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  1. Jack vs. Tiger: Who's the Greatest Golfer?

    You're probably right on both counts.
  2. Jack vs. Tiger: Who's the Greatest Golfer?

    Nope. I'm sorry, but that's my standard. However, I'm not saying you can't consider him the best. There's no question Tiger was dominate for two decades and based on what I saw this past weekend he's not finished. Remember Hogan played some of his best golf after the wreck with a bus. Again it's hard to compare players that played in different eras, Just imagine what Bobby Jones could have done with today's equipment.
  3. Jack vs. Tiger: Who's the Greatest Golfer?

    I didn't take the time to read all 306 pages of comments so forgive me if this is redundant. When Tiger wins his 19th major, I'l say he's the best ever. Until that happens; Jack is my pick for the best. Frankly, comparing Bobby Jones, Ben Hogan, Jack and Tiger is difficult because of how the game changed in each of their eras. I missed Mr. Jones's career and most of Mr. Hogan's, but I've had a front row seat for Jack and Tiger. For that opportunity i am most great-full.
  4. Gap from 16 degree fairway to 22 degree 4 iron

    I have the same gap. My 3W is a 15* Callaway GBB set at +1 and my 4 iron is a 22* Mizuno JPX 850 forged. I filled the yardage gap with a 20* Callaway GBB Heavenwood set at standard loft. It works pretty well.
  5. Oldest Club in Your Bag

    Same here, I have my grandfather's clubs on display in my den too. They're all hickory shafted except the steel shafted Two Wood he used as a driver. I've never played them for fear of breaking the shafts, but I once played 18 with his putter. It's probably got 7* of loft.
  6. Heavy Fairway Metals

    I've been told that by one of our golf pros. He also said old guys, like me, have been playing heavier clubs for so long we tend to swing lighter clubs back and through too quickly losing control. When I'm playing poorly my playing partners usually tell me to slow down my takeaway. I'm hoping I can add enough weight to my GBB fairways to duplicate the feel of the '04 steel shafted Berthas. If not, I'll just play the Berthas.
  7. Heavy Fairway Metals

    I like it. Although they're not really Heavy Metal, maybe "Steelhead Dan" and U2 featuring "The Wedge" would qualify.
  8. Heavy Fairway Metals

    Is anyone out there using heavier fairway metals? I can't seem to find stock three and five metals with graphite shafts that I hit consistently. I keep going back to my 2004 Big Bertha steel shafted 3 and 5. I've put heavier shafts (65 grams) in my Callaway GBB fairways, but still have trouble. I'm planning to replace the two gram head weights with eight gram weights so they'll play more like the steel shafted clubs. I know a lot of you might say just go with the steel shafted 2004 Berthas, but when I do make solid contact with the graphite GBBs they do go farther. My iron play (steel shafted Mizunos) is really good and at 68 I can still play my 4 iron fairly well. I'm thinking heavier is better for me even though I'm getting older by the minute. Any thoughts will be greatly appreciated.
  9. Winter Depression Thread

    We've had a colder than normal January here in Charlotte, but the real problem is my club has brand new Tif Eagle Bermuda greens. Because they're new our superintendent has been forced to cover them when the temps drop to the low 20s (or the teens). We've been totally or partially closed for twenty of the thirty one days. Our senior group has really struggled to get out on the course. We're all hoping for a warmer February and an early Spring. Also, we hoping that by next Winter our greens will be mature enough to withstand these lower temperatures.
  10. Extending a 3 Metal Shaft

    I have a 42.5" 3 metal shaft I'd like to extend to 44.5" and put in my driver. Will this work or will a 2" extension adversely affect the weight, stiffness, etc.?
  11. Tee It Forward

    Yep. We're on the same page. It always amazes me how most average amateur players think blasting it out there off the tee is so important. Sure, I would love to be even twenty yards longer on my drives, but I wouldn't trade that for my short game and putting. If putting isn't the most important part of the game, why do they give you two to make par? My goal is to try to have 32 (or less) putts per round. Due to my lack of distance I don't hit a lot of greens on long par fours so getting up and down is very important. That's especially true while playing Winter golf here in Charlotte. Our second hole is 415 with an uphill tee shot. It's not uncommon for me to hit a solid drive and a solid fairway shot and still be 80 to 100 yards out when it's cold and wet. While I usually make bogie under those conditions occasionally a good pitch and putt will yield a par.
  12. Age at which you initially broke par and/or 80?

    I started playing when I was 15, but didn't take it seriously until I was in my mid 20s. I was 27 when I first broke 80 and until recently about 20% of my rounds were in the 70s. I've never broken par or even shot par. I'll bet I've been one over probably over thirty times. Although I'm 68, I keep hoping I'll get it done before I'm on the other side of the grass. I've moved up to tees that are 6250 (from 6600) and will probably go to 6000 before long. If I can keep my short game in tact, I still think I can do it.
  13. What the hell?

    Yep, we've all experienced this at one time or another. Yesterday, I was even par on our fifth tee. Out of nowhere I made two doubles (one on a par five). I took a deep breath, reset my goals, and almost made birdie on the next hole (lipped out for par). After 50 years of playing I've learned that Bagger Vance was right. "Golf is a game that can never be won, only played". Think about how many times you've seen a tour player shoot 62 and follow it up with a score in the 70s. A friend of mine once said that nothing ruins a good golf swing more than a night's sleep.
  14. Oldest Club in Your Bag

    What is the oldest club (or clubs) in your bag? I occasionally go back to a 2004 edition of Callaway Big Bertha 3 and 5 metals. Although they're steel shafted, I still hit them pretty well when my 2016 GBB 3 and 5 are misbehaving. Also, my Odyssey White Hot Tour putter is probably eight to ten years old.
  15. When Did You Sell Out?

    I guess for me, I sold out when I changed golf balls. I've played the Pro-V-1X for years. This summer I switched to the Taylormade TP5X (another "tour" ball). Now I'm playing the Callaway SuperSoft. Mainly because it works better with my senior swing speed.

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