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  1. elivate

    Cutting down clubs for kids...

    some more excellent advice, thanks! I will have a look around for junior clubs... makes sense really as I expect they would last him many years...
  2. elivate

    Cutting down clubs for kids...

    ok, thanks for the info, it is appreciated!
  3. I want to cut down some clubs for my 5 year old but I have never done anything like this before... These will basically be clubs for him to just try and hit the ball, not expecting him to become a phenom or anything so am not too worried if the clubs are perfectly balanced, etc... Also, how do I remove the grips and put them back on without ruining them? I realize that if I cut the shafts down they will be larger in diameter, will the old grips go back on? Also, how should I measure them? And, finally, anything else I should consider? I plan on cutting probably 3 irons and a driver, and a putter... Thanks!
  4. I am considering a set of Nike VR Full Cavity irons and I was looking for a bit of advice concerning possible shaft choices. I am looking at a mid launch shaft and the choices available are: Mid: TT Dynamic Gold HL Precision Rifle (Nike) Mid/High Nike Speed Step (True Temper) I really don't knoiw much about the differences between steel shafts, so I am just looking for some information about these choices... Thanks!
  5. elivate

    Best Time to Buy Clubs?

    One thing to consider is whether or not you want to get custom fit or buy off the rack... Most will advise that you get custom fit, but if that is not a realistic possibility or if you just want to buy a "starter set" check golftown.com... Some really good deals and shipping is fast and usually free...
  6. So I got out to the range with this driver last night and I have to say I have never had that much fun hitting balls on the range. I have been working on my swing a lot and my consistency is getting better, so it was really cool to see the ball fly the way it says it will with the different settings. I was very impressed. What has me the most excited was that I hit the ball on target way more often than usual, with the exception of some nasty hooks when it was set to 2* closed... Right now I have it set to 1* open and 1* upright and it feels great... I plan to hit the range again today and the big test comes tomorrow morning when I head out for 18... Can't wait...
  7. So I pulled the trigger on a Nike SQ DYMO STR8-FIT driver, I was looking for a new driver and I was very interested in trying out a "customizable" driver, and the price was right compared to the TM R9... I have never hit one, have not really had the opportunity, but I have played with a few guys that hit it very well, and I did as much research as possible to try and decide if this club was right for me. Probably what clinched the deal was the UST Proforce AXIV shaft. I have a Wilson Staff fybrid which has a UST Proforce v2 shaft and I really like it. Just looking for some comments on anyone who has this club, what can I expect in terms of ball flight, I went with the 9.5* to try and get a more medium, boring trajectory... Hopefully it gets here before Friday so I can spend some quality time with it on the range prior to my weekend round...
  8. elivate

    Taylormade r9 Question...

    Interesting thanks... I am able to get it to recommend a 9.5* or an 8.5* with slight yardage changes... My big concern is how high I hit the ball now so that is why I was asking about the shaft and the adjustments, etc... hoping I could find a combination that would work for me... Obviously I would want to hit the driver before buying, my big problem here is that the only places that I can really tryout drivers are indoors into a net, so that helps a bit, but it doesn't really get me too excited about a particular driver when I can't see the ball landing, etc...
  9. I am trying to find a driver that suits me, my current driver is ok, but I hit it way too high... I am not able to get a proper fitting in my area so I have been doing a lot of online fitting. I was just looking at the Taylormade site and they recommended an 9.5 * r9 with the Fujikura Motore 65g shaft. My question is does the shaft and loft make a big difference on this driver considering how adjustable it is? For example, if I had a 10.5* wouldn't I be able to adjust it enough to make it hit like a 9.5*? Thanks!
  10. I have played both the Tour Fire and the Fire... The Tour Fire feels softer to me, it compresses nicely, too. I find I hit it nice and far and it has some decent control, especially around the greens... To me the Tour Fire is a better ball, cost is not that much of an issue with this ball anymore, so I don't even bother comparing the price difference between the two... For the money I think the Tour Fire is a great ball...

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