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  1. I've always liked Kelly Tilghman. Does anyone know what her role will be? I think we all knew DLIII wasn't going to work. Frankly, I wish someone would put Colin Montgomerie in the booth. I know many people don't like him, but he knows a lot about the game. Also, I enjoyed Frank Nobilo's comments on today's telecast.
  2. You're right. My hole-in-one was a par three. I screwed up the math. I'll correct it. Well, I couldn't edit my original post. Sorry.
  3. So basically my topic was merged with a post from eight years ago, correct?
  4. How many of you have ever calculated your ringer score on your home course? Of course I mean converting the lowest score you have ever made on each hole to one 18 hole score. For instance over 36 years playing at MPCC here in Charlotte, I've made birdie on every hole, I've eagled three holes and have one hole-in-one. So my ringer score is -23 or 48 on our par 71 course. My guess is many of the better players on here might be in the low 40s or even the 30s. Another option might be to limit it to just this year. So far, my ringer score is -15 for 2020. I've birdied fourteen of our eighteen holes
  5. Well I played again today and frankly after my 78 yesterday I fully expected to shoot in the 80s. Surprisingly, I shot 77. I cannot explain it but I'm playing like I did before my shoulder injury. I did switch back to my Mizuno JPX 850 forged irons. I was fitted for them five years ago, but I had been playing a set of "game improvement" Taylormade 2017 M2s. I putted well too and that always helps. Who knows how long this will last, but I'm going to enjoy it.
  6. I finally broke 80 for the first time this year. I played with my son from tees measuring 6250 yards and a par of 71 . I made two double bogeys, five bogeys, ten pars and (wait for it) an eagle for a 78. At age 70, it's my first eagle in at least 25 years. Obviously, some luck was involved as my eagle was not a putt, but a 130 yard 8 iron. All in all it was a great day.
  7. Great Lists. It's clear we have a lot of excellent courses here in the States. As a variation we could do a side question as to what are the best three you have played in the US. Mine would be Oakland Hills in Michigan, Pinehurst #2 here in NC and The Ocean Course at Kiawah in South Carolina. Oh how I wish I could add Augusta National to the list, but alas; I've never played there.
  8. I'm talking about courses you've played, public or private. Also, I consider area to be within a 20 mile radius of where you live. I know golf publications always put out lists of what they consider to be "the best". I'm just curious as to what those who post here think. Remember, it's your opinion and you cannot be wrong.
  9. I live in Charlotte and here's my list of what I think are the best courses here. #1 Quail Hollow Country Club #2 Charlotte Country Club #3 Carolina Golf and Country Club #4 Carmel Country Club (South Course) #5 Myers Park Country Club (My Home Course) What do you think are the best five in your community?
  10. It's amazing how a thread about a fantasy Open Championship turned into a "here's who I hate" discussion.
  11. I find DL III to be kind of bland too.He was a good player, but he just isn't very exciting on air. I really hope Colin Montgomerie will become a color analyst once he retires from the Champions Tour. I know some people don't like him. However, he knows the game and actually has a sense of humor.
  12. My home course, Myers Park Country Club, in Charlotte is probably a 5 or 6 on Doak's Scale. I play it two or three times a week so I may be under rating it. It's always in excellent shape and has several great holes. It's just not as interesting as it was when I joined 36 years ago. It was a Donald Ross design that was restored by Rees Jones. Since then several different architects have "messed" with it creating a hodge podge of different styles. I still enjoy playing there and it's less than a mile from my home. However, Charlotte has at least a half dozen courses that are better.
  13. Shot 83 yesterday from our sliver tees (6256 - 70.4 - 128). Had a few putts only miss by a hair and made one double bogie. My goal is always to break 80. I've come close a few times recently, but haven't done it since last Fall. Our back nine is longer and more difficult for me, so I have to score in the 30s on the front to give myself a chance. I could probably move up to our 6000 yard tees at age 70, but I really like the challenge. We only have three or four par fours I struggle to reach in two shots.
  14. I voted for 100* F. I like to walk the front and ride the back, but if it's around ninety and humid I'll ride all 18. If it's approaching 100* I probably won't play. One bonus to hot weather is at age 70, most of my aches and pains go away.
  15. I recommend Footjoy Pro SLs. They come in wide and you should be able to find last year's model at a discount. I don't know if you can order from Dick's Sporting Goods in the UK, but they have them.
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