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  1. Austrian Open Starting a 40s Shot Clock

    I love the idea, but yeah, lots of details have to be worked out. Another article about it here: https://www.golfdigest.com/story/the-european-tour-will-try-out-a-shot-clock-in-2018-to-address-slow-play
  2. Golf's Mental Game Aspect

    +1 Just want to add something. I read a lot of books, including a fair number of golf journalism books. I believe that part of the misconception about mental vs physical is due to journalism bias. A story about Tiger's mental toughness is more compelling than a story about his impact position. As in all sports, journalists also like to attribute skill and chance to mental phenomena like choking. It's not that mental toughness and choking don't exist, it's just that IMO, they're a much smaller contributor to the outcome of a game than is portrayed in golf journalism.
  3. Is golf more mental or physical?

    I would say 99% physical, for everyone. Even the pros, who aren't the most introspective lot, instinctively know this. How much of their practice time is spent practicing the mental game? I would guess close to zero. Sure, they may have a sports psychologist, but the truth is that they spend almost all their time physically practicing shots that they will need on the golf course. I do, however, think that you should practice your mental game if you: 1. Are always angry on the golf course because you think you are better than you really are. This takes away the enjoyment for others stuck playing with you, and probably isn't helping you physically execute anything. 2. Are waiting for the green to clear on a 450 yd par 4 after hitting a 150 yd. slice drive into the rough. This takes the enjoyment away for everyone behind you. You're not that good (see #1).
  4. 8 shot penalty for Ben Crane?

    Bad grammar, should have written, "Ben's use of stickers...". True that Purpose != Intent, but I could have just has easily used "purpose." The purpose of using those stickers is not "for the purpose of influencing the movement of the ball." The rule does not require that the stickers can or would influence the movement of the golf ball if struck, but rather requires that the they have the purpose of influencing the movement of the ball. Again, that's not the case here. Finally, in other places, the rules do differentiate between the target area of the clubface, and other areas. For example, Appendix II - 5(d). The impact area is highly regulated, but other areas on the clubface can have exceptions (see above). This specific rule claims that "Exceptions may be made for attachments that do not affect the performance of the club." IMO, claiming these stickers affect the performance of the club is a tough argument. We'll just have to disagree here. I think that the performance argument is weak, but that the "temporary and easily removable" is strong. Either way, for what's it worth, if I was a rules official (which I most certainly am not) I would also have ruled against Ben. A little OT, but I just think that the rules are not as clear as they would first appear, and think that many rules of golf are open to interpretation. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but can lead to some very strange rule situations (e.g. Sergio's ordeal on 18 yesterday). Maybe we need to have a fast-acting rules center (like the NFL does) that can make live, fast, decisive calls.
  5. 8 shot penalty for Ben Crane?

    I don't think this it's quite so cut and dried, and while one of the decisions seems to implicate the clubs, I can see how this could have gone the other way. In terms of 4-2: While the word "intent" does not appear, Rule 4-2 does state: "Foreign material must not be applied to the club face for the purpose of influencing the movement of the ball." The second part of the sentence clearly points to intent, and I think because of that, 4-2 shouldn't be used here. There is no way that those stickers had an intent of affecting the movement of the ball. The pictures posted above show the stickers are nowhere near the impact area of the club. Seems to me like this is not a 4-2 issue. For 4-1: Referring to Appendix II, Decision 4-1/5 which @iacas pointed out, is the relevant section. This Decision addresses an "Adhesive Bandage or Tape Applied to Clubhead to Reduce Glare or for Protection". I'll put this decision in it's entirety here, and then address each point. An adhesive bandage or tape added to the clubhead is considered an external attachment, rendering the club non-conforming (see Appendix II, Rule 1a but see also Decision 4-1/4). However, material attached to the clubhead that does not affect the performance of the club and is semi-permanent, durable, not easily removable and conforms to the shape of the clubhead may be permitted by exception, but an adhesive bandage or tape does not fall under that exception because such items are temporary in nature and easily removable. See "A Guide to the Rules on Clubs and Balls," Section 1a, for detailed criteria regarding permissible external attachments, such as alignment markings, protective coverings or decorative decals. Additionally, adding such an attachment during the stipulated round would change the club's playing characteristics in breach of Rule 4-2." a. The first sentence refers to Appendix II - Rule 1a. This rule's relevant section appears to be the following: "All parts of the club must be fixed so that the club is one unit, and it must have no external attachments. Exceptions may be made for attachments that do not affect the performance of the club." I read the second sentence as clearing said stickers from this rule. I think it would be a real stretch to claim that those stickers affect the performance of the club. To me, "Exceptions may be made" allows a rules committee latitude to interpret this rule. The first sentence also points to Decision 4-1/4, which simply clears lead-tape as an exception, and is irrelevant to this case. b. The second sentence is critical. It explains that "exceptions may be allowed for materials that don't affect performance," but only if the materials are "semi-permanent, durable, not easily removable and conforms to the shape of the clubhead". It goes on to explain that an adhesive band-aid or tape "does not fall under that exception because such items are temporary in nature and easily removable." If I was in the rules committee, this is where I would have hung my hat, and argued that those stickers are "temporary in nature and easily removable", and therefore according to Decision 4-1/5, render the clubs non-conforming even though they don't affect performance. This seems pretty strong, but I think that whether the said stickers apply here is arguable. As a first step, you could argue that said stickers are not "temporary in nature and easily removable". And while the rules committee may have placed this exception explanation to apply to decorative decals that do not affect performance, those are actually covered elsewhere - Appendix II.5(d). So this begs the question as to what materials would fit under the definition of "semi-permanent, durable, not easily removable", and could the offending stickers fall under that definition?
  6. Running (Heart Rate BPM?!)

    +1 and +1. If you are changing a fitness regimen, and you have some health risks or concerns (e.g. smoke, overweight, high-blood pressure, etc.), it's always advisable to see a doctor to discuss the changes.
  7. This year, I've actually gotten worse. I switched instructors on Evolvr, and my new instructor is working on fixing a big flaw in my motion (I've been around a 13-15 for many years), which I know will make me better. Unfortunately, while I strike the ball much better than I did when practicing, I cannot take it to the course and my scores have ballooned. Instead of a 13 last year, I am now in the high 15s and climbing. I'm committed to making the change though, so believe I will be better in the future.
  8. Neither Rory Nor JDay Will Win Another Major

    Doing some back-of-the-envelope statistics...Let's assume that they are both 20:1 to win any major they get into. So that's 10:1 that one of them will win. Let's assume that in the next 10 years, they each play 3 out of 4 majors a year (to account for injuries). So that's 30 majors. So odds are that between them, they'll win 3 majors in the next 10 years. Granted, a lot of assumptions there, but those odds are actually pretty conservative. I voted that they'll win another major.
  9. Fairway woods vs hybrids vs irons

    Ok. But if you don't want anyone to discuss them, why post them on a golf forum?
  10. Fairway woods vs hybrids vs irons

    I'm curious if you've ever measured the difference, over say 20 swings on the course, between your 2-iron and your 3-iron (or 4-iron for that matter). My guess is that unless you have a pretty fast swing speed AND consistently good contact (in which case you're a low handicap), you won't find much an average gap because you don't hit your 2-iron very high. For me (any many golfers both with low and high handicaps), hybrids allow us to fill the gaps because they make it easier to hit the ball high. All clubs are for distance AND accuracy.
  11. LPGA To Enforce more Strict Dress Code

    Thought I would reopen this debate, so I don't have to read about the old boring Open championship Paige Spiranac wrote a good article about this topic. It frames the argument in the same way we do, making clear that it's not currently an issue on the LPGA, but may hurt the game by turning off young women athletes. Personally, I think this rule is unnecessary, and is another example of men telling women what to do with their bodies. I'm willing to bet that those making decisions at sponsor companies to push this rule onto the LPGA are older men. Older men that are out of touch with the future of golf. Sure, you can justify it as tradition - but we do that about lots of things that are unfair to one specific group of people.
  12. Greetings from Norway!

    Looks amazing in pictures!
  13. Greetings from Norway!

    Welcome! I'm heading over your way last week of August. (Bergen & Oslo) and hoping to sneak in some golf! Any recommendations around Bergen?
  14. Terminating a friendship? Assuming this is real, which it may not be, this is grounds for police action and a lawsuit.