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  1. I’m watching Speith playing the schwab. He’s making miles of putts, but announcer made a good point. He’s having to make those putts because his scoring irons are miles from the hole to begin with. I wouldn’t be surprised if he had a hot day or two, but I would think he’s a longer shot than Xander or Molinari.
  2. Current betting odd below. Molinari at 25:1 looks interesting. Brooks Koepka: 6:1 Dustin Johnson: 7:1 Tiger Woods: 10:1 Rory McIlroy: 12:1 Justin Rose: 16:1 Jordan Spieth: 18:1 Justin Thomas: 20:1 Jon Rahm: 22:1 Rickie Fowler: 22:1 Francesco Molinari: 25:1 Jason Day: 25:1 Xander Schauffele: 25:1
  3. Been a while. Playing season has started, so I've been practicing a lot less and playing more. Unfortunately, it's been an inauspicious start scoring-wise. Short game is especially atrocious, and I have just started practicing that. Decided to film the swing at home. It's a beautiful day, but I'm stuck inside working. Will get to the range this weekend. All in all, I'm pretty happy with how these look. I think I could use some more shoulder turn/hip turn on backswing and loosening up the wrists a bit. These were short swings, but pretty close to full speed. Would love any feedback. I've included some stills below with markings too. Thanks!
  4. Agreed. And it can end fast, especially when you're swinging it as hard as these guys can. I wonder if it's more superstition than anything. He's playing so well right now, doesn't want to change a thing. Maybe if he wasn't winning majors, he'd sign up with someone. Of course, then the deal wouldn't be worth as much...
  5. As I wrote in my original post, it's the value for the course I was referencing. Ferry Point is expensive for what you get IMO.
  6. I've played Ferry Point 3 or 4 times. For me, scenery, surroundings, and memorability play a large part in my desire to go back to a course. In that sense, your observation of my golf course design knowledge is fair. On most courses I like, I can remember a good number of the holes, how I played them, what they looked like from the tee, etc. Every time I left Ferry Point, I had trouble doing that on all but a small handful of holes. That's what makes Ferry Point repetitive to me. The views also didn't do it for me. I find the Whitestone bridge fugly, and looking at the NYC skyline, considering I've lived here all my life, is not what I'm looking for on the golf course. It's all just personal preference.
  7. Voted 50-70%. I wish it was more often. The problem is that when I start losing balls out-of-bounds, I get defensive and start hitting smaller "punch" shots for a while, these don't go far or high enough.
  8. I'm sure. Luckily, it's not an all or nothing thing. Public awareness, education, and parental involvement may not stop the kid from vaping right now, but it can have an effect that makes them quit earlier, or not move to cigarettes, etc. Are there cartridges that are for sale, or do they make their own extract?
  9. Thanks, but I have none. I'm actually younger than that, but old enough to realize life goes by fast. One day you will too.
  10. Nobody values living until 70 when they're 14 (not saying you are 14). See how you feel when you're 65 (I'm not 65 either), healthy, happy, and have grandchildren.
  11. Of course you need longer studies. Cigarettes usually don't cause cancer in 5 or 10 years. It takes decades. And considering vaping marketing is often targeted at kids and young adults, we have to worry about that. As @iacas pointed out, the "number" of chemicals is irrelevant. Exactly. There is a proven, strong inverse relationship between IQ and smoking. Can we please change labels on these products to say, "you're smoking? You must be stupid". 😉
  12. Did he? Tiger made a lot of clutch putts on Sundays during majors, but it was almost always to preserve the lead, not to take it.
  13. Does anyone else get the eerie feeling that Donald Trump has joined this thread?
  14. You must have never heard Fowler’s take on the challenges of peace in the Middle East. Fascinating analysis. Rory is another fascinating character. Did you know he’s an amateur astronomer? Discovered a few asteroids just last year.
  15. But you consider tiger’s personality dynamic? For most of his years on tour he wouldn’t talk to the press (except for yes on no answers and an occasional glare), wouldn’t talk to most players, fans, or anyone outside his tight circle. Frankly, I think most of these guys are duds. All they do is hit a little white ball all day for half their lives! I also think they’re trained to bottle up emotion, which is considered by many to distract from performance.
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