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  1. My apologies. You're right. We do get to play year round here in NC. Playing on soft wet fairway IS better than not being able to play at all. It has been unusually warm here this Winter., but we've had much more rain than usual.
  2. Great point. I hate playing on soft wet fairways. Also, like I said before "new driver fever' always hits me in the Winter.
  3. Of course, aren't we all looking for a miracle cure? Just kidding. I was wondering if practicing with a weighted club might help. Another tip I've heard is saying "Ern---ie Els" during your swing.
  4. My biggest problem is the tendency to snatch the club back on my takeaway. When I make a smooth slow back swing good things usually happen. However it seems that when faced with a forced carry over water etc., I jerk the club back too quickly causing all sorts of problems. Do any of you have a suggestion or a drill to help me correct this issue?
  5. You're right. I just bought a 12* M6. Dick's reduced the price and I had some gift cards from my family. I've only played two rounds with it, but I think I'm going to like it. It's hard to tell if it's a lot longer than my Rogue on wet fairways. It feels just like the M4 I demoed and has the same shaft. It usually takes me a month or so to determine if a driver is a keeper. If not, my son and son-in-law usually reap the benefits. They both are playing my rejects right now.
  6. I think you're right. It's hard to tell what is simply a marketing claim from an actual technological advancement. I'm convinced if I want a 12* driver I need to get one with a 12 stamped on the head AND have the loft checked on a loft gauge.
  7. That's what I'm thinking. I'm playing my 10.5* Callaway Rogue at +2, but I looking at getting a 12* TM M4. I really like how the M4 looks and I hit a few shots with a friend's club. The M4s are hard to find too. That tells me their still in people's bags.
  8. I'm confused about adjustable loft drivers. I've seen the video by Tom Wishon that says adding (or subtracting) loft by setting the shaft adapter at + or - only works if one manipulates the face of the driver. What that tells me is; if I want a 12* driver I need a 12* head. Simply adding 1.5* to a 10.5* head is an imperfect way to achieve this goal. Is that correct?
  9. I agree this was fun to watch. It's actually the first one I've watched for four or five years because it never seemed to be competitive. Having it come down to last few matches was very compelling. Also, there was no competition from college football this year. In 2021 it will be held here in my hometown of Charlotte. Obviously, it won't be in December so they will have to schedule around some college games. Hopefully, the success of this year's match will help us put on a great show here in the Queen City.
  10. I shot 75 today. I played with a different group and they play a 5800 yard course. My normal group usually plays tees that are 6250 and I usually score around 83 to 85. As I close in on 70 years of age, I'm think maybe I should look at moving up. We have tees that are 6000 yards. I'll probably play those when cold weather returns in three or four months. Today was fun. It reminded me of how I played 25 years ago when I could still drive it out of my shadow.
  11. Maybe you're right. I should possibly clarify that I include putting when I say the short game is the key to scoring. I'm certainly not going to argue that long drives are critically important in today's game. However, I played with a guy last Thursday that was 20 years younger and he out drove me by an average of 25 to 30 yards all day. We both shot the same score. As my grandfather once said "one can cover up a lot of bad shots with one good putt".
  12. Finally shot 79 last Thursday for the first time in over two years. I've had a couple of injuries and my game had suffered because I lost a lot of distance off the tee. I've started practicing more and things are improving. Still the key to scoring is in the short game. My course has six par fours that I struggle to reach in two. My goal now is to make no worse than bogie on these holes. If I can do that I have a good chance of breaking 80 on a regular basis as I did before the injuries.
  13. I see this thread is a year old, but I have to post. I used to break 80 probably 25% of the time. Two and a half years ago I had some injuries and actually struggled to break 90 for quite awhile. I thought since I was approaching 70 years old that was how it was going to be going forward. However, my injuries got better and with the help of a young teaching pro and a strict regime of practice my game has been improving. Yesterday was a red letter day in that I shot 79 for the first time in two years. Being realistic I know this won't happen every round, but at least I now know it's still possible.
  14. Check out the Taylormade High Launch 3W. It's 16.5* and should fit between your driver and 4H. Koepka plays (or used to play) the M2 version. I'm not sure if the newer M3, M4, M5, or M6 Have a HL version.
  15. Wow! You guys are impressive. I wish I had kept a count, but in my 50+ years, it's way too many to remember. I have kept up with courses I've played that have hosted men's major championships. In no particular order they are: The Old Course (St. Andrews), Oakland Hills, Pinehurst #2, The Ocean Course at Kiawah, Tanglewood and Quail Hollow, I had a chance at Oakmont, but that fell through two days before I was to play. My chance to play Augusta National was also canceled abruptly. I'm hoping to add Carnoustie to the list as we're planning a trip across the pond in a couple of years.
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