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  1. Desktop Stat Tracker

    Yeah I've used the grint and it's good. I just really want something on my computer so if one of these companies ever go out of business, all my stuff isn't gone
  2. Desktop Stat Tracker

    Fairways, putts, penalty, gir. That would be awesome if you don't mind. My email is wadekilpatrick@gmail.com
  3. Desktop Stat Tracker

    I've thought about game golf or arccos. Which is the better product?
  4. Desktop Stat Tracker

    Is there a fee to use this?
  5. Desktop Stat Tracker

    Hi guys, just checking to see if anyone is using a score/stat tracker on the pc/laptop? I've tried excel but I'm not very good of setting it up. I hate using my phone on the course so I'm looking for a program I can add my scores and stats to post round at home. Thanks in advance Wade
  6. Are you a Better Golfer than a Year Ago?

    Last year I started keeping track of my fairways hit, putts, penalty shots using The Grint's website and app, and my handicap has gone from a 31.9 down to a 21.9 and currently trending at 21.6. I have made an effort to get out to the local course by my house and spend an hour or so 2 or 3 days a week putting as that's where I was racking up the #'s, and I can honestly say that my putting has improved vastly.
  7. What Do You Do for a Living?

    Nightshift Cat Scan Technologist