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  1. For a professional? That pretty bad. You wouldn't make a cut. Not to mention you probably played on a course designed for the average golfer, not professionals. Now that you've correctly followed the rules and played, keep it up. Play 10 rounds and if your worst score is 6 over, enter a professional tournament. Then see how you do. Also, its expensive.
  2. Go play 18. Follow the rules extremely close. Then come back and tell us how you did.
  3. Hit probably 400 balls today. I spent the first hour working on swing feels then the rest practicing accuracy. I also spent an hour putting and 45 minutes chipping and taking 1/2 and 3/4 wedge shots.
  4. Took about 20 slow swings really focusing on making sure my chest doesn't hang back causing fat shots. Also worked on doing the opposite with driver, and feeling my rear leg straighten. Range is closed today.
  5. I've spent about 5 minutes just working on setup. I tend to lean my head back towards my trail side which causes my entire upper body to lean that way and causes chunks. It still feels incredibly awkward. Gonna go hit balls in about 2 hours.
  6. So today I had another lesson and we worked a ton on alignment, and making sure that my upper body doesn't lean too far away from the target. This causes my centered turn to end up being around my hips and spine, but keeps my chest behind the ball which causes chunks, no matter how far over I slide my hips. Instead, now my hips slide and as a result my chest hangs back but is slightly ahead of the ball giving me clean contact. Not to mention, controlling my starting line is getting much easier. Every once in a while I still get shots that start just left and hook farther left, but overall most of my shots go straight and barely move or just draw a tad. With my driver, I feel like my right leg is almost extending and my weight is turning around that. Similar to what happens in Justin Thomas's swing. In fact, my 'homework' was to watch JT bomb his driver to get an understanding of proper hip turn while my torso 'hangs back' and my right leg extends. Oh, and I can hit my 3 wood!
  7. Starting to hit everything solid again. Uploading videos ATM, but I can't wait to play tomorrow. I can actually get the ball off the ground!
  8. More than a few times I've reverted changes I've been making on my swing in favor of 'controlled shots' that my old swing gave me. Not only does this not help, it just makes everything take so much longer.
  9. Well then in that case, then definitely not. The longer the iron you hit into the green the less likely your chance of birdie. That's a simple thing that everyone can agree on. Sure a woman could get red hot, but so could every one of the men she's competing against, and statistics say that the males "on fire" is better than the womans "on fire" thats all it comes down to. Men are better statistically in every facet of the game, so the argument of "if a woman is on fire and a man isn't she could win" doesn't make sense because, if a woman could be "on fire" the male will statistically be better when he's "on fire". I voted no, but they could come close. It's just not possible. There's too much of an advantage the men have of hitting Driver-wedge on most par's when women will be hitting Driver-8iron. Statistically, women stand no chance. Realistically we know that people miss greens and they'd have to rely on a male having a piss poor performance compared to what they usually shoot. Not to mention, there are no LPGA stats on PGA tournament condition courses.
  10. First off, Serena herself said that she would get smoked by any man because their game is much faster, and they serve much harder. So all the outrage is people pretended to care about it. No, strength and speed are probably the biggest defining characteristics between a professional male and a professional female. Assuming you had a player with the same Fairways Hit %, GIR%, # of putts, etc. The man will still win because the only fair way for them to compete would be on the shorter tees where a man would only be hitting 3wood-wedge into par 4's when a woman would hit driver-7 iron, etc. She smashes her driver, but the top 186 male drive distance leaders all outdrive her.
  11. The only reason I posted them is because he said he's seeing them on ebay for $50. Better to buy brand new than get them on ebay for that price.
  12. This what you're looking for?
  13. I mean to be honest, I can't believe people are making a big deal about this. It happened, all we can do is get over it.
  14. Further proof that a cool book called Lowest Score Wins and a cool guy who started a golf forum both have it right that it's more important to be long than in the fairway...