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  1. I remember reading an article that said Evolution was "just a theory". The guy who claims to be scientifically literate and states F= M / A is the guy who upsets me more... 1+1=2, as in my 2 cents.
  2. I am new to thesandtrap.com and this post I'm quoting (No Mulligans) is relatively old but I thought it was inspiring and glad I came across it. To deal with everything you have gone through and then invest time in your fitness and health with the goal of playing better golf despite everything else is awesome. Thanks for the motivation. Also, I give Joey D a thumbs up.
  3. Some of these headcovers are expensive: $50? I would only pay $25 max (and if this was exactly what I wanted). It may not be possible to create the custom head covers I alluded to earlier without having a heavy price tag attached. I looked at 3D printers, materials, other options, etc, and arrived at the same conclusion: what is available online is not ideal, but preferable to the amount of money and time needed to invest in creating some really cool ones yourself. If anyone has anymore sites that sells cool headcovers, don't be afraid to post! Thanks guys!!
  4. I always keep the scorecard. Look at where I went wrong and then practice accordingly. If I'm hooking the driver and that it ultimately costing me strokes, I'll do some drills or read some material and then practice the fix on the range. If it's mishits on short/mid/ irons I practice ball striking on the range. If its the long irons, I invest some money in a hybrid because I can't fix that...ever. Most of your shots are struck with a putter: spend extra time on the putting green and practice putts from different lengths. Key in on the putts you are missing the most: long, medium, short,
  5. I think you are going to find that if you don't enjoy playing the game then you are not going to enjoy competing on any level: JV or Varsity. The best advice I can give you is that ONCE you have decided that you like golf and are interested in playing it well you should get golf lessons. The playing for fun thing is good but it doesn't teach you findamentals and actually promotes some bad habits that are hard to undo later. You will have to be efficient. Find equipment you hit well AFTER some lessons. Super Game Improvement is where to begin. Practice more short game than anything else
  6. I think what you are doing is very important. Sometimes defining values and organizing this information gives you clarity and a reference point to reflect on later as well as a way to plot your progress. It eliminates the EGO and relies on unbiased data. Awesome! Hitting a 7 iron 189 is crushing it. I'm no physics major but I'm interested in your swing speed non the less. I hit a 7 iron 167 if I tee it up and go at it 100%. Using the excel calc is brilliant, I am going to do that later today. Thanks for the post!
  7. I have an original 2 ball putter CS (center shafted) and am looking at upgrading to a newer model. I like how it sets up and I feel the CS gives me an edge (and more confidence to boot.) I have heard a lot about the Black Ice series and other models. What is YOUR favorite 2 Ball Putter and WHY do you like it? Thanks.
  8. Would anyone be interested in Custom Headcovers? I always wanted to get a Yorkshire Terrier Headcover for my driver. It's out there but limited options. Imagine using a 3D printer or some type of tech + some artistic talent and coming up with some really cool options. If you would purchase something like this what would it be? (I do not have the capacity to create such an awesome product on my own and am more or less seeing what everyone thinks about this idea....hmmm. let me know.)
  9. Reminds me of the shoes featured in Back to the Future. If you gave me the money Fowler is getting for putting those on his feet I would wear leopard print loafers... 24/7.
  10. Like the other "Bible" there is plenty of questionable content in here. I would equate the "8 seconds" between pre-shot routine and striking the putt as about as accurate as the story of Noah's Ark. Perhaps good intentions behind both but at the end of the day, adhering to this as a universal rule is ridiculous. Putting is as personal as it gets and confining it to these strict "rules" is foolish in my opinion. Look at old footage of Crenshaw or Nicklaus. Count to 8. I think you will find a range of variability here. I think calling it the "Putting Bible" is kind of ridiculous too... Ha
  11. This is awesome!!! I am doing fitness goals too. It's helpful to have a "gold standard" but I think understanding your own fitness and potential is far more useful. I was once a pretty good athlete and could run for a mile in under 6 minutes, do 20 pull ups in a clip, do 50 push ups in a row,etc. I'm not beating my chest here but it is necessary to have perspective. Now, after not weight training or being physically active for too long I'm basically in poor form. I can do 20 push ups (rather than 50) I can run 800m before I have to dial it down into a jog, I don't think I could do more t
  12. Keep it simple. Golf is challenging enough without having the extra burden of a lot of extra thoughts going through your head before you swing. Work on your game on the range and when you play... just play! Also, remember that this is a game and you should enjoy it. Celebrate your IMPROVEMENT rather than knock yourself down a peg or two every time you make an error.
  13. NOSTALGIA: To buy or not to buy? That IS the Question... I grew up playing golf. By age 8 I was pretty much an addict. At the course, rain or shine, every single day after school in the spring and all summer long. I would often play with older guys, me being the 4th in a foursome as I often went early (dawn ) and by myself. The course was in walking distance so I could manage it by myself. Like a lot of beginners and especially juniors, I had junk clubs. Wilson Junior 1200s to be exact. No lessons of any kind just a golf book by Ben Hogan and a lot of hard work and discipline on t
  14. Thanks so much. I don't know much about the 2015 GBB but will keep that on the short list. The BB is going for $60-$80 on various sites. I will probably check into that come April. I like the udesign thing too. The stock blue looks majestic but wondering if it creates glare on those sunny days. I'm going to do some reseach on the GBB 2015 and probably start saving extra money to afford it. Thanks again for reaffirming my belief that the BB 2014 might be the best option. You rule!!
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