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  1. I shot 75 today. I played with a different group and they play a 5800 yard course. My normal group usually plays tees that are 6250 and I usually score around 83 to 85. As I close in on 70 years of age, I'm think maybe I should look at moving up. We have tees that are 6000 yards. I'll probably play those when cold weather returns in three or four months. Today was fun. It reminded me of how I played 25 years ago when I could still drive it out of my shadow.
  2. Maybe you're right. I should possibly clarify that I include putting when I say the short game is the key to scoring. I'm certainly not going to argue that long drives are critically important in today's game. However, I played with a guy last Thursday that was 20 years younger and he out drove me by an average of 25 to 30 yards all day. We both shot the same score. As my grandfather once said "one can cover up a lot of bad shots with one good putt".
  3. Finally shot 79 last Thursday for the first time in over two years. I've had a couple of injuries and my game had suffered because I lost a lot of distance off the tee. I've started practicing more and things are improving. Still the key to scoring is in the short game. My course has six par fours that I struggle to reach in two. My goal now is to make no worse than bogie on these holes. If I can do that I have a good chance of breaking 80 on a regular basis as I did before the injuries.
  4. I see this thread is a year old, but I have to post. I used to break 80 probably 25% of the time. Two and a half years ago I had some injuries and actually struggled to break 90 for quite awhile. I thought since I was approaching 70 years old that was how it was going to be going forward. However, my injuries got better and with the help of a young teaching pro and a strict regime of practice my game has been improving. Yesterday was a red letter day in that I shot 79 for the first time in two years. Being realistic I know this won't happen every round, but at least I now know it's still possible.
  5. Check out the Taylormade High Launch 3W. It's 16.5* and should fit between your driver and 4H. Koepka plays (or used to play) the M2 version. I'm not sure if the newer M3, M4, M5, or M6 Have a HL version.
  6. Wow! You guys are impressive. I wish I had kept a count, but in my 50+ years, it's way too many to remember. I have kept up with courses I've played that have hosted men's major championships. In no particular order they are: The Old Course (St. Andrews), Oakland Hills, Pinehurst #2, The Ocean Course at Kiawah, Tanglewood and Quail Hollow, I had a chance at Oakmont, but that fell through two days before I was to play. My chance to play Augusta National was also canceled abruptly. I'm hoping to add Carnoustie to the list as we're planning a trip across the pond in a couple of years.
  7. The heat and humidity can be a problem here in Charlotte. I used to be a confirmed walker, but at nearly 70 years old, I ride when it's above 85*. I also drink a lot of water while playing. Gatorade and Powerade are both good too. My course has cold wet towels at the halfway house which is conveniently located midway through both the front and back nine. All in all, However; I'd rather play when it's 95* than when it's 45*.
  8. Try playing a round on the range. I've heard that Ben Hogan used to do this during his warm-up. Choose a course and then pretend you're playing it on the range. For me on my home course I would play driver for the tee shot and then a PW on #1. On #2 I will play my driver, a five wood and then my AW. It's a par four but I don't hit this green but about 30% of the time . It's usually driver, 4 iron on #3. The 4th hole is a driver and an 8 or 9 iron. Give this a try. It may help you get used to playing rather that just banging balls.
  9. I play the Pro-v-1. It's long enough and it works really well chipping and putting. I've been playing the 2017 version, but found a 2019 version the other day and played it yesterday. I know one round isn't definitive. However, the newer version seemed longer off the tee. Is the 2019 longer or did I just imagine that?
  10. OK, Maybe DJ is not a good example. However, my point was that I think putting is more important than driving for senior amateurs. Feel free to disagree.
  11. I've been playing for 50+ years and my lowest hdcp was 7. I've never been really long off the tee, but my short game and putting have always helped me score. I'll be 70 in January and have knee and shoulder issues that have greatly reduced my swing speed. However, I still enjoying playing and have found that distance off the tee is not as important for senior amateurs as it is for tour players. My group plays a 6250 yard course and while I'm almost always the shortest off the tee, I usually shoot the lowest score. The key is being able to score from 80 to 100 yards from the green. While driving gets the most attention, I think putting is far and away the most important part of the game. Just look at Dustin Johnson. He bombs it 300+ on almost every hole. However, he only wins when he putts well. That's just my take; maybe I'm wrong.
  12. The key here is making solid contact with the center of the club face. I tore my right rotator cuff two years ago and the mis-hits started coming. I've found that if I practice with my feet together and focus on slowly swinging the club to the inside on my take-away my contact improved. That should help eliminate both "toe shanks" and regular shanks as described here.
  13. I don't know about a subscription, but I remember Warrior Golf. I had a friend that was sucked into that a few years ago. I'm assuming the Calcutta balls are legit. Like I said, I'm just curious. However, not curious enough to give them my credit card. Most reputable companies will cover the freight when offering a "freebie". Lamkin had a free grip offer a few months ago and they mailed me my grip totally at their expense. I'm guessing this is maybe a "start up" company following the lead of Snell, Vice and Cut.
  14. Has anyone tried this new ball? I saw an ad for a free sleeve. I started the process, but pulled up when they asked for my credit card to pay for shipping. Although it was only $1.00, I'm skeptical of "free offers" that require one to pay for shipping. There are so many scams out there now. I never volunteer my credit card info unless I know the seller. Anyway the ad has all the usual claims that the Calcutta is the longest, greatest ball ever. While I doubt these claims I am curious. I tried the Snell ball and it was pretty good. Also, I've read great reviews of the Kirkland ball from Costco and the Vice ball. I've been a Pro-V-1 player for years, but I'm always open to change.
  15. Some very interesting posts here. It's true that most private club members have a lot of disposable income. However, there are several types of rich people. My club has members that are from "old money" meaning they came from wealthy families and inherited at least some portion of their wealth. Others have achieved financial success totally on their own. One thing I've noticed from both groups is that money and class don't always intersect. I prefer to judge people by how they treat others. Fortunately, my club has more "class actors" than rich jerks. Whether playing private, semi-private, or pubic courses I found that over the years most of the people I've met were good people. Of late, golf has begun to attract people of questionable character. Usually those people don't stick around once everyone knows them.
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