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  1. Hoganman1

    Gene Littler And The 1970 Masters

    I just saw the Golf Channel's tribute to "Gene the Machine". I was truly fortunate enough to watch him play Billy Casper in an 18 hole Monday playoff at the 1970 Masters. I was a sophomore in college and our biology professor gave a friend and me his tickets (and permission to cut his class). It was my first time to actually see an actual tournament round having only attended practice rounds while in high school. There wasn't much drama as Casper won 69 to 74. There weren't many patrons in attendance and it was a very intimate setting to watch two great players up close and personal. I don't remember much about how they played except that Casper hit a screaming hook into the trees on number 2. As a hooker myself I received some solace in seeing a touring pro do that and still make par. Also, it was the last 18 hole playoff in Masters history. The 1979 Masters ending in a tie was decided by a sudden death playoff won on #11 (the second playoff hole) by Fuzzy Zoeller over Ed Sneed and Tom Watson. Because of that experience I've always been fond of both Littler and Casper.
  2. Hoganman1

    What is Holding You Back (In a Few Words)?

    Arthritis and age.
  3. Hoganman1

    Winter Depression Thread

    Well I hate to gripe since it sounds like a lot of you are under several inches of snow, but NC isn't much better. Low 40s and raining has been the norm for a couple of months now. At least we're getting to play some days. I'm just tired of playing on mud. It seems like our course has been soaked since hurricane Florence came through here last Fall. I'm heading to Florida for a few days at the end of the month "so I've got that going for me".
  4. Hoganman1

    Downhill Lies

    I've always struggled playing shots from downhill lies. As I've aged it's gotten worse. As a senior player I have to play a lot of long irons and fairway metals into some par fours as well as par fives. I try to position my shoulders parallel to the downhill lie and stay down through the shot, but it doesn't seem to work most of the time. Does anyone have any tips that might help me? Unfortunately, my club's range doesn't have a place where I can practice these shots.
  5. Hoganman1

    What Has Happened to Golf?

    It's fun for us old guys to reminisce about the old days of golf. The feel of a balata ball, leather grips, metal spikes, and persimmon woods. Remember golf shoes with kilts over the laces and Sansabelt polyester pants? I remember golf carts with only one wheel on the front. Heck, I even carried a 1 iron back in the 70s ( though I rarely got it airborne). Yes, it's a very different game now, but it's still here. My heart goes out to those of you who can no longer play. I fear I'll be in your ranks much sooner that I would like. Until then like Jack Lemmon's character in BAGGER VANCE, I will play on. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.
  6. Hoganman1

    A *Serious* Loss of Distance!

    I'm 68 and I've lost distance too. I've started lifting light weights and doing stretching exercises. I also have gone to a senior flex shaft, added loft to my driver, and I play the Titliest AVX which doesn't spin as much as the Pro-v-1. I've gotten back a few yards, but it's clear Father Time is winning. I'll probably move up a set of tees (6250 to 6000) when I turn 70. I'm just happy to still be playing at this age.
  7. I agree with most of the other respondents. Once you put yourself out-there you'll meet some of the nicest people on the planet. Golfers are almost always courteous and friendly. You will be in a regular group before you know it and you will find you can continue to play well into your late 70s or early 80s (if your body will let you). I think it's the greatest game ever invented.
  8. Hoganman1

    Clubs You're Most Likely to Replace Before Next Season?

    I'm probably going to replace my Callaway XR16 with a Rogue. I'm planning on using the same shaft as it will fit both heads. I'm trying to decide if I want the Standard Rogue or the Draw Rogue. My club has demos and I'm going to play a round with each before I decide to buy. Do any of you currently play the Rogue?
  9. Hoganman1

    I Think Its Time for Lessons

    I'm thinking about going to GolfTec. Several of my friends go there and they seem to like it and they are improving. Apparently, they do a complete evaluation with video of one's swing and then come up with a plan of action. My main problem is with the full swing. My short game is pretty good and putting is the strength of my game. I just need to become a better ball striker. Has anyone else tried GolfTec?
  10. Hoganman1

    Maintaining a Steady Head

    I have a problem with this too. I try to stare at the back of the ball while turning my left shoulder under my chin. As I've gotten older it seems harder to keep doing this consistently. I've been playing for 50+ years and used to do this automatically. I have some neck and shoulder pain which limits my flexibility. Like a lot of older players, I've lost distance. I think maybe my head moves up and back when I "lunge" at the ball rather than swinging freely. I've been trying to work this out on my own, but I'm thinking of maybe going to GolfTec for some help.
  11. Hoganman1

    What tee to play from?

    I'm 68 and have lost distance due to age and injury. My drives are from 190 to 210. I play tees that are about 6250 and I do have a lot of three woods into some of the par fours. If it's really wet and when it gets colder I plan to play a hybrid tee combo that is 6000.
  12. I think so. I've been playing for 50+ years and up until the Spring of '17 my hdcp was 9 . Then all hell broke loose with my body. I started having neck and head pain from a deteriorating disk AND I tore my right rotator cuff. I struggled for the rest of the year into 2018 and my hdcp soared to 14 . Finally I got some relief from the pain through PT and NSAIDs, found a swing I can repeat, and I'm back on track. I'm now at 12 and hoping to get down to 10 before Winter.
  13. Hoganman1

    What Drills does everyone recommend?

    I recommend hitting shots with your feet together. I start my pre-round warm-up and every practice session doing this drill. It helps your balance and will improve your ball striking.
  14. Hoganman1

    Opinions on PxG or Mizuno....

    I'd go with the Mizunos if you cannot get fit for the PXGs. I bought new irons three years ago and really wanted to get the new Hogans, but I couldn't find a fitter that offered Hogan. As you can see by my forum name I've played Hogans for decades. My son is actually playing my old set of Apex Edge Pros and I still have my Apex blades from the 90s. However, getting fit by a certified fitter is very important. I love my Mizunos now and think they're just as good as the Hogans. I haven't paid much attention to PXG. Are they not offered by most club fitters?
  15. My putter is an Odyssey White Hot Tour that is ten years old. However, I realize it's a puppy after reading the other posts.

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