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  1. Do people really have that much trouble with irons? Surely not enough trouble to nessecitate an 11 wood!
  2. im embarresed to ask this but, Is 36 the maximum handicap you can have?
  3. The thing with Golf is you dont need to be physically strong to compete. In Football and things, there's the need to be physically stronger than everyone, and some think that steroids give them that advantage. Quite sad really!
  4. I dont think i'll bother with a chipper then, my pitching wedge is good enough for me. I just like the idea of having a novelty club in the bag
  5. Hi..... I was wondering if anyone has used a Chipper, and if so, are they any good? I have been tempted to buy one, but my local Golf store didn't have any in so I couldn't try one out. Any ideas? Mike.
  6. Thanks guys. I actually played today and done it because the wind was just unbelievable, and it seemed whatever way I turned it was in my face!
  7. Hi All...... I was wondering if you could not use a tee when teeing off with irons? Cheers!
  8. Hi all!! Just thought I'd say hi. I'm new to the game of Golf (I dont even know what the base handicap is). Also, I live in Wales. Dont know if thats important but I thought I'd let you know. Cheers, Mike
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