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  1. Its a new 1 rockbottom golf has a bunch up for bid starting at .99$
  2. Well I won a Adams 19degree 3 hybrid on ebay, it finally came in,havent got it to the course yet just hit a few across the pasture and I love it so far, ball takes off like a rocket it seems, sounds and feels good, looks & feels good at adress for 15 bucks I think its gunna be a goodin!
  3. Ive got a 3 year old daughter shes my middle child shes only one that likes golf ive got her a putter she'll putt wen i get up to the green, shes gettn pretty good, then I plan on getting her chipping and putting etc till we get to the tee box
  4. Anybody game any of the Tightlies hybrids?
  5. Were do you put in your sizes after you select a style package? Or do they email you for sizes?
  6. We play alot of the top pressure and scramble and try to hit the target the screens tells us, and the mushi (mexican sushi) its not really sushi kinda like a burrito with chicken rice sarotcha sauce etc cut into slices!! Best thing on the menu!!
  7. My wife went and bought herself some clubs to play along with me, she said she didnt think shed like golfing! Shes pretty athletic all state softball pitcher played in college for a bit. But anyways we get to the course shes got a very nice swing besides the baseball swing tryin to come out everynow and then, she had to shots 2 holes in a row that got her hooked.She was hitting worm burners with irons and hyrbrids but shes was getting them right on line. Her drives had a good draw (when she got it to go were she wanted). We came up to a long par 4 I hit a good drive to to about the 100 mark, w
  8. I currently have a G-Shock wrist watch i wear everyday for the past 5 years, its tired been through everything, my dog has chewed it up before its been on deployments u name it, is there a golf gps watch thats wearible everyday and good for other than just golf or should I just grab another G-shock and carry on?
  9. No matter the age or ability as long as you love the game ill play with anyone!
  10. Usually play a very slight draw, but its been starting out on the right side of the fairway and working all the way to the left. Like a big hook
  11. Had a charity scramble tournament this past weekend on a course across town, I feel my driver swing has got out of rythm or timing, my irons still play, Has this happened to anyone else?
  12. 2nd hole par 4 320yrd dogleg right 90 degrees,5iron will get you dead center of fairway hit it right your in the woods hit left your in the creek, well i hit left side of fairway just on the bank of the creek but had a strait shot to the hole, about 120 yards up hill, pin short sided on myside of the green about 3 yards of green to work with if i hit below the hole, I hit a flush 8 iron so smooth being down hill all I could see was top of flag, me and my partner both said thats gunna be sittn pretty at the same time, sure enough bounced once and stuck bout 2 feet from the hole
  13. I like a full swing into my target, im not consistant enough when shortning my backswing i guess its a rtyhm thing, It maybe a good enough excuse for a new wedge my 60 good for about 90 and my 56 is about 110
  14. Ive played around 5 rounds with my new trx control irons i got the fitted ones e-fit i think they call it,i havent had a problem with them the distances are the same from my last set of irons which wur taylormade burners!
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