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  1. bluebaws82

    New to the forum

    I am indeed, All down the west coast here in ayrshire there are some fantastic courses and I always feel blessed to have played most of them. I recently played round the kintyre course at Turnberry for the first time it was a real gem. Sadly the 70mph winds did nothing to help scoring leading to a morale sapping 120 score but a great track none the less. I spent my youth years playing in troon on the public owned courses. A student of the links!
  2. bluebaws82

    What Are Your 2016 Golf Goals? Official Thread

    For my aim is to regain my handicap which on current form is going to be sky high. By the end of the season I'd like to be scoring regular in the mid 80s and bring that handicap down to the mid teens
  3. bluebaws82

    New to the forum

    Good afternoon folks. Only found the forum this morning and it looks to be the most active golf forum I can find. A bit about myself, Having played golf when I was a youth I stupidly moved away from the sport 18 years ago. Since then I have only played once or twice a year. This year I am joining my first club in years and cannot wait to get back into competitive golf. At one time playing off single figures I am now struggling badly for any form so you may find a my swing video up sooner rather than later. I look forward to getting chatting and re-learning the game that I should never have given up.

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