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  1. dress code

    Coming off the competitive softball circuit, I appreciate the dress code, formal or informal with golf. On sunny days playing softball, I've seen the "sun's out, guns out" mantra all too close. Not to mention that a generally much lower class of individuals play softball, (who might actually bring real guns to the ballpark), compared to golf. I consider myself a gentleman, and I appreciate the introspective approach to golf compared to chest-pumping, combative nature of softball. Plus, its fun to buy a nice Travis Matthew polo to match the Oxford slacks. Much better than dirty softball pants and a sweaty jersey.
  2. Golf Channel Programming

    I appreciate the fact that it seems that they play Tin Cup at least once a week. (The wife notsomuch.) I occasionally have to turn off the instructional programming because I already get instruction from a pro once a week and I've found that trying to fill my head with so many tips and take them to the range gets overwhelming. Trying to work on more than maybe one or two things at a time gets my gray matter mixed up. Not to mention the contradictory advice.
  3. Will I go to jail??

    It's probably frowned upon by most marshals. There's probably a course legal liability issue with improper riding too... As a kid, I would have done it if I wasn't too busy riding my bike around without a helmet to the local baseball field to play with the neighborhood kids unsupervised. i occasionally bring either my 5 or 7 year old kid with me and they do get bored just sitting in the cart. My daughter has sat down and rode along in the empty bag slot, but she's also fallen out on a bump or two. Not bad on the grass, but painful on the cart path. At my home course they told me no riders allowed under 7 years old.
  4. Golf: It doesn't even exist

    Haters and trolls. The world is full of 'em. You know what doesn't exist? The lake on the left side of #17. Or at least that's what I tell myself before I tee off.
  5. This was an interesting thread to read. I just picked up the game last spring after 40 years of playing some form of baseball/softball and have been working with the same motivation I did playing ball. I'm 46 now. Unfortunately (maybe fortunately) I don't have 7 hours a day to work on it. I practice daily at the local range for about an hour and a half at lunch. I buy a bucket of 84 balls, stretch, then practice full swings for about 45 minutes, 30 minutes on pitching/chipping/sand shots, then 15 minutes putting. I occasionally fit 9 holes in at lunch instead of practice when I get tired of just practicing and to test my progress. Last year it was GolfTec lessons once a week all summer. This year I found a coach who played in the 2009 US Senior Open and have been doing weekly lesson with him. (This year's lessons have been more beneficial.) Last spring I joined a league that plays tournaments every other weekend and have seen my scores drop from ~100 to under 80 on a par 62 course. I'm still a struggler, but I drop the occasional birdie and don't hit many 8's. It's mostly bogey golf at this point. The transition from baseball to golf has been a challenging one. (Natural slice.) But my best money and time spent has been on proper instruction. My goal is simple: 1. Become a scratch golfer by the time I'm 50. How I'll get there: 1. Professional instruction. 2. Focused practice. 3. Competition. Reading this board has also helped in immeasurable ways. Thanks, Gents. -TK