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  1. We live about 225 yards down the 1st hole, House has been hit a few times but never had a broken window except once by the stoopid paper boy. I love living here, plus I get a couple free barely used balls each week. Was with a co-worker a few years ago at Waikele where he hit a house and the lady came running out asking him to pay for it, he did.
  2. iSank

    klineka's 2018 Pinehurst Trip

    Great to see/hear about the nearby courses, we don’t get out there that much but enjoy hearing about these trips. iSank
  3. Hope that goes well, I love Maui Golf, especially Kapalua. This is My favorite thread, watching the Australian Open this week and in just over a month we have a round at The Lakes in Sydney secured. We are doing a cruise and bringing our clubs so here’s a quick rundown. 2nd port is Melbourne and we haven’t yet booked a tee time but plan to. Next 2 stops are small Islands but both have 9 hole courses we are likely to play. Then off to New Zealand Here we start at Clearwater GC, Christchurch, then Kaikora GC followed by either Paraparaumu GC or Wainuiomata GC, have a game booked in Rotorua, and we end with a round at Titirangi GC, Auckland. Please let me know if you’ve played any of these. It’s just my wife and I and we look forward to peaceful Holidays. Aloha, iSank
  4. That’s a lot like the conversation that goes on in my head when I’m in trouble. Thanks for sharing! Aloha, iSank
  5. Got the Troon email offering a Hawaii resident discount card but the last paragraph says the Plantation Course “will be undergoing exciting enhancements and will be closed from February 2019 - November 2019. ““We look forward to the opportunity to restore many elements of the Plantation Course and implement a few ‘refinements’,” said Bill Coore. “It’s like when you have a special piece of art, or something really special to you, and you get a chance to dust if off and make it new again. This will be a very thoughtful restoration and refining process, but it’s not a redesign. We are very happy with the way the course looks and the way it has gone through the past nearly three decades.” And lastly.... “Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw, the original Plantation Course design team, will assist with the extensive course refinement project. In addition, Troon’s Design/Development/Agronomy team, as well as long-time Maui resident and Golf Channel personality Mark Rolfing, will also work on the project. Enhancements will include: resurfacing all greens with Tif Eagle Bermuda; renovating every bunker on the golf course; and re-grassing tees, fairways and roughs with state-of-the-art Celebration Bermuda turf. New tee complexes will also be added, including additional forward tees to help increase guest enjoyment and several new tournament tees will also be built on key holes to further test the world’s best PGA TOUR professionals during the Sentry Tournament of Champions” Did not see this posted earlier, if so I’ll delete but caught me a bit as I love going over for a few great rounds. Well here’s to 2020 at Kapalua! Aloha, iSank
  6. Sent the last set to Lanai so I have a set over there when I go, before that I gave a set to my niece who is starting the game and before that I donated them to someone at American Airlines, well it wasn’t a declared donation but someone surely thought it was because I never saw that set again.
  7. That is pretty cool. What a beautiful part of this country, just rode my motorcycle around a few states and noticed the Rio Grande up in Colorado. Have Fun!
  8. iSank

    Dublin and St Andrews

    That’s a great trip, thanks for sharing. Interesting to hear how you see changes in St Andrews. We went 2-years apart so did not see much change but we did see big differences between Dornach and St Andrews but one is not the other. We missed Jubilee but won’t do that again.
  9. iSank

    Happy Birthday Thread!

    Mahalo @iacas was able to play Torrey Pines a couple weeks ago and since then I have been on the road with my bike. One more week and I go home.
  10. iSank

    You're Down to 4 Clubs in Your Bag...What Are They???

    It is indeed a great game. Enjoy it. Sometimes when walking the public course on Lanai I will limit my clubs, made it down to only 7 iron several times but yes I would agree when spoiled with 4 I would use 3 wood, 7I, PW and putter. Being there in Montgomery you got a few good choices there at Capital Hill. We enjoyed the Senator and while the Judge was a bit challenging it was still good fun. Aloha, iSank
  11. Last weekend we got a good deal at Manele Bay, Lanai. It was an all you can play for 1 price. Anyway, the carts were nice and came with built in speakers that bt connect to your phone. They were about the nicest carts I’ve driven. We played 36 holes and never got around to testing them out. Never heard anyone else either. Now if the deal stays when we go back in the fall, we might play a tune or 2. Aloha, iSank
  12. iSank

    Anyone wear UV sleeves?

    Good conversation! I’ve been wearing Tilley widebrim upf 50+ hats for the past 15 years. Had the same dermatologist as well. Working outdoors on the ocean in Hawaii, caused him to express concern about my other outdoor activities. Since then I basically wear exofficio or Patagonia long sleeve lite weight shirts with upf coverage. Never thought of doing the sleeves until this thread. It’s gotta be cooler than 2 layers right? Well I’ll try it out. Might be a while. July has me on my Harley and knott on the golf course, except for July 2-4 at some San Diego goat path. Aloha, iSank
  13. All my bags are packedI'm ready to goBut I’m gonna sleep before I'm standin' here outside your doorI cant wait to wake you up to say “ I need a ride to the airport”But the dawn will be breaking'It'll be early mornThere is no taxi's waitin'I’m blowin' our hornAlready I'm pissed, start driving now!Then I’ll be off to Kapalua, then Lanai. so I’m leaving on a propeller plane, I know exactly when I’ll be home again. Nobody is lonely here. Yes it may be only 120 miles away but I have to pack up the clubs like I’m heading to Auld Grey Toon. 3 days starting tomorrow at 11am at Kapalua, yes again, I did it 7 weeks ago, but this time I’m going to Lanai and will play all day at Manele Golf Club. Hope for 36 holes, then I’ll sleep. Aloha, iSank
  14. iSank

    2018 NCAA Division I National Championship

    Oh yea, I was a bit surprised the #1 team in the country gets to play on their home course. Golf is a lot different than having the home court in say basketball, whatever happened to a neutral field? ( guess that’s not an expectation) so when Auburn makes it to #1, if ever, will they hold the tourney at the Grand National on Opelika? Stanford? They gotta nice course? I don’t know college golf that well, but I have enjoyed watching a few games. Congratulations to OSU, they played well.
  15. iSank

    2018 NCAA Division I National Championship

    I enjoyed keeping up with the season and the men’s & women’s tourney. I have liked the ‘get your team to perform’ on the stroke play to keep playing as 1 of the 8. Read an article criticizing that because high rated team missed the cut but that’s part of the comp, and I like it. The cowboys showed up today and Bama didn’t. Tough looking course, I also saw (on tv) the final round of the SEC tourney and that course looked pretty incredible. Work really does get the way of playing all these courses. Aloha, iSank

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