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  1. I have played the Crossings and the Short Course at Magnolia Grove. I enjoyed playing both. I have also played the Ridge at Oxmoor Valley. As far as the weather goes it could be hit or miss in March. So far this year the weather has been nice and warm but we could have another cold snap or two. If you wait until the later part of March you should be fine weather wise. Especially the southern Alabama courses.
  2. I agree with Parrot on Indian Bayou and Raven. I would also recommend Kelly Plantation. I have not played Emerald Bay since they renovated the greens, so I cant say either way on it. I will be back down there in May and Regatta Bay is on my list to play. I cant wait.
  3. I agree 100% on the Cariloha. That is all I wear all the time and they are much much better than regular boxers in the humid Mississippi heat.
  4. Shot a 87 yesterday at Briarwood Golf Club. Best scoring round so far this year. The real bummer was the 5 missed par putts inside 6 feet.
  5. "PING is going to help me be fast and forgiving with the new G Driver and Crossover!" 1. Rickie Fowler -13 2. Bubba Watson -11 3. Jordan Speith -16
  6. For the past few years I would go out and play with buddies and we would never keep score. What i realized was my game was slowly getting worse and worse. Last fall I decided I was going to get serious in improving my game so now I keep not only score but keep up with most of the usual stats to help me improve. I'm not apart of a club and I have never played in an handicapped tournament so I have no reason to keep an official handicap.
  7. I don't mind having a dress code on a course at all. Living in Mississippi playing in anything other than the modern golf polo type shirts would be terrible. I've gone to the muni range a few times in a t-shirt and it is just terrible wearing a cotton shirt soaking wet in sweat. As far as wearing jeans I have no problem with it but I wouldn't wear them because they are hot as hell. The good thing about our summers is the course is empty in the heat of the day. The bad is you will damn near have a heat stroke trying to play.
  8. I joined because TST because it appeared the instruction everyone provided seemed to be very helpful. In my town we only have one PGA instructor and I do not always have the time to get to see him. When work slows down in the next month or so I plan to make a swing thread. So I hope to make some online friends like I have on the college football forums that I am apart of.
  9. My main goal this year is to make my practice sessions actually count. I have decided in the past 6 months or so to get serious with trying to improve my game. While I was in college I had time to play 3 or 4 times a week and was a low 80s player. Now that I've been in the real world for about 5 years and taking a few years off from golf my game has slipped to averaging about 94 (on a par 72). So I guess what I'm saying is i want the game to get enjoyable again by playing consistent again. Looking back I kick myself by turning down playing high school golf.
  10. I am an Accountant for a logistics/warehousing company.
  11. Matt06


    I have been reading TST for about 3 or 4 months now and decided I would join. Back at the end of summer I decided I was going to take my game serious so I hope learn a lot from you guys.
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