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  1. I haven't read every post in this thread, so it has probably been said before: Your practice swing probably has a bunch of small flaws: Face angles, path issues, etc. But you don't have a ball or anything to really receive results from to tell you what is wrong.
  2. Over the next 5 years - Who wins the most majors?

    We haven't gotten to see Rory play without any lingering injury this year, and he was still one of the best players from tee to green. My money is on him. And no, it's not just cause he happens to be my profile picture!!!
  3. I Played a 702 Yd. Par 5 Today!

    Wow, bogey is impressive on that hole. I saw on the European tour theres a 783 yard hole that can play 800+ yards and plays as a par 6 at a course they played at. https://www.golfdigest.com/story/783-yard-par-6-almost-longest-hole-ever
  4. Yellow Jackets (Wasps) on the green / Rules

    the rule states "in a situation dangerous to the player" and i would hope that includes the risk of being stung endlessly by yellow-jackets.
  5. My Swing (freshmanUTA)

    I'm looking for an answer on where I should go next from this point. After a long month of hard work, I have finally reached the point where I can consistently get the ball off the ground, out of the middle of all of my irons. I was fortunate enough to find a set of blade irons that someone at my golf club was selling for $100 that are the exact same specs as the irons i was fitted for, and i used them religiously to practice with and help develop the feeling of pure strikes and shallower strikes, though I still take decently sized divots. I haven't actually shanked a ball in 6+ rounds and al my shots have been centered, off the tee, around the green, etc. The problem I'm having now is I pull mostly every club. My instructor is on vacation, and folowing that I am starting school so I won't be able to see him for a while. I plan on taking some videos of on course shots so you can see my swing. Just to see if you guys can offer me any advice. I'm no instructor but I've been messing around with opening my hips early in the downswing and that seems to straighten my ballflight. It makes me believe that I may be starting the downswing by turning my shoulders. I'm not sure though so I'm not going to change anything just yet. I'm starting to get my game together, and I'm sure a few more months of work and ill be able to be in the low 80's consistently.
  6. Are you a picker or a digger

    I'm most definitely a Digger. When i'm hitting it well, i take nice foot long divots. Nice carpets. I know when i hit a bad, and usually thin, shot when i have a really shallow divot where it looks like i burned the grass or just barely took a inch long divot. The deeper and longer my divot, the better contact i had and usually the straighter my shots go.
  7. LOOKING For a trainer

    For a professional? That pretty bad. You wouldn't make a cut. Not to mention you probably played on a course designed for the average golfer, not professionals. Now that you've correctly followed the rules and played, keep it up. Play 10 rounds and if your worst score is 6 over, enter a professional tournament. Then see how you do. http://www.swingthought.com/ http://www.minorleaguegolf.com/ http://www.pepsitour.com/open_home.php Also, its expensive.
  8. LOOKING For a trainer

    Go play 18. Follow the rules extremely close. Then come back and tell us how you did.
  9. My Swing (freshmanUTA)

  10. Improving, Slightly

    So today I had another lesson and we worked a ton on alignment, and making sure that my upper body doesn't lean too far away from the target. This causes my centered turn to end up being around my hips and spine, but keeps my chest behind the ball which causes chunks, no matter how far over I slide my hips. Instead, now my hips slide and as a result my chest hangs back but is slightly ahead of the ball giving me clean contact. Not to mention, controlling my starting line is getting much easier. Every once in a while I still get shots that start just left and hook farther left, but overall most of my shots go straight and barely move or just draw a tad. With my driver, I feel like my right leg is almost extending and my weight is turning around that. Similar to what happens in Justin Thomas's swing. In fact, my 'homework' was to watch JT bomb his driver to get an understanding of proper hip turn while my torso 'hangs back' and my right leg extends. Oh, and I can hit my 3 wood!
  11. My Swing (freshmanUTA)

    Starting to hit everything solid again. Uploading videos ATM, but I can't wait to play tomorrow. I can actually get the ball off the ground!

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