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  1. HI, Could anyone tell me in which direction apply Extensor Action from address? Many on YouTube say along the shaft but The Golfing Machine Book says bellow the plane meaning (vertically down) I need clarity to this piece of the puzlet. Thank
  2. YES After years stuck in my old handicap and hundreds of pounds in worthless lessons. I have found a true golf pro. She got the knowledge to make me feel the propersception of a profesional golfers when they swing the club. Now I can say I am a scratch golfer and know how is feel play under par. Only add that there are too much rubbish teaching nowdays. Find this woman who knows her stuff is winning the lottery. To closie my point, Just say PROPERSCEPTION is the solution of the "black hole" that every stuck golfer.
  3. IMO walk the course is a win. Play on with 72 is a privilege no matter how well or badly. I recommend play foursome or Texas scramble. They are less demand on yourself. Share some wisdom to the Junior. I always welcome some from my senior member.
  4. Listened pros. Some of them legends on interviews. They said that they are always picking their brain each other on the range. some practice together. The kind of thing we don't see on tv often. But the hunger for knowledge and improvement drive them to a constant search. Why don't do the same here.
  5. No, it doesn't. We swap ideas, experiences and moves that we considered improved our swing. only personal impressions. You can take or leave them. no judgement.
  6. Maybe this help, I have realized that with peoples not as flexible as youngster, Start with the arms is not such a bad idea because if your start with the lower body everything going out of position and you will go OTT. From the top go to P6 which is shaft parallel to the ground by pulling down the arms, now you can activate the body to turn through the shot. First try slow motion and then speed up. When you are turning you have a small lateral bend of the body to the right. Keep it through the shot until your hand are over the left shoulder. summing up: -Pull down P6
  7. Lesson some time doesn't help. If you don't believe me. Ask Tiger. What I am talking about is subtle tick in your swing that make big difference in a very complex action as it is the golf swing. Are we constructive here or just........
  8. I know sound silly but when I understood that every club has different length and the release start at different point my ball strike changed dramatically for good. I used to release every club as 7i. included the driver we the consequence disasters. After defined the release point on the range I took to the course and the difference was amazing. example:- 9i. my hands have passed the ball 1 inch. I release the club, hit, follow-through and finish. - Driver my hands are close to right hip on the downswing, I initiate the release from there. I turn smoothly, hit, follow-throug
  9. More good golfer in their golfing life found a key move that change their game. Do you have any which has revolutionized your game for good? I haven't found mine yet, Have you?
  10. The true is. middle and high handicap spent 0.5% of chipping and putting. How many 3 or 4 putts in one round. How many topped or shunk chips. Because they have 80% of GIR they don't need to practice Chipping and putting.
  11. Ok, That is what you think and its is right for you. maybe because my GIR is good. My obsession is to hole as many chips I can. Chipping from different distances use different club include 3 wood which I love it. Suppose you have a golf swing that is enough to defense yourself on the course. but you age or fitness level don't let you reach long par 4 or you have a bad day and your GIR is low. What do you think will save the day? That is what I work more and It has helped me tremendously. Is the reason I share here. to give ideas a different way to see the game.
  12. It is true chipping and putting should be 80% of your practice sections. But we amateur don't really care. Wrong for our part. we need to weak up. Chipping don't require much body participation which is more easy to accomplish results in really short period of time. In putting department what has helped me a lot was define my stroke. I mean, How I control the distance by speed of the stroke or by length of the swing. I am more speed of the stroke. I only use slow lengthy putts on ultra fast green.
  13. First you need to understand what swing on plane mean, to control the shaft. I mean truly understand. Because if you don't get it, you can't go to the next step clubface control. I can show you videos of mayors winner working constantly on that with their coach . That is how important it is. When everything fall apart on the course mean you are trying to hit the ball from point A to B without any conscious of what are you doing. Good Player swing on plane then they control the ball with the clubface. I guarantee you if you swing on plane and keep your lead wrist flat at impac
  14. Have you defined the main problem? I mean the bad shot which more often you hit. What is the part of you game?
  15. This has taken me 8 years to really see and feel at the same time. The shaft need to be on its plane on the takeaweay, through impact and follow-through. Now I see the angle of attack, angle of approach and the base of the plane. You choose what to take to swing. I always choose the base of the plane. Now I am not longer focus on the ball just to swing on plane. You need to use tool to learn to visualize these lines. Have you ever heard? " I swing better in my practice swing than the real swing" Is because of all the attention go to the ball and there is a
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