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  1. I agree. The only time I'll cough up the money for Worthington is if it's twilight rates. I live about ten minutes from it so the cost to practice is great. The Montgomery Cty parks courses are not bad at all. I play Clustered Spires in Frederick a lot but that is even getting expensive, especially for a city course. Prime time weekend rate is now $69. A lot of times we will make the drive to Penn National. Great courses in great shape but probably a hike for you!
  2. I think Worthington Manor just down the road from Whiskey Creek is a nicer course and very well maintained. Can't beat their practice area either...$12 full use of range and practice area all day!
  3. Anyone know the general timeframe or information for Zac Blair's dream course "The Buck Club"? Seems like a great idea but not sure how far off it is to coming a reality. I see all of the swag they sell on twitter but it's all for a course that doesn't exist yet....?
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