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  1. But what if I have 100 different swings? I'm inconsistent
  2. I also have a bad habit of not looking at ball. Which I know is so stupid I shouldn't even admit to it. But I guess I'm looking at ball its Just on top of it instead of a spot behind it. If nothing else positive comes from this forum......... I now know I have more than just a couple Fundamental faults with my swing
  3. I don't always go to driving range so after hitting all of those balls I get to enjoy shagging them. Which adds to fatigue
  4. Thanks for all the help. If this makes any sense..........on any given shot that I might make any/every suggestion that was given here could apply. I'm now realizing that i have been over practicing and fatigue has been playing a major role in my bad shots. I have been going for quantity of practice shots instead of quality. Been hitting anywhere from 100-200 balls daily if weather permitted. Gonna back down to max of 50. I believe fatigue cause me to not get a good full turn therefore I would start swinging with my arms. Everyone's input has been great. Am I on the right track or delusio
  5. I am a 38 year old new golfer. 3 months into it. Looking for suggestions on a problem I'm having. When hitting my irons I have a lot of consistency problems, mishits,shanks etc. But as soon as i tee the ball up I strike the ball really well. Any suggestions on where I may be doing wrong. I'm hardly teeing the ball up at all just a little. I'm thinking its in my address or could be swaying on backswing
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