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  1. Thanks @RandallT for the quick reply. I do appreciate it. I'm not sure how educated you are on analyzing the golf swing but I think you have helped me before. Do you think you could take a look at my most recent swing and see if it is indeed a flip. If not don't worry about it. I do appreciate the forum suggestions thanks.
  2. Hello TST members, would anyone be able to help me understand why I am flipping through impact? Usually the longer the club the more I flip for some reason. My ball flight is either a nice push draw, a big overdraw/ hook or the dreaded snap hook. Ball usually starts at target then turns over or starts right of target and then turns over. I don't really hit pull hooks too often or pulls at all. Please help me I feel I am on the verge of playing good golf. I make great contact in the center of the club face. Sometims I get a toe struck hook that I can understand the left to right spin. Also hit
  3. well I think I have found one of my problems. I have no extension going through impact. My left elbow just folds in and around instead of extending. I played on Monday and shot a 49 front and a 42 back with simple mistakes on the back. I started to feel good again. I'm hoping that fixing my extension will put my other faults back in place. Here is a video of the game before Monday. Let me know what you think. Are there any good drills for getting through impact better? Thanks for any and all advice. Sorry about the quality I uploaded them in HD but it only works if I sele
  4. Well I'm back in a funk and can't break 90 now to save my life!! I can tell my swing has flaws in it. I just can't seem to fix them. I got some early extension going on with a slight chicken wing. Currently hitting pull/draws,snap hooks occasional push fade and sometimes a nice push draw. What do you guys see? I practice almost daily and I'm starting to get a little discouraged. :( thanks for any and all tips. Ps haven't broke 90 in about 2-3 months. I have been trying to make swing changes as well. Sorry at the moment I do not have any f
  5. Thank you everyone for your input. I will most likely go back to my superstroke. I just keep seeing the new snsr being advertised and wanted to know what the hype was all about. I do agree with others about the feeling of weight being noticeably different. I do prefer the bigger grips tho as I like for it to fill my hands with light pressure. Guess it's time to go see what feels right. If anything it's back to the superstroke. Thanks again.
  6. Hello TST members I am looking for a new putter grip. Has anyone put the new golf pride snsr into play yet. I used the superstroke slim 3.0 for awhile and liked it. I recently got a new putter so I am currently using the stock grip. Im looking for some opinions from others. Pros and cons of the golf pride snsr. Feel free to throw in other options as well. What do you game and why? thanks.
  7. I definitely see that in my swing. I started doing something different last night that felt really good and powerful. I don't see anyone do this move and I'm not sure if it's correct but it has seemed to work last night. What I do is right before I start my backswing I press down hard on my left side with a little forward press then make my backswing I feel a lot of torque and pressure loading my right side. Then I drive my legs hard left while keeping my wrist and arms loose I was making great contact and felt like I was extending and releasing through the ball. I will post another video toda
  8. Thank you for the feedback. Could you please explain the a1 a2 etc. Positions. Also any idea why I breakdown the lead arm at impact. Is it something I have to do in order to hit the ball or am I doing it without needing too. Thanks again.
  9. Hey everyone sorry I have not been on much since the birth of my son. But I am back!! lol I have been working on my swing as always and I have been fighting a flip and a open face at the top does anyone have any advice on why this is happening? Is it a cause or effect type flaw thanks and always appreciated.
  10. Well guys I gave the chrome soft a chance over the weekend. I really liked the spin I was getting using my wedges. Off the tee it felt great not too much side spin unless I really hit a bad one and knew it was my swing not the ball lol. I had two blow up holes on the front nine shot a 50 on a par 35 ? Then on the back I shot a 39 on the par 37 uhhhh. 11 stroke difference ? My putting was horrible the worst I felt in a long time my speed was all over the place. I def need to work on the short game with the new ball and how it reacts. Hopefully I get better results this weekend. Thanks for all t
  11. Well fella's I have found the wedge for me today. I went to the local store and hit 4 out of the 5 on my list. I walked out the door with one that was not on my list here it is. I did start out with the 58 but it went a little further than I preferred. Here is a look at my stats I got some major spin using a callaway chrome soft. Aim was a little off but not too much a few more range session and this baby will be dialed in.
  12. Thanks for all the help and suggestions everyone. I made a list of wedges I will be trying out this weekend the list is. Titleist vokey sm5, Callaway mack daddy phil Mickelson, Cleveland 588 rxt 2.0, nike vr forged and the Mizuno mp-t5. If there are any others you would suggest I test please let me know. Thanks again everyone.
  13. I am looking for suggestions on a good ball to play for my capabilities. How do I select the ball that is right for me? Everyone rants about the pro v1 but is it made for everyone? Please let me know how I go about selecting a quality ball. What do you play and why?
  14. Thanks guys for all the feedback. I am pretty decent around the 50/60 yrd with my 54 I just want to be a little more aggressive and hit a higher soft shot. I have been looking at the Callaway mack daddy PM in 58/60 with a 10 bounce and the Cleveland 588. I will just have to go test them to see what results I get. Thanks again it is much appreciated.
  15. @boogielicious @ShotShySheriff Sorry guys I worded that wrong. I am looking to hit about a 3/4 swing to get that distance. My current distance is 100-105 (54) 115-120 (48) 125-130 (44) full swings. Not sure about my club speed. @vangator I kind of like that 73 degree lol.
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