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  1. I exclusively use sharpro multi-compound grips think they are brilliant, and IMHO, as good as the GP grips. The only thing i noticed about the sharpro's was a little bit of colour run. but now i know this happens with the GP's, i think they are just as good. I would say, get them, you won't be disappointed.
  2. I have just received an email from the organisers and i have got tickets for the thursday practice round of the Ryder Cup!! Am absolutely over the moon. Has anyone else received the good news? If so, what day are you going on? Has anyone ever been to a thursday practice? How much do you reckon i'll see??
  3. My phone does not have to have any phone signal to work as a gps device, they are completely separate functions, its the same for the i phone. The GPS receiver is completely seperate from the phones internet and aerial! GPS phones work just as well as any car sat nav, GPS walking aid or golf course yardage finder, as long as it can pick up satellites then it will work. This means that is a phone can only pick up one satellite and is therefore less accurate, this would be exactly the same for skycaddie or any other expensive gps device, they all work exactly the same. You are paying for the h
  4. I have a HTC phone and use freecaddie, and i have a friend who has an iphone with freecaddie and it really is very good! This is a first hand review! I have bought the $25 upgrade to turn it into freecaddie pro and its the best money i have spent on golf in ages. I have found the yardages to be EXTREMELY accurate and very very useful. With the free version you get front, middle and back only, still very very useful. With the pro version this is extended to all sorts of course features such as hazards and doglegs etc. As well as this there is a shot measure feature and a scorecard with
  5. If you want to be mean to someone fine....... THIS has to be the dumbest quote, how on earth are you certain that the 4 dozen you bought were the 'hot ones' Taylormade don't even know which ones the hot ones are, do you know something that they dont? I seriously doubt it!
  6. Lol, its like you read my mind, being a Briton Paul Casey has been one of my (if not my actual) favourite golfer for quite a while!! Seems like a genuinely nice chap, lovely swing, hits the ball a mile, great iron player, and very gracious, fully deserves his world number 3 status!! Another favourite has to be Adam Scott, he might be struggling at the moment but he is really a class act and has a great swing!
  7. I have these exact irons with the DGs300 shaft in them. When i went for my fitting i tried the project x 6.0 and the launch angle was higher and the peak height of the ball was higer as well, if i remember properly they launched around 2 degrees higher and my peak height was 5-10 feet higher. I like you hit the ball high so had to go for the s300 to keep the ball down. On the knock down shot, how high does yours go? I have to admit i haven't really had a problem hitting it, and with my 3 iron i can hit one that goes abot 15 feet high and 190 yards forwards which is ideal in windy conditio
  8. Sorry to be a kill joy but this has already been discussed, have a look here. http://thesandtrap.com/forum/showthr...ighlight=worst Thanks
  9. I would love a genuine explanation as to the differences between the TP red and black golf balls. Which one is the longer one, which one spins more etc etc, as far as i am concerned their literature on the matter is awful and it is almost impossible to work out which one is which!
  10. I would have to agree that it is a great driver! I managed to grab one on ebay for £60 ($85) with a UST shaft and it is great, wouldnt even consider paying £250 for a new driver when ive got it!!
  11. I LOVE IT!! I was going to go along the same lines! Driver 350-600 yards 2 hybrid 300 yards 3 iron 280 4 iron 265 5 iron 250 6 iron 225 7 iron 200 8 iron 190 9 iron 180 pw 170 sw 150 gw 135 60 degree 125 Putter - green And these are all my easy swings I love how many people claim they hit it over 300, even though the average pga distance isnt even that!! Fascinating
  12. Has no one else noticed the blatant bias that is in this article??? It is clearly a "I love Phil Mickelson and hate Tiger Woods" author! I always find it strange that Mickleson and Woods seem to be like science and religion, people seem to think they are incompatible, i.e. its not possible to like both at the same time, its either love tiger and hate phil, or love phil and hate tiger! As far as i am concerned, Tiger Woods' profession is to play golf, and he does it pretty well, so does mickelson. It is neither of their professions to sign autographs, or give interviews with massive amoun
  13. I use the multi compound on all of my clubs and they feel as good as the golf pride versions. The only difference is that the colour does run a little, but hey, im not that fussed when i payed one third of the price of the golf prides!
  14. While i do completely agree that all of those above mentioned are skills, they are undoubtedly things that the golfer is able to do for themselves. If a golfer is completely unable to read a putt then there is no way they could have got where they are, and anyone can read a yardage book (generally) and work out yardages. The caddie is not allowed to place the ball on the ground for the player, and is therefore not allowed to physically line it up, how is standing behind their player telling them to move an inch left any different to that? If a professional player struggles with their alignm
  15. Here is one for thought, do you think that a caddie should be allowed to line up a putt for their player. Im not talking about helping read the putt but rather where the caddy stands directly behind the player and lines them up for the putt. The likes of JB Holmes springs to mind. I personally think that it should not be allowed and here is the reason. Putting is a skill and crucial part of the game. If a professional is unable to line themselves up to putt then as far as i am concerned they have a major flaw and therefore are not good enough to play the highest level. Imagine in pool o
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