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  1. I played it from the Blue tees a couple weeks ago. It's really not a hard course, nor was it in as nice of condition as I thought it'd be. It plays short and pretty darn easy as long as you don't try to bully the layout. Miss the fairway or green and the rough and bunkers are tough, but if you play it like it was designed from anything but the back tees it's not hard if you're hitting it OK. I was disappointed.
  2. I'm neutral now, all around, but had it set to neutral upright with the weight in the heel to promote a draw for a while also. Very noticable change in ballflight, the movable weights really do work well. It's a great club for those wanting a different ballflight with their driver compared to irons without changing your swing. I like to hit a light fade with approach shots and a light draw with the driver and it made that easier. Now, though, I've had some work done with my swing and everything is a strong draw. Go figure. Nice driver at any setup, very forgiving but not the longest.
  3. I'd still be happy to offer hosting space if anyone needs it (for scorecard use, that is).
  4. I'll give it a shot Eric. I downloaded the demo but never really got around to it. Whatever you need me to do, I'd be glad to do it. I've been meaning to track my stats and am ready to take the next step and commit to a program that will let me do that. I have several servers so uploading won't be a problem, in fact I don't mind hosting a few scorecards for folks if they need hosting. I'll upload a few scorecards over the weekend or Monday, depending on my schedule and if it's still available.
  5. Oct 24th and 25th I'll be going to a 2 day golf school at TPC Sawgrass, which is pretty much a couple days of short classes/analysis and a round of golf afterwards. Here's the thing: I have no idea what to expect, especially for the golf after. I'd imagine it'll be the Stadium course. Do we walk? Do I pay for a caddy? Can my wife come for the round? I really don't have a clue.
  6. HC may go down playing the tips, it depends on how you play. The course will be rated higher from the tips, so shooting the same score will net a lower handicap. I play from the tips, play the ball as it lies but if it gets mud on it or plugs I'll clean it off. I don't roll the ball on the fairway or anything, but again if it gets mud on it I'll clean it off. I also won't hit the ball off a root or something that might hurt me or the club, but I don't improve my position. That's really about it. I try to play exactly by the rules but in some cases I make exceptions when practicing (but not t
  7. Best thing I can suggest is playing the ball off your back foot, lean foward with hands well foward and taking a short but powerful backswing - which ensures you're accellerating through the ball. Keep the face held open like a bunker shot. Really it's the only way to have control, since you're not really hitting the ball - rather the grass behind and under the ball.
  8. I agree, olympics mayble should be exclusivey an amateur only event. Then again, you want the best in the world... quite the predicament. Either way, golf in the Olympics is good for the sport, no doubt about that.
  9. Lol, well yea. I should have said "tender"
  10. You know the funny thing is, the doctor ( who's done 20,000+ vascectomies ), actually suggests it's OK to play sports (even basketball!) after 3 days so long as a supporter (jock strap) is worn. Crazy, I know... but he also says ice isn't necessary. It's something to do with his procedure, which left only two very small nicks on my jewels (no stitches or anything). No ice, no swelling, no bleeding, no stitches. Just alittle sensitive if I sweeze them. A buddy of mine went with me, both had it done. He says he's 100% recovered now, can't feel any discomfort. All I took was 2 ibuprofen Satu
  11. Geez... why can't people just hit the fairway with their drives and the greens with their approach shots! /kidding. But seriously, yea definately look at the ball first if it's in someone else's fairway. Heh.
  12. Like already said, if it's sitting down in the rough (with grass behind the ball) you gotta play it like a bunker shot. That's the safest way.
  13. Does this mean I can play from the red tees now? Actually it wasn't as bad as I thought, though it was kinda awkward. Hope it doesn't cost me any manhood, all seems well so far...
  14. For me, it's when I have to turn my head towards the target and looking over my shoulder at it provides a bit of resistance in my neck. I can almost "see" my shoulders pointing towards the target. I want to say that it's also important to set your ball position AFTER your shoulders are aligned. Because, if you setup to the ball then move your hips/shoulders into alignment (if you're normally too open) then the ball will move way foward in your stance. So, I basically do this now: 1. Step up to ball and set clubface towards target (use a position a few inches in front of the ball spotted in l
  15. I play (and prefer) a 2H. Think of it more as a 6W than a 5W in regards to distance. It's just really easy to hit, since the shaft is alittle shorter. They weren't around back then, and are popular now for a reason.
  16. I've been back playing golf for about 6 months, have playing for around 3 years total on and off. I've always fought a fade in the longer clubs, some days it's straight other days a 30 yard slice off the tee. Kills distance and confidence. At any rate, I've finally made a concious effort to really make sure my shoulders were in line with me feet. On my poor shots, I'd come across the ball at a 10-20* angle. Now I'm hitting inside out consistantly and when I do come across it I know it's a shoulder alignment issue. This has only been since Friday - but it's totally changed my game. I'm longer
  17. I'd remove the 58 or 60 and carry a 52. Personally, I only carry a 52 and 58 and that's plenty of wedge for most people when you can peg your 1/2 and 3/4 distances with both. A 3/4 52 will take care of your 56 for example and a 58 is more than enough loft for me (since I hit the ball quite high), In fact I get more height on my 52 than most do with a 56 or 60. So do what's right for you, but also don't short yourself out of a gap between a 3w and a 3I/3H either.
  18. With any club you really have to hit them and decide for yourself. I'd lean toward the Ap1's or the Mizunos out of that group myself but that's personal preference.
  19. I don't find the MP-62's to be unforgiving at all. While I'm used to playing blades, a mishit with my 695MB's would put me 10 yards short whereas with the 62's I'm only 1-2 yards short. They feel the same as all the blades I've played, just with alot more forgiveness. Maybe compared to game improvement irons they're unforgiving, but I wouldn't think you'd need to be a + handicapper to play them... just have good technique and strike the ball decent. I think you'll be fine.
  20. The ball flight will probably change, depending on where the tape is. The weight on the head can dramatically affect ballflight high/low or left/right.
  21. I ordered too, bet that guy's gonna be happy.
  22. I play blades 'cause the chicks dig it. Seriously, I was at the mall the other day and some random hot chick was hanging out with her other hot friends and I just went up to her, told her I played blades, then made out with her for 30 solid minutes. Didn't even get her name. True story.
  23. I used to game one, but found that having a hybrid is a better alternative in most cases for me (out of the rough, even a 4 iron is tough to get good distance). If you've got good speed and strike the ball well you won't have a problem hitting it - it's just a matter of it being a club that will actually benefit you more than a hybrid or 5 wood (or another wedge).
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