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  1. Neither Rory Nor JDay Will Win Another Major

    Doing some back-of-the-envelope statistics...Let's assume that they are both 20:1 to win any major they get into. So that's 10:1 that one of them will win. Let's assume that in the next 10 years, they each play 3 out of 4 majors a year (to account for injuries). So that's 30 majors. So odds are that between them, they'll win 3 majors in the next 10 years. Granted, a lot of assumptions there, but those odds are actually pretty conservative. I voted that they'll win another major.
  2. Fairway woods vs hybrids vs irons

    Ok. But if you don't want anyone to discuss them, why post them on a golf forum?
  3. Fairway woods vs hybrids vs irons

    I'm curious if you've ever measured the difference, over say 20 swings on the course, between your 2-iron and your 3-iron (or 4-iron for that matter). My guess is that unless you have a pretty fast swing speed AND consistently good contact (in which case you're a low handicap), you won't find much an average gap because you don't hit your 2-iron very high. For me (any many golfers both with low and high handicaps), hybrids allow us to fill the gaps because they make it easier to hit the ball high. All clubs are for distance AND accuracy.
  4. LPGA To Enforce more Strict Dress Code

    Thought I would reopen this debate, so I don't have to read about the old boring Open championship Paige Spiranac wrote a good article about this topic. It frames the argument in the same way we do, making clear that it's not currently an issue on the LPGA, but may hurt the game by turning off young women athletes. Personally, I think this rule is unnecessary, and is another example of men telling women what to do with their bodies. I'm willing to bet that those making decisions at sponsor companies to push this rule onto the LPGA are older men. Older men that are out of touch with the future of golf. Sure, you can justify it as tradition - but we do that about lots of things that are unfair to one specific group of people.
  5. Greetings from Norway!

    Looks amazing in pictures!
  6. Greetings from Norway!

    Welcome! I'm heading over your way last week of August. (Bergen & Oslo) and hoping to sneak in some golf! Any recommendations around Bergen?
  7. Terminating a friendship? Assuming this is real, which it may not be, this is grounds for police action and a lawsuit.
  8. Can an LPGA player win on PGA tour?

    Lol! Yes, the poll answers are not good. Why? Because I didn't think about it all that much. But if the point of poll was to create enlightening conversation, it did a good job (at least IMO). That is until some people started analyzing the meaning of the words could and never.
  9. Can an LPGA player win on PGA tour?

    Statistically, I've come to the same conclusion. Many people have made good points here showing the fallacy of comparing just driving distance. Sure it's possible - maybe in the future some freakishly strong and ultra-talented woman ends up playing on the PGA tour regularly. But even then, winning is so hard for men on the PGA tour, that the odds are slim to none.
  10. Amen. People forget that golf, like all professional sports, is entertainment. It's paid for by advertising dollars. Always remind yourselves that it could be a lot worse - as @iacas says, they could literally have clowns.
  11. Can an LPGA player win on PGA tour?

    Surprised me too. He's got 4 top tens, so having a decent year money-list wise!
  12. Can an LPGA player win on PGA tour?

    Just wanted to add some more historical info. Michelle Wie played on men's tours 13 times in her career. She made the cut once in Asia, and missed the cut by one stroke in the Hawaii Sony Open (at age 14!?). Otherwise, all missed cuts, but not horrible scoring. I don't know the exact definition of "hang", but I would say that at that point in her career, she was almost hanging with the men. Of course, the game has changed since then and become even more of a power game, but it's still interesting to read about.
  13. Can an LPGA player win on PGA tour?

    Good point. Quick look confirms this. Top LPGA players in driving distance along with accuracy: 1. Joanna Klatten: 58.3% (148th) 2. Maude-Amiee Leblanc: 52.5% (151st) 3. Lexi Thomson: 68.8% (117th) Meanwhile, the male examples that drive it about the same as the longest women. Brandt Snedeker: 63.6% (65th) Steve Stricker 74.3% (1st)
  14. Can an LPGA player win on PGA tour?

    Good point. For example: Lexi Thomson stats: Avg. putts per round: 29.60 (would be about 170th on PGA tour) Brandt Snedeker's stats: Avg. putts per round: 28.62 (46th on tour) Big difference there. No offense, but that's not the point here. First of all, she's not even on the tour, let alone a top LPGA tour player.