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  1. I think some people get to technical with degrees and lofts and all that. No matter the shot i take a 52 degree. Its my favorite club and i have success with it. You should try a similar tactic. If i need a further shot ill close my stance a little. The closer the shot the more open i play my feet and the further forward in my stance i position the ball. Wrist hing is key.
  2. Hey everyone. Who would you all like to see win this years Masters?
  3. What i can advise it to try to loosen up the arm. And maybe practice at that with a 75% swing. A straight arm is not necisarily going to kill you maybe its a different flaw? Could you perhaps upload a video?
  4. 1. Asses lie and wind/slope/yardage 2. Pick Club 3. Stand behind ball and imagine shot 4. Pick out a line and take my line 5. Swing away I dont like taking to long to do this because if you stand over your ball for more than a few seconds you forget that shot imagine in your head and sometimes you dont get the result you want.
  5. The smooth balls are the case here. Dont worry about your distance on the range just make good contact. I find i hit any kind of rangeball shorter than i do on the course.
  6. I had the 07 burner and went to try out the R9.. hated it!!! instead i now own a Diablo Driver and 3 wood.
  7. Go with a forgiving club. i suggest you go to your local golf store with a virtual thing and try them out. Go with one that u like the look of and that feels good in your hands and when u hit it.
  8. I also had a hard time first hitting the 54+ degree wedges full swing. the thing is to i just take a very controlled swing if i have to hit a full shot. The difference between my full shot 60 degree and my half shot 60 degree is only 5 yards.
  9. First thing.. I had a draw club and when my swing speed got higher there was absolutly no way for me to keep my drives in play. I was hooking the ball right off the start and it was horrible. a slight fade is a great shot to play. you can teach yourself to draw the ball on command rather than get a draw club that will screw a lot of things up.. Just my opinion
  10. As a higher handicap you can tell yourself no 3 putts and drop several shots or say just get it on the green in 3 and 2 putt. But has you drop into the low teens and into the single digits you have to consistently be hitting shots that give you a good chance at birdies and pars. Also dont get flustered with handicap because youll start pushing way too hard to get the birdies and pars and youll play worse. But yes its a great possibility good luck
  11. When nothing seems to be going right i just go back to tempo.. Forget worrying about how ur swinging and it its too far inside or over the top etc. just get your tempo right and even tho u might still not play as well as ud like it might stop the bleeding a little.
  12. The biggest thing that u should work on in my opinion is tempo. Once you get your tempo down u can start in with the squareness of the club face and ur swing plane and all that. i hope that helps.
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