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  1. Thanks alot... i will check out twinbrook
  2. I live in the monmouth/ ocean county area of New Jersey.. Can anyone recommend someone that gives golf lessons? thanks in advance for your help
  3. Ernie Els
  4. I'm 30 and use a Bag Boy push cart.. cause i prefer to have a larger bag to carry extra balls and believe me I need all the extra balls i can fit...
  5. Age

    I'm 30.. i started golfing 2 years ago for exercise... and grown quite addicted to it... as i'm sure many of you have
  6. I went for the same deal... looking to go out within the next few days... I swung the sumo2 driver along with the taylormade burner and callaway diablo... sumo2 went further and straighter... we'll see how it works on the course now
  7. PBR sam adams irish red harp boddingtons bass