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  1. Thank you for your comment. Being able to express our views is an important part of which makes America great.
  2. I'm not ready to pay more for a head cover than I paid for the club it covers.
  3. Like him or not, can't take away his success. We need a change!!!!! No matter who you vote for, please vote.
  4. I'm 73 and played golf most of my life till a few years ago.....sold every golf item I had and have always missed the game! This summer I plan on returning to this wonderful game with a whole different attitude. I got fed up years ago with the necessity to rush thru a round and couldn't enjoy what the game is all about.....I now can play during the slower less busy tee times and hit the ball shorter but straighter and never mind about the score. Don't get me wrong, I will keep pace and let faster players thru. I remember when it was common to let the group hit up on par 3's. If golf can't
  5. Looks like a gimmick to me. Plan on sticking to my trusted wedges and practice, practice, practice, then some.
  6. Not sure either but I am going to buy shoes this spring.mmlike theirs a lot.
  7. I responded to your PM about the irons. Please feel free to contact me if you are still interested.



    1. No Gimmie

      No Gimmie

      Hello, yes I received it.  Not 100% sure what I want yet.  Starting back to golf after 2 year sabbatical.....sold all my equipment and need to start over. Very budget minded but not buying junk.....yours are not in that category... Going used this time.....I'm 73, handicap 23+- and these caught my eye.  There's soooooo many it gets confusing.  I've talked to the Seemore Putter folks and they are looking for a "used on the tour" putter for me.  I had one and loved it.  New one out of my reach...Anyway, thanks and I tend to ramble.....I like this site....Great response from fellow golfers. Denis

    2. LBlack14


      No problems Dennis. I'm a rambler myself. Just let me know and I'll box them up and get them out quick. They're a fine set of sticks. I've owned 3 sets of them at different times. Best of luck!


  8. Really thank all of you for the valuable input. Gives me plenty of ideas to work with. Still leaning towards a 3 wood to use both on a tee and fairway. Likely end up with a 5 wood then get into the irons. I tried hybrids about 6 years ago and hated them. I used to hit my 4-6 pretty well. Maybe hybrids have improved I don't know. Irons will be purchased in March. Thanks again.
  9. I like the idea of considering a 4 or 5 wood too. But my past experience with the 3 has been good. I had a 5 which I really liked but not for distance. I'm really looking to replace the need for a driver.
  10. Hey thanks for the suggestion. Seems most here recommend the Speedline and I will do some research.
  11. I'm getting back into the wonderful game again. I'm 73, male, averaging a 22+- handicap forever. Left the game 3 years ago after playing over 30 years. Here's my question:. I am beginning the process of buying used clubs (budget minded) and will start with a 3 wood purchase. Will likely NOT be using a driver based on experience. What do you folks think of Adams Tight Lies or Tour Edge Exotics XCG3? Both senior flex graphite. Sorry to be so wordy..Budget for this purchase is less than $100.
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