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  1. That place looks really nice! Anyway, how do one golf in the US when travelling without company? In Sweden you simply call the caddie master and ask him/her to book you onto a available spot and you get whatever company available. Is it the same in the US?
  2. Pin added! Cool map, I seem to have put the first pin in Sweden... :) The current plan is to go to Washington DC or NYC (can´t make up my mind) May 25 and leave May 27. There seems to be a lot to see in Washington DC... Haha, would be memorable for sure... ;) Understood! Might work as well. Our corporate travel will soon run out of patience with me and my questions, haha. Will try to find out what is manageble!
  3. Would be really cool to try out Florida golf, so I might fly out via Miami and spend two days there (instead of sightseeing Washington DC...) You are correct, a more specified question would have been better but I simply don't know yet... And can plan from suggestions... ;)
  4. Hi! I will most likely travel to Austin, TX, end of May for business but want to play some golf as well (would be fun to try something non-European...)! Any recommendations? The course needs to offer rental clubs, obviously... Probably I will make a stop-over in Washington DC or New York before I head home to Sweden, so those places would present options as well, I guess. Thanks!
  5. Ok, sounds reasonable! Glad to hear that new features are planned and worked on @iacas, will continue my recommendations for the system. I wonder what happened to the grips as well. Perhaps Golf Pride pulled out of it...
  6. Of course @iacas. Some photos below: By the way, I got a wallet as well. Very pleased!
  7. As a Game Golf live user I got the question yesterday if it would be a good idea to buy a unit (currently on sale). My first thought was "yes, get one", but then I figured I have seen few updates and news from GG as of lately. What are they up to? Going out of business? Some thoughts from someone with a bit of insight would be great! :)
  8. I can confirm that the scorecard holder is absolutely great! I used my custom one most of my 100+ rounds last season and it is still in great shape (if anything even better and more good looking). Also, Carve On was great to deal with.
  9. I think the "tech enabled" grips with pockets for tags announced at the PGA shows seem convenient. However, not a word about release date so far... Anyone with inside information? ;)
  10. Perhaps you guys could share some wisdom? I decided it is time to start tracking my game and just recently I got a GG Live really cheaply. Now, however, Garmin has released the S20 watch with some shot-tracking capabilities? Some of the features looks really nice, like plotting shots from several rounds to analyze how you play a certain hole. Something GG lacks, right? I realize the S20 isn't out yet, but perhaps you seasoned GG-users have some opinions anyway? My gut feeling says Garmin will have some difficulties delivering in the software department (as always), and that GG would be the proven alternative... But will GG continue to develop and add new features? (Like the one above...)
  11. Thanks! :) Last year in the 30-something, hehe...
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