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  1. This is true. eBay is primarily a retail marketplace like Amazon, although many people still think of it as an auction site. They no longer publish the breakdown, but it is estimated that only about 10% of their sales are auctions, and only 20% are used items. Considering eBay sales make up about 7% of all e-commerce transactions, that's still a lot of auctions and used stuff, but it's a shrinking part of their business, and is clearly not the future vision of eBay/Paypal.
  2. I definitely don't have the 300 yd problem, but dead pull, that I can relate to. Are you more consistent if you dial it back a little? If you want anyone to look at your swing, post a video of in the Member Swings section.
  3. Not sure how you calibrate. Not questioning the distance, just the swing speed. At that speed, you'd be swinging a driver as fast/faster than anyone on the PGA tour.
  4. This is OT, but I only heard the guy yell "Get in the rough!" after a drive. I don't mind getting someone kicked out if the person is belligerent or gets personal. IMO, what I heard didn't fit that criteria. But there may have been a lot more I didn't hear.
  5. Fair enough. It's also when they say it. One thing to talk about it at the end of the season, another to go on and on in the middle of tournaments.
  6. I agree about JT. The way he had a fan kicked out of tournament last year for rooting against him is still stuck in my craw. Sure, he's a great player, but so are a lot of other guys. It's one thing if you're Tiger Woods or Phil Mickelson or Ernie Els. Then your criticisms can at least carry some weight. Ironically, those guys generally try to keep these types of complaints private. Well, maybe not Phil, but at least he's one of the all-time greats. I have less of an issue with Fowler. At least he has a sense of humor about it. JT is just a big crybaby.
  7. I just read through it. Here's where I lose interest: 1. Why all the different combinations of points of different events? Some get 500, some 550, some 300 depending on the field. 2. Why do you carry points into the playoffs? Other sports don't do this - is this just to give you the equivalent of a "home field advantage"? 3. What is reseeding? 4. Check out the full point distribution chart for the playoffs. It's hideous. I'm not confused. I just think it's way too complicated and uninteresting for a golf fan to get excited about.
  8. I actually think the Fedex points system is terrible. Not because it doesn't penalize players who miss the cut, but because it's not intuitive. I'm a big TV golf fan, I like watching, I even subscribe to PGA Tour Live. I'm also good at math, and like statistics, etc. But I have no clue how the Fedex points system works. It just seems, to me anyway, artificial, uninteresting, complex, and arcane. Even during the playoffs it's tough to follow. A little OT, but I think they need to throw the entire system out and start from scratch.
  9. What app are you using? I would check your calibration. Your numbers are very, very high for a 6-iron. The average PGA swing speed for a 6-iron is 92MPH. It's 113MPH for a driver. Also, your sidespin numbers seem suspicious.
  10. http://www.usga.org/content/usga/home-page/rules/rules-2019/rules-of-golf/rules-and-interpretations.html#!ruletype=pe&section=rule&rulenum=18 Please note that you are now only allowed 3 minutes to find your ball, down from 5. Oh, and please hit a provisional if you suspect your ball is lost.
  11. You white pants people must play in very different conditions than I do. If I owned anything white, it would not be white anymore.
  12. -Have brush -Rangefinder for pitches. My buddies make fun of me for it, which makes me want to do it more. I actually sometimes read off their pitches for them as pay back.
  13. Because it's not a $5M bet. If the prize was equal to the penalty, I'd take it. But for many people, including me, 5 years of freedom is worth a hell of a lot more that $5M.
  14. Definitely possible. For now, I'm sticking with my current irons. I'll try some other game improvement irons that look better to me when I get a chance. Same here. It's not like I do this for a living.
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