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  1. When will you be there? I'm heading with there with some buddies this week. There Thursday-Sunday.
  2. Jack vs. Tiger: Who's the Greatest Golfer?

    Apologies for the politics. I was talking about the bigger picture of this entire debate.
  3. Jack vs. Tiger: Who's the Greatest Golfer?

    Read entire post please. Point is that the answer to who is the GOAT is subjective. You can choose facts, statistics, or polls you want to support your conclusion, and discount others that don't. If we can't agree on the definition of GOAT, we'll never agree on the determinative criteria.
  4. Jack vs. Tiger: Who's the Greatest Golfer?

    Oh come on - taking my quote out of context? Is this Fox News
  5. Tiger Woods Master Catch-All Discussion

    I think Tiger's biggest strengths is his mindset. Also, I don't think there's any time to change your mind in a fast golf swing. Most likely just that he's still rusty, timing isn't great yet, and simply hits more bad shots than he used to in his prime. That, and golf is hard. :)
  6. Jack vs. Tiger: Who's the Greatest Golfer?

    I'm with @skydog on this one. Talking about facts and statistics and polls when debating who is the GOAT is pointless. You can talk about who's the better putter, driver, finisher, etc. Those can be backed by relatively useful numbers. Although as we've seen, numbers are debatable too (faster greens, tougher competition, etc. etc..ad nauseam). But going further and somehow trying to agree on which criteria and set of statistics you'll pick and choose to determine who is the GOAT is hopeless. I don't mean to troll, I am was interested in this topic. I'm done though. Good luck.
  7. You clearly haven't gone to a lot of NYC sporting events This. If heckling is really a problem on the PGA tour (I don't think it is), then the tournament can hire marshals and have clear rules for fans. The thing that made this tasteless in my eyes was that it was JT who kicked the guy out, instead of an official. It's clear, from his tweets, that he overreacted because he was under pressure. His justification about protecting his other fans is just that, a justification. He knows it was a mistake.
  8. U.S. Open Playoff Going from 18 holes to 2

    I like it too, wouldn’t even mind sudden death. Who wants to watch an 18 hole playoff on Monday between Talor Gooch and Tom Lovelady?
  9. 2018 Honda Classic

    I heard that too. Not a great thing to say, but if it was after the swing (which I think it was), it did not deserve that reaction from JT. It wasn't a personal attack, wasn't cursing. Sorry JT, not everyone in the world roots for you. Definitely made me lose respect for him. Very douche-baggy.
  10. 2018 Honda Classic

    Hopefully he takes his medicine here on 3.
  11. 2018 Honda Classic

    Birdie start!
  12. New to the site and wow

    I live in NYC, but my in-laws live in Alford - I'm up there quite a bit. Usually play Egermont CC. Have heard good things about Wyantenuck.
  13. 2018 Honda Classic

    Yeah, not gonna happen. 7 strokes? His biggest ever Sunday comeback was 8 strokes and that was 20 years ago. Still, with another solid round tommorow, he’ll leave with his head held high and pumped up about the rest of the season.
  14. 2018 Honda Classic

    Yup - played great tee to green. Had a number of early birdie opportunities that just did not drop. Could have gone low.
  15. 2018 Honda Classic

    Do they get paid every time they say "bear trap"?

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