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  1. Please take with appropriate context, but it looks to me like the swing starts coming undone when you lunge towards the ball with your upper body from the top. Your head moves forward and down. One thing that helps me with that is to "separate the head" from the front shoulder. This forces me to more turn the upper body more in place while the lower body slides and opens.
  2. Kids should be taught differently than adults. Adult drills often have to compensate for years of bad habits. If you think your kid would enjoy getting some instruction, it might be best to seek a qualified instructor rather than get advice online. There are some pros here who teach children, they can probably answer best.
  3. Hi - love these drills. I doubt there's anyone out there at any level that can't find a priority piece in one of these. I've been working on the shoulder-tilts, and to me, those are a game changer. I do that drill pretty much every day, even on the course before a shot I practice that movement sometimes before I hit. Helps a lot. @iacas One thing I noticed on the Advanced Shoulder Tilt drill, is that when you took full practice swings, your torso and head appear to moving forward quite a bit as you rotate through. When I have this result in a swing on video, I often get contact issues and have to force myself to really "separate" my shoulders from my head immediately to make good contact. This keeps my head back, but often compromises my ability to get the weight fully forward on down swing. What is your feeling about "keeping the head back"? Is it only a problem for me because I likely have other swing faults? Thanks!
  4. My dad, a cardiologist himself, had a similar procedure (myectomy, and once they got in there, also a double bypass) about 25 years ago. He doesn't play golf, but he was up and working from bed the next day! Best of luck to you, hope you're back and golfing soon!
  5. Escape From New York Since NYC looks like it's slipping back into the 80s, had to pull this one up. Easy birdie. An all-time classic, excellent Kurt Russell - hilarious special effects but the technology in it aged surprisingly well all things considered.
  6. Guys, I'm no prude, and love my internet porn, but this thread is just weird. It's like a mix of per-pubescent fantasy, creepy old men, and 1980's early internet. @iacas i vote to kill it.
  7. When a swing is well sequenced, the effort happens by the proper muscles at the proper time, which makes it look like what we call effortless in some golfers. Some, like Tiger, often look like they're swinging hard, others not so much. As said above, it takes a ton of effort to swing that fast. And beauty is overrated. Results are what matters.
  8. WARNING: Completely OT I've always loved this graph. I was a psych/comp-sci major, and it rang true. Unfortunately, I was heartbroken to learn that the studies of the Dunning-Kruger effect are likely wrong. I don't understand much of the math behind this, but many measurement scales that limit results to 0-100 are subject to an effect that creates statistical "noise" that in this case, may have not been properly accounted for. Feel free to dig in more: The Dunning-Kruger Effect May Be a Statistical Illusion Sophisticated research suggests that self-assessment accuracy is more stable over time than believed. The DK effect may be exaggerated.
  9. Crazy. As these guys approach long-drive champion distances (winners are ~400 yds), what happens next? How long before 400 yd. holes are considered drive-able?
  10. I too am optimistic that a workable vaccine will be developed sooner rather than later. Even if that happens, we face a global challenge of producing and distributing the vaccine to those who need it most in order to slow down the pandemic. In the political climate we're in, that will be an even bigger challenge. This is from an HBR article: "At least for the first eight to 12 months after the Covid-19 vaccine becomes available, it is likely that there will be only a limited supply to meet global demand. Consequently, there needs to be a global agreement on allocating stocks to countries around the world. If that doesn’t happen, the result will be political tensions like those we are currently experiencing over the allocation of personal protective equipment, ventilators, and test kits." A Covid-19 Vaccine Will Need Equitable, Global Distribution Policymakers need to start planning now.
  11. Yeah, these preliminary reports are really depressing. If they are really reinfections, I hope they turn out to be relatively rare.
  12. One of the things I like best about trained professionals, whether MD, PhD, Engineer, computer expert, etc. is that they they're educated enough to know what they don't know and what is and isn't their specialty. Bingo. Unfortunately, It's not just kids or young adults that are ignoring health officials. The reality of it is that this country's putative independent streak, which can be a positive force, can also be a big negative.
  13. Please take any advice with grain of hacker salt. But looks like you're rotating too much with shoulders vs with chest? Chest looks good, but shoulders should be more closed here? Maybe just camera angle?
  14. It's not a useless stat. It's a powerful way of measuring if enough testing is being conducted. Daily State-by-State Testing Trends - Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center See daily changes in tests performed and positivity rates
  15. Your swing looks better than some tour pros (I played with one last weekend). Why are you a 12? Are you working on the wrong thing?
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