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  1. I would have to be with my wife. My priority would be to give the support my family needs at the time. The author referenced here poses the question, what if this is his year? Well, I pose the question, what if there are complications? Not being there at this time really would send a message to his wife that could be perceived as "You do your thing, I'll do mine." Which is not good.
  2. I wish to introduce my 9 year old daughter to the game in an easygoing, relaxed manner that will in time allow me to share the joy I have on the course with a person I love.
  3. My final driver pictures above's total weight is not unreasonable though. Now, when I did the original full pound head, that was tiring. Only had about 50 or so good swings in me with that one before my swing feel off the tracks.
  4. Actually, no But I also do circuits making small swings with a 30' logging chain.
  5. Was a bit busy today but got off a couple of quick pictures. The first is of the full club. The grip is a Percise Protrac. They are made by the AME grip company (think BMX and Motocross grips) with the same triangle pattern that AME is known for. They are durable, have a tacky feel, and are made in the USA at a reasonable cost. http://amegrips.com/precise-golf-grips/protrac One might notice he small dash of white paint I placed below the grip. This serves as a reminder for where the thumb of my bottom hand should be to increase the likelihood of a straight drive. It makes f
  6. No pictures at the moment. But I have some fair weather today. I will see what I can put together.
  7. Continuing on: One day I boiler a swing trainer comprising of a driveway marker, a one pound block of wood and a golf ball. After my first session with it, I reflected upon how easy I it was to control my transition which seemed to result in many good swings. So I decided to build a driver based on the swing trainer. The first one I put together utilized an A flex idrive shaft by integra and a 10° Great Big Bertha clone head 2with enough hotmelt to get it's weight to 454g - one pound. As a proof of concept it worked well enough, 180 yard drives (about 30 yards of it was rollout) a
  8. I often in my spare time will dink around with various items, form hypotheses based on what I observe, the test the hypotheses out. One such case is my driver
  9. My sympathy for your loss. If changing the shafts from your Tommy Armours to the AP1 heads is a question of CAN it be done, my is answer is always yes it can. However, the second question is of course SHOULD it be done, I would recommend against it. As far as I know AP1 iron heads are not an off the shelf item. It would seem as though a lot of resources would be spent too make 2 sets of irons into 1 set of irons and some spare parts. When I am in situations similar to yours, I ask myself if it is a good time to try something different. As an example, if you wanted to try Single o
  10. Hello my new friends, I have been looking for a welcoming place to discuss topics such as golfing, golf equipment, customization of said equipment, unique and innovative training drills, as well as topics concerning everyday life. I have been a member of other golf centered forums. Until recently, my primary forum was FGI. I think TST may be a better fit for me. I look forward to getting to know you all. ronin74
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