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  1. chspeed

    Golf Ball in the Ocean

  2. I'm an outlier here. I really didn't like this book and it's probably my least favorite golf book. I'll confess, I read it a long time ago, so I remember few details. I do, however, remember feeling it was trite and cutesy. I found it almost impossible to get through. All the positive reviews here make me think I missed something. Maybe I'll take another look next time I see it on someone's bookshelf.
  3. chspeed

    My Swing (Vinsk)

    Not all tour pros. A few, most famously Anika, turn their heads sooner. Whether or not that's an issue or a priority for you is best left for a pro to determine, IMO.
  4. chspeed

    My Swing (chspeed)

    Took a few caddie-view videos, and while the backswing and shallowing pieces looked great on the down-the-line view, my hands were falling way behind the body once I looked head-on view. Here's some practice, and swings to get things on track. Feeling that the hands come out more while letting club "lay off".
  5. chspeed

    Playing Golf Without a Thought

    I do try to choose one if there's a range (home course doesn't have one). More often than not, however, the one that worked on the range magically stops working on the first tee. 🤯
  6. chspeed

    Winter Depression Thread

    Northeast is about to get hosed. Expecting snow, rain and ice in NYC and lots of snow north of us. I guess golf season couldn't last forever. Bummed. Will focus on filming my swing indoors and waiting for March golf trip.
  7. chspeed

    Playing Golf Without a Thought

    I have a reserve of maybe 10 swing thoughts that I use while playing. At most, I use one or two per swing, but if those doesn't work (i.e. result in screaming duck hook that sends my playing partners crouching behind rocks), I'll keep trying different ones until I find one that addresses my current worst offense and at least gets the ball, and me moving in the right direction.
  8. chspeed

    My Swing (Foot Wedge)

    Doesn't look bad to me. From what I understand, some clubs, depending on weighting, have the sweet spot a bit towards the heel Also, it's not like we can "aim" at the sweetspot. The best we can do is work on our swings and priority pieces, which will inevitably improve the number of solid hits. Swing looks good!
  9. chspeed

    Adams Clubs

    I play an Adams 5W. Love it. Those subpar clubs are played by many who shoot subpar. Not that I shoot subpar 😉
  10. chspeed

    Playing Golf Without a Thought

    Were they supposed to do this before or after the EPO? 🤫 Sorry, off topic, now back to your regular programming...
  11. I like this short interview with Foley. I obviously don't have the knowledge to critique him as a swing coach, but I like his approach to life, mistakes, and living in the moment. Makes me think that this is a part of why some top pros like him. Particularly, the "mindfulness" idea that you can't control the past or the future, but only what you're working on right now. Sean Foley on what he would do differently with Tiger Woods We caught up with Sean Foley, the man who looks at golf and coaching just a little bit differently than everyone else, after an amazing year that saw...
  12. chspeed

    My Swing (chspeed)

    Thanks @GolfLug! You're right about the turn rates, you can tell I decelerate and kind-of stall out in this swing. Will continue to work on this and see how it looks with real balls and more speed on the range. Wish it wasn't ducking January.
  13. chspeed

    My Swing (chspeed)

    Tried practicing the feeling of combining the flatter backswing with the flattening downswing (video below). I think this will be hard to bring to the course because I've had so many years of being steeper and the steep -> flat feeling feels more natural to me. I'm also worried about overdoing the flattening and hooking the ball (which has been a tendency). My question is, do you think it's worth the effort to try and learn this kind of backswing, or should I stick with a bit of a steeper backswing? Would love to hear from you or others who've tried to make that change. Thanks again!
  14. chspeed

    My Swing (chspeed)

    Great point, and definitely a concern of mine. I completely agree. I've already noticed that if there is any tension in the wrists in transition, the club won't lay off and will come down steeply. I will continue to work on getting the club a bit more laid off at the top. I have been working on that for a while, and I did manage to change the picture. I will work on incorporating that and this flattening move over the next few weeks. It's interesting to see how a few of the other things I can't figure out (e.g. goat hump), seem to improve when you I get the club on a better plane. Thanks!
  15. chspeed

    My Swing (chspeed)

    Thanks! I'm pretty happy with it. In the past, I've been trying to flatten by pulling down the handle from the top while keeping the torso closed, which I now learned has the opposite effect! Now I feel like I'm starting with my torso pivot, which pulls the hands out and flattens the shaft. Crazy game.

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