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  1. Hoganman1

    Music on the Course - When did this become a thing?

    I'm not a fan of music on the golf course, but I'm old. I understand that today some people like being close to their electronic devices for music, books on audible, or for business purposes. One of the many things I like about golf is being outdoors and communing with nature. Unless it very hot I walk and carry my bag. I don't have a range finder nor do I take my cell phone. However, if one prefers taking a cart with music and a cooler full of beer that's fine with me. As long as they don't disturb other groups or expect me to play with them.
  2. I too picked 13 as my favorite and 7 as my least favorite. I've been there probably 25 times since 1970 and remember when 7 was both shorter and tighter. I understand they had to add length because of how far the pros drive the ball now, but I think having a drivable par four would be interesting.
  3. Nope. I would regret not playing Turnberry and maybe Doral, but I have to stick to my principles.
  4. Hoganman1

    Closed Courses You Formerly Played

    The nine hole course I where I learned to play in the mid 60s (Fairfield Country Club in Winnsboro SC) closed about four years ago. There are eight near Charlotte NC, where I now live, that have closed in the last decade. Also, there are four or five in Central Florida, where I vacation twice a year, that have closed in the last five or six years. I hope this trend ends soon. I belong to a club that is very stable, but I enjoy playing good public tracts from time to time. I guess this is happening due to some over-building in the 90s and a decline in overall golf participation brought on by the recession.
  5. Hoganman1

    Do you use a rangefinder?

    I guess if they quit marking sprinkler heads and eliminate the 200, 150, and 100 yard markers I'll have to look at getting a range finder. My brother-in-law is a 2 hdcp retired college golf coach and he swears by this Garmin. I'm sure they help, but someone in my group usually has one so I probably won't buy one until I have to do so.
  6. I have three as well: The Ocean Course at Kiawah, Mission Inn-El Campeon (near Orlando) and Musgrove Mill (near Spartanburg, SC).
  7. Hoganman1

    Do you use a rangefinder?

    I'm not really a gadget guy. I don't even carry my phone on the course. I still look at sprinkler heads, assess where the flag is, factor in the wind and go. Interestingly, when I check with a playing partner that has a range finder, I'm never more than two or three yards off. However, I do understand why people use them.
  8. Hoganman1

    Pro-V-1X vs TP5X vs Chrome Soft X

    Thanks for all your input. I think I'm going to stay with the TP5X for now. It sounds like if I try a Callaway ball I should go with the regular Chrome Soft instead of the CSX.
  9. Hoganman1

    Pro-V-1X vs TP5X vs Chrome Soft X

    I've been experimenting with golf balls recently and I'm curious as to what forum readers think about these three "tour" quality balls. I've played the Pro-V-1X for years, but recently tried the TP5X. The TP seems a little longer off the tee and seems to perform pretty well on the greens. I haven't tried the Chrome Soft X as yet, but plan to try it soon. For the members that play one of the three, which one is your favorite and why? (By the way, I'm a senior with a ss in the low 80s and my strength is chipping and putting.)
  10. Thanks for all the information. I actually forgot about Grillo. He shows up on leaderboards quite often. I know Winter is coming in South America. Hopefully you live somewhere that doesn't get too cold. Play well my friend!
  11. Thread hijack - I'm curious about golf in Argentina. I've always been a big fan of Angel Cabrera and I've often wondered what is happening with Andres Romero? Also, most of us who study golf history remember the great Roberto De Vicenzo and what happened to him at the 1968 Masters. What a shame that was. He could have had two majors since he did win 1967 The Open Championship.
  12. I would carry my driver, my 20* Heavenwood, 5-PW, SW and putter.
  13. Ok, let me first preface this with a full disclosure that I'm old, and have been called a golf snob.While I totally understand that there are many efforts underway to try to promote golf to a new generation, this isn't golf. Long drive contests, Top Golf, and all of these "golf" reality shows clearly are very appealing to a portion of the golfing public. Also these venues and events help equipment manufacturers sell their products to a much larger audience. However, I think many life long golfers like me who love the game and revel in it's history, do not have much interest in these activities. I can only speak for myself, but I would much rather watch a rerun of the 1982 Quad Cities Open than the Big Break or Shotmakers at TopGolf. By the Way: Paine Stewart won the Quad Cities (now the John Deere) in 1982
  14. Hoganman1

    Yardages Throughout the Bag

    I'm somewhere between orange and white. My driver is in the orange column, but everything else is in the white. I've been struggling with my distance off the tee due to degenerative disks #6 and #7. I'm going to have a minimally invasive procedure soon. Hopefully, when I recover (and if it works) I'll be back to averaging 215 to 220 on my drives.

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