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  1. I give Tiger an A and people's grades an A. I think Tiger did exactly what he's been saying for a year, which is one of the firsts for him with regard to an injury. I think people's expectations have finally fallen to reality, otherwise he would have gotten an F since he didn't win by 10 strokes. BTW, why is there no poll associated with this thread?
  2. Have you any dreams you'd like to sell? Dreams of loneliness, Like a heartbeat, drives you mad In the stillness of remembering, what you had, And what you lost and what you had and what you lost...
  3. I lose balls all the time at munis. Not so much at decent courses. Usually it's because someone stole it. I did, however, lose a ball once on a par-3. The ball came up short, and disappeared into the fringe as soon as it landed. When I got up there, I saw a hole, but no ball. When I reached my hand in, I found there was a small pipe with a ball inside. Ace!
  4. Not to go back on what I said before, but the more I think about it, the more I feel like length might be only somewhat relevant. For example, since one of my swing faults is failure to regain flexion on the downswing, I do a drill where I grab say a 7-iron down by the shaft, hover it about 4 inches above the ball at normal address, and then hit it. You really have to go down and get it with a really deep tush line and your head still "against the wall". I can hit it just fine with practically no loss of distance this way. So get your mechanics right and then figure out what length helps you preserve the best mechanics. I'm 6'3" BTW and I play standard length. By the wrist-to-floor measurements, I should be +1".
  5. Also, are your clubs the right length? I tend to think most clubs are actually too long for people. The right length will let you hang your arms comfortably where the sole pretty much hovers above the grass. You want to catch it on the bottom grooves of the club, not the middle. Maybe this isn't an issue, but it's worth ruling out since it's simple.
  6. That's slightly better. Let your left hip sink down into a straighter right leg on the backswing. Like this guy: That will get your shoulders turning down the line more and give you some leverage to drive the hips forward.
  7. Hey Aguirre, some people are selfish, hot-headed, and that makes them near-sighted and narrow-minded. Sometimes you run into these people. My advice is to let them say what they want, go on your way, and don't expect to defend or justify yourself to someone who obviously is too blinded by their own selfishness to see what's going on. They won't get very and there will be a reckoning someday. I remember a time in traffic when I needed to turn left into my office building's parking lot, but I noticed a cyclist heading my way who would have had to avoid a car in some way if I turned, so I waited the extra 3 seconds to let him pass. Some guy in a BMW came up behind me going way too fast and just laid on the horn waving his arms up in the air, I imagine saying things like, "WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!!?" in his car. I didn't respond but acknowledged the cyclist because there are way too many damn people in Austin not watching out for these guys and I didn't want to be one of them. The guy in the BMW raced around and peeled out and nearly hit the guy. It was the saddest thing I think I've ever seen, for someone to be so consumed and enslaved by their own selfishness that they can't see 50 feet in front of them. People like these are slaves to their own rage. Don't be one of them.
  8. -3 on the back 9 at Crystal Falls. 5 birdies 2 bogeys. Getting ready for a tourney so I hit driver on every hole I would normally take a long iron. Should probably do that more often, according to the stats, but more importantly, anecdotal experience. :) Swing felt really good, lots of speed and left arm connection through impact. I think previously my shoulders were tending to get just a bit too square, or at least what felt like square at impact. Also, need to sharpen the 50-65 yard wedge shots a bit. Keep swing on short side, nip it with rhythmic speed.
  9. Step away from the golf balls. You need to think VERY carefully about your next steps. You should follow the following flowchart each time you encounter this situation:
  10. I am likely going to stay the same or get worse. I've gotten about 1mph slower with the driver with each passing year. That adds up to higher scores unless I play from the forward tees. But I fool myself by saying things like, "I'm just playing smarter golf."
  11. I cannot possibly imagine tournament play without a driver or 3 wood. I don't think I've ever even heard of it, in fact. Imagine you hit every fairway and green but you putt the same way you do. Do you think you could break 90? Imagine you took your long game to the course except you holed every putt inside 20 feet. Do you think you could break 90? Fix your swing. Get some lessons. That's probably better advice than "Practice your driver"
  12. I shot 35 (-1) on the front 9 at Crystal Falls in Leander. Drove the ball extremely well with decent iron play (7 GIR) and 100% scrambling. Putting was so-so. Missed 3 birdie putts inside 8 feet.
  13. Welcome Joe! Steep is a symptom. Why would you try to fix a symptom? Fix the cause. My suggestion is to understand how the movement of the body affects the path and face and the low point of the swing. Good luck in your journey.
  14. You should be nipping wedges with very little divot, almost thin and middle to slightly towards the toe for the most spin. The more you interact with the turf, the more you bring earth into play. Any matter on your clubface reduces the friction and therefore spin significantly. Low friction wedge shots launch high with low spin. Err on the side of more bounce, get something with all the milling on the face and pay for a premium ball. Clean your clubs, but leave the sand on them after bunker shots.
  15. Do pull ups. Go deep. Hang. Then pull. No boots required.
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