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  1. Not all the pros are steep on the backswing. There's a pretty wide range, check out Matt Kuchar for instance. It's all about what you do after you get to the top. Some find it easier to flatten when they are steeper in the backswing. Looking at your 7-iron from earlier in the month, I think you're plenty steep enough. But you don't flatten it on the downswing, you steepen instead.
  2. Ok, ok. Yeesh. I was just objecting to the Skank word. Funny thing is, I am NOT at all a PC guy, just seemed overboard. Moving on....
  3. Besides the fact that your comment has nothing to do with golf or Fox's coverage, using derogatory terms to describe women because you don't like the way they look isn't something I want, or would want my wife or kids to read here. In truth, though, I speak for myself, not the forum at large.
  4. Would be interesting to see if and when Tiger becomes an announcer. Most likely not full time, but he may dabble in it. I think he would be very good at Shinnecock. He played there in the two US Opens, although didn't have stellar results (WD in '95 and T17 in '04).
  5. Dude - this type of talk isn't welcome here. This forum includes kids, women, and men who like to live in the 21st century.
  6. Hi! Thanks for the great review! I realize it's a couple of years old, and I'm wondering how the bag has held up over time? Thanks!
  7. Good stuff. But as you'll learn (if you don't know already), our feels betrays us. Video while hitting is the gold standard.
  8. Working on 50-60 yd. shots. Also a flop shot thrown in at end of Down-the-line video. Camera angles not great. Working on: -Keeping head steady -Keeping belt buckle pointing to ball longer -Keeping hands in front of body
  9. Actually, there have been a few others. Adam Scott sounded off earlier in the week, saying "Hopefully they get it right this time, just from a playability standpoint. Let’s just have something that’s a challenge and interesting, not just playing brutal (golf).” http://golfweek.com/2017/06/04/adam-scott-hopefully-usga-will-get-it-right-this-time-at-erin-hills/ I don't think there's anything wrong with constructive criticism, but that Na video, as you pointed at, was not that. And while Scott may have a point, why talk about it before the round in public? Let the public get excited about the course and the Open. PGA needs to take some marketing lessons from the NFL. If this was the NFL, Scott would have been fined for opening his mouth.
  10. Watching the Na video, I had three thoughts: 1. They don't have to find their balls, a spotter will find it for them. 2. Na was not really trying to hit the ball, just make a point. He rushed the shot. If it was in competition, that ball would have been back in the fairway. 3. Don't any of these guys play the British Open? OK, 4 thoughts. #4: Whine behind closed doors - if you don't want to play, you don't have to.
  11. Good thread. There are quite a few holes I consider tough, but then there are some that are really in my head. There's one I play that's only 393 yds. from the back tees, but is a bear. It's a dog-leg left, and the back tee boxes and markers line you up for trouble. There's OB on the left and water on the right. The fairway slopes hard left to right. But since the water essentially ends at around 230, and there is a bail-out area on the right, it doesn't seem like it should be a difficult tee shot, but it is. Even if you survive the tee shot, the second shot is uphill to a severely sloped green. The pin is almost always way back right, guarded by a deep bunker. While I've parred the hole a bunch of times and even birdied it once or twice, I also have so many 7s I can't even count!
  12. I actually don't think this is true. They may have the money to choose any surgeon, regardless of their insurance. They probably get to jump the schedule (because treating professional athletes is good marketing for surgeons). I'm sure they have nicer PT facilities, maybe get a visit from the head of the hospital and a nice limo ride. But the surgery itself will be identical to the surgery you'd get. This is because the best results come from well studied and practiced procedures. Doing something "different" to that athlete is almost always not in their best interests. I'm sure there are a few exceptions, but not many. I had my shoulder operated on by a guy who operated on some current pro NHL and NFL players. My father in law had his shoulder operated by the Yankees' shoulder surgeon. I live in NYC, so I happen to be where many good surgeons are located, but the surgeries were all covered by insurance, and I'm willing to bet we got pretty much the same medical treatment as a pro athlete.
  13. Jealous. That is all.
  14. Agreed. And he's been playing very well. Even with those last rounds , he's having a pretty decent year. One win, 6 top 10s!
  15. My question about Fowler was one of curiosity. Yes, of course. It's clear that in Fowler's case his last round is the issue. However, I think that the analysis raises the possibility that, on average, players "lose" on Thursday more than they "lose" on Sunday. Yes, good point. Granted it's not big, but 200 data points can show something. Agreed - @iacas pointed this out as well.