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  1. @ButterCuts4Dayz I think it's also good to consider the type of shot the situation calls for. Let's say we're sitting 150 out with a pin tucked in the back left guarded by a bunker and half the team can work the ball right to left and the others left to right. I'd probably have the ones who are most comfortable with working the ball right to left aim towards the center of the green and if it draws/fades(lefty) closer to the hole great. If not then you should be sitting middle of the green with a decent look for bird. With one ball safe on the dance floor have the others be more aggressive and take on the left side and try working it back to the hole. Hit the green first then dial up the aggressiveness.
  2. From my understanding a pitch is where you elevate the ball and it lands with a small amount of roll out after landing on the putting surface. (Pitching over a bunker with a short sided pin). A chip is a lower shot that is only in the air for a split second and then gets tracking towards the hole as a putt would. (Chipping from a few feet in the rough or fringe and want to get the ball rolling on the surface quickly after just popping over the longer grass). As far as club selection I was just gifted some new XE1 wedges and have been testing those out the last few weeks. 54, 58 and 60 degree. Cuts through the long grass like butter.
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