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  1. This is a terrible idea. What's next, eliminating hazards and penalty strokes just to make someone feel better about their game? A player should adjust his skills to match the course and not the other way around. I'm all for more people and younger people being exposed to golf, but not at the expense of the integrity of the game.
  2. Driver: Ping K15 Irons: Adams Idea Tech V4 iron/hybrid set
  3. So I've started to get serious about golf and I've got all new clubs and a push cart. The only thing I'm missing is a good golf bag. Mine is a bag from my junior set of clubs and it's falling apart. Can anyone recommend a decent bag for around $100-$150? Also does it matter if it's a stand bag or a cart bag if I'm always using a push cart or riding? I'd prefer one with full length dividers and a fair amount of storage.
  4. Reminds me of the Yogi Berra quote "Nobody goes there anymore. It's too crowded". I'm just happy to get out on the course. I'd love to play more early mornings in the summer, but with working first shift, it's almost impossible to get out without taking time off work. Plus if the dew's still on the grass, I have something to blame my poor play on.
  5. Hey everyone, Cheesehead here. First time poster, long time lurker. I played a bit of golf as a kid but never had the patience for it. Well I started playing more seriously last year and have loved every bit of it. Seems like a pretty good group of folks here, and I'm hoping to learn quite a bit.