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  1. nice swing; looks a little tense and hurried but lots of good things going on
  2. I have a TaylorMade RocketBallz Hybrid rescue 3 and 4 iron that came with the set; the rest--- 5i-PW conventional irons. I love to use them for anything outside my 5 iron range, or on short par 4's and layup par 5's. Also plays great out of trees or tough lies for bumps and runs.
  3. Mine would be one I just began to really feel and has eliminated a ton of head clouding thought during my FULL swing........ Take it back low and slow WITHOUT breaking the wrists or right elbow while maintaining the "triangle" between chest and arms as long as possible. practice this a few times and find where it begins to become uncomfortable to go further(like Ricky does now in pre shot). Once that general area is established depending on how hard you want to hit the ball will determine what you want to do from there...... If you just want a full swing follow those steps and right as it begins to feel tight; allow the wrists and elbow to break while almost simultaneously begin the downswing starting from the ground up.....ankles->knees->hips etc. It should unfurl like the whip of a towel right at the ball. To really crush it when you get to the established "top" of your triangle as you go to set the wrists and right elbow try to allow a little more opening of hips and shoulders to get a fuller turn then unwind from the ground up. I used to try and swing hard like pushing a weight, now I try to build tension in my body(coil) and release.....I am using less effort and getting much more club head speed. I will post a swing in myswing thread to try and demonstrate
  4. Here's my idea for a f***ing sport. I knock a ball in a gopher hole. — Like pool? — F*** off pool. Not with a straight stick, with a little f***ed up stick. I whack a ball, it goes in a gopher hole. — Oh, you mean like croquet? — F*** croquet! I put the hole hundreds of yards away. Oh, f*** of ya! Big fun, yeah! — Oh, like a bowling thing? — F*** no! Not straight. I put shit in the way. Like trees and bushes and high grass. So you can lose you f***ing ball. And go hacking away with a f***ing tire iron. Whacking away, and each time you miss you feel like you'll have a stroke. F*** that's what we'll call it, a stroke, cause each time you miss you feel like you're gonna f***ing die. Oh great, oh and here's the better part. F***, this is brilliant! Right near the end, I'll put a little flat piece with a little flag to give you f***ing hope. But then I'll put a little pool and a sand box, to f*** with your ball again. Ay, you'll be there cracking you ass, jacking away in the sand. — And you do this one time? — F*** no! f***ing eighteen times! That's my idea of a sport!" ROBIN WILLIAMS RIP
  5. try swinging with your eyes closed....Sometimes we must channel our inner Jedi, use the force and trust ability. Also it is common regardless of skill to stand closer than normal to the ball on the first tee or when under pressure, maybe make a point to check that during your pre shot routine?
  6. I have always believed it is best to invest in quality products that will hold their value, and serve their purpose as long as possible.......however! when it comes to golf gear, I believe the "quality" products are not necessarily the most expensive. Come on we are talking metal and plastic components here made to be swung and effectively transfer energy to the ball in a consistent and repeatable manner. I believe club manufactures got that design down pat years ago and now use marketing to continue to increase prices without really delivering a more quality product. I am excited for you with the new equipment...I do the same with fishing gear, and sometimes it does help mentally to look down and say I have the most bad A** gear available the only excuse I have not to do well now is on me as the operator. Just know you have good equipment and in a few years just because new variations come out doesn't mean yours are obsolete.....ben Hogan did pretty good with blades and wooden heads so we can not blame bad shots on equipment!
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