation to the top of the swing, and then your shoulders will fire because the hip turn will almost force your torso to turn and hands to be thrown at the ball. You have a good swing so it looks like you’ve taken lessons before. Work on making sure you fire your hips first, then let your upper body follow along. And remember, if you don’t hit the middle, make adjustments and practice slowly until you find a speed you can hit the middle at.
  7. freshmanUTA

    3 Wood vs Hybrid Iron

    I have, I've tried different 3 woods with shorter lighter shafts and have had a ton of improvement but unfortunately money is tight and i'd rather spend it playing and practicing than on new clubs. I bolded a part of your response, I'm asking why it isn't. Is it a crazy idea? What are the downsides? I guess my question is: The club goes the distance I want my 3 wood to go, should I really care if I take the 3 wood out?
  8. This may or may not be a common question, but I tend to hit a Nike 3 Hybrid around 255 yards in the air with around 6000 RPM's of spin. Because of the shorter and whippier shaft I feel like I can really unload on the hybrid and still find the middle, but It spins a lot and I fear that may cause me to lose many shots to wind, on top of this because its a hybrid, my mishits can really send the ball high in the air with very short carry(around 190 if im lucky, usually 178.8 average). I currently struggle to hit the 3 wood that I own and when I do hit it it goes the same distance as my driver. Because of this, I'm thinking about replacing my 3 wood with my hybrid semi-permanently and using the hybrid because It fits my gapping a little better as my 3 iron usually carries 238 average so the extra 17 yards are about what I need from that far out. What exactly would the benefits be to using a 3 wood as opposed to the hybrid? It's not all 3 woods that I struggle hitting, just the one I currently own as the shaft is too heavy and long so I can't hit middle to save my life. I tested the hybrid and 3 wood at a local golf shop with a simulator and the results were better with the hybrid, but I dont see many players using a hybrid in place of a 3 wood.
  9. freshmanUTA

    How good does a Touring Pro need to be?

    Okay, that makes a lot more sense. Its a number that marks your potential and not what you shoot. So saying you're a +.5 would effectively be saying that you shoot around 5 over, or am I still not understanding this right? But reading through that now I truly understand how foolish my pick seems....
  10. freshmanUTA

    How good does a Touring Pro need to be?

    Why exactly do you think it is a +4 as opposed to a +3? Is that based off your observations of tendencies between the two HCP's? Is there really that large of a difference between the two? My opinion was actually +1 to +3 at first, but I'm assuming that if you're good enough to be a pro your handicap is coming from courses that are professional caliber. Many cut lines are +1 or + 2 so I assume that if a pro can shoot even on a pro caliber course, they might make a few cuts and make a decent amount of money. Not to suggest "it's that easy" or anything. I voted 1 to +1 because I assumed a +.5 on pro courses could shoot even, but then again tournament conditions are a different beast.
  11. I would assume that if the grass is moved on the backswing that it is not a breach of the rules? The video is definitely inconclusive, but I think if you were in person you may end up think differently after inspecting after the shot. But who is to say it wasnt the swing that caused the grass to be padded. Either way I'm voting inconclusive. These golf rules man.....
  12. freshmanUTA

    My Swing (freshmanUTA)

    Bought a small bucket with the intention of working on keeping the face closed as when I hit in a monitor Saturday I was averaging a 1* "in-to-out" path but was still slicing because I was leaving the face open as much as 20* sometimes. Got through about 10 balls after 25ish minutes and a breeze hit that was so cold that I couldn't stay out and practice. On the bright side, I am starting to be pretty accurate with my irons. I'm excited to see how this summer of golfing goes. I think I can really go low this summer.
  13. The question is simple, and I'll include a poll. How good does a tour player need to be to make a living on tour. The player theoretically doesn't need to win, but just make enough money to keep a card and afford to live and play full time. I've seen people say they can realistically make cuts at as high as a 2.0 and I've seen people say you'd need to be a +5 or +6 to even have a chance to make it to a Tour. What do you guys think?
  14. have you talked with an instructor? Created a My swing thread? I’m not an instructor, so take what I say with a grain of salt: The “Pull The Lightswitch” droll usually causes steep swings even though it was designed to do the opposite. During takeaway thing about width from your head rather than height. Keep your hands in front of your chest and away from you head when you turn and start the club a little outside the target line to keep you from being to flat on the backswing, and then “Pull the Lightswitch” to start the downswing.

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