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  1. Just joined this site today. It reminds me of the kind of courses/clubs that I hate playing at because of a few wise-asses that ruin the place. Later.
  2. The XE1 is similar to many wedges advertising same benefits. It you have problems hitting reliably out of the trap, it will definitely help you get out and stop the ball on the green. Also works very well as a lob wedge on flop shots IF your lie is fluffy. So does a standard lob wedge. The claims about it being easy to use on tight lies, well...it is not as easy as Aaron Oberholser makes it look. But that is true for any wedge. And honestly, is a 65 degree loft for pitch shots the best idea? It can be done, but more often than not, 65 degrees will pop it up short. Overall, I will stand by the XE1 for sand trap use - it does work well.