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  1. @newtogolf What exactly do those numbers mean? Are they degrees your hips are turning? Or something else?
  2. So I see this is a topic that is very much open for debate. My issue I feel is that I am turning my hips to much and that is causing me to not be able to get them far enough around to get to a good impact position. Essentially I am not fast enough turning my hips through the forward swing. I am thinking that if I restrict the hip turn and they do not have to turn as much that this will get me into a better impact position. But how much that should be, or even if this line of though is correct I am unsure of.
  3. What are your opinions about the proper amount of hip turn in the back swing. Do you try and keep your hips square to the target line as much as possible? Do you try to turn your hips as much as you can in the back swing?
  4. @iacas I respect that you need to protect the intellectual property of the system and would like to thank you for all of the info you do share. This site has been a great help to my game.
  5. First I would like to say that the "Play putts higher" video is completely eye opening and a must watch for any golfer so thank you @iacas for posting that. I have been doing alot of research on the Aimpoint method and I am very intrigued by its methodology. I like the process behind the original Aimpoint method that seems to take into account more variables and has the opportunity to be more accurate. (in my opinion) I had a few questions that maybe someone could shed some light on. Is there a place to get the charts without taking the course? How is green speed accounted for? In
  6. I saw Scott standing over his line in the Honda with his feet straddling the line. and it seems as though his routine from what I could account for by the broadcast didn't take any longer than the others out there. Naturally it would be up to the individual, and how well they are able to read putts that would determine the amount of time they are going to take. Thanks for the info.
  7. When watching the Honda Classic yesterday I saw Adam Scott aiming up all his putts by looking at the tips if his fingers, holding up either one or two fingers at a time. I am writing to see if anyone could inform me of the technique he is using there. What is it called? How does it work?
  8. @saevel25 I really like your thoughts on the pressure point between the left arm and left peck. For clarification, I am to keep pressure on this point throughout the back swing? If I am loosing pressure there does that mean I am getting my arm to close to my chest? I will try and get a video up sometime this weekend and let you know when I do. Once again thank you to everyone for your feedback it is always appreciated.
  9. What is the proper angle to have between your left arm and your chest? I feel that I am getting my arm to close to my chest in the back swing to where my left arm is almost touching my chest at A4, what I would say is about a 35 to 40 degree angle. I know that this is to much angle and I need to work to create some separation between my left arm and chest. After some practice increasing the distance between arm and chest I have found some improvement in my swing. My question is is there a sweet spot or ideal angle to keep between the arm and chest at A4, possibly like a tour average or somethi
  10. I wear the Sensei model as well and they are hands down one of the most comfortable shoes I have owned, golf shoe or not. Really looking forward to a review of these to see how they compare to the Sensei. I would recommend True shoes to anyone looking for comfort in their golf shoes. The only drawback I have experienced is that they are completely not waterproof and are not good in rain or dew. Its great to see that they have addressed that with this newer model.
  11. I agree with dkolo in that you need something in there to take care of the gap between your pw and 55. The distance in between those clubs would have to be made up with different swing speeds which is more difficult than with having a different loft on an added club. The only reason not to have a gap wedge is if you feel you can gain strokes by carrying a club instead of your gap wedge. This may be a lofted hybrid or a club to chip and run with that is used primarily around the green. You have to weigh your options, are you gonna play better with the gap wedge in your bag or whatever club you
  12. Thanks for the feedback @boogielicious I was just hitting some balls into the practice net trying to keep my hips centered. This made it easier to get my weight forward as you said. It also made my swing feel shorter, quicker and more compact. I will continue to work on this and upload some more swings as I get it down. Once again thank you for sharing your thoughts it is truly appreciated.
  13. Here are some better views from the range tonight. I was pulling a lot of shots to the right and hitting a bunch fat. Towards the end of the session I was getting my hips around a bit quicker and keeping my arms more connected to my body. This seemed to help the pull and contact issues. If anyone has any thoughts or suggestions I would love to hear any and all feedback.
  14. Yes I can next time I can get out to the range, the setup is at my house and because of the space limitations this all I have for now.
  15. I've been Playing Golf for: 15 years 2.5 years seriously My current handicap index or average score is: 95 My typical ball flight is: high fade The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: the sweep, trying to get solid contact with forward shaft lean Videos:
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