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  1. Hawaii! Honolulu while you work then pick an outer island to retire. I chose Lana’i. Lana’i is always 10 degrees cooler than Honolulu, it’s quite diverse, shorts year round, venison is free but every other bit of food is expensive so a monthly trip to Costco is in order. Free golf but no pro teams at all, in fact the only sport that fills the arena is volleyball. Along with location pick an age and save for it. I somewhat agree with outside Atlanta. I’ve gone there a few times and always bring my clubs.
  2. Well it’s not a planned trip but a few people will have a pretty cool golf travel experience. Did not see this anywhere else if it’s a repeat, I’ll delete if possible. Coronavirus: Pinehurst auctions unique experiences for employee relief Not even the Cradle of American Golf is immune to the coronavirus. Pinehurst Resort and Country Club was forced to close its hotels and restaurants due to the pandemic, negatively... Anyone wanna go in for a good party? Aloha, iSank
  3. 1. Yes, in that we checked into the Encore Sunday only to find out at dinner that the whole Wynn property was shutting down Tuesday. Our Wynn GC tee time was Tuesday but seeing that only 3 groups were golfing on Monday we got our round in and had a great time. That was a fun course! 2. I hope it only helps my game because if it ends up hurting it would likely be from me catching the darn thing. Having fun in a quiet Vegas, we also played some course built after several Scottish links holes. A fun day out ending with a crazy uber ride. iSank
  4. Yea that’s a pretty good combo, Long Ashes David.
  5. Very nice! Enjoy both experiences and please share, both are something my wife and I plan on, it’s just a matter of doing it. Have fun, we’ll be playing in Vegas.
  6. You can put a kitchen sink in there as long as your under 50lbs domestically, I think it’s a bit more internationally (from experience not by reading the rules). I once put my favorite dress shoes in my golf bag on an overnight HNL-SFO-DFW to Tampa, I barely made it, and my golf bag never did. AA paid me $1500, I took a loss, and now put one of those locators when I travel with my clubs. They were a nice set, and I was young.
  7. I like it, needs electric assist, bags balanced over the back tire, tires look over 2 1/2 inch wide, baby fat tires, I’d ride it. As I get older I may look to buy one, golf cart or bicycle? There’s no question there.
  8. Not because of leaving friends but from careers changes playing less with drinking buddies and more in competition with the wife. I started caring more about my shots, and enjoyed the game a lot more.
  9. I’m in, but I walk the muni 2 to 4 times/week so I’ll pick the three favorite courses nearest me. Hope to play all three multiple times in 2020. Aloha, iSank and yes I have sank = to how many times I have surfaced.
  10. Dagolfer18 that’s beautiful. Played a lot with my brother but not once with dad or grandpa. Enjoy each moment, it’s a gift. For us, it’s Kapalua, 4 days 3 rounds, I like to go Plantation, Bay, Plantation so that’s what we will do. Not real happy about the Plantation soft fairways, I may play forward one set. But it’s Maui, I like my island better but Maui is a beautiful place. Aloha, Happy New Year! Hau’oli Makahiki Hou!
  11. Another vote for faster. The free course where I live has the slowest greens I’ve ever played. Now that I’m on that course a couple times a week, I really appreciate some roll. Just played Koolina Sunday and it was very nice to knock my first out 10 ft past the hole but then got it dialed in. Aloha, iSank
  12. Good for you, if it works out. My girlfriend then my wife has been a great golf partner. But heed the wise words of my predecessors, no teaching, no critiques, focus on your game and stay positive. We have loved our travels together and played some pretty cool courses. Aloha, iSank
  13. Flew over it coming from Kahului and it looked complete then I just saw this and it seems like it’s time to check it out. We are going over for a couple tourney days and hope to play a couple rounds but maybe one Saturday in December. Please tell me the weeds right side on #3 are gone. Aloha, will
  14. Just do not do 36 holes in a day very much if at all but we had a play all day rate at a pretty decent course, Manele, Lana’i if you know it. We played 18 had lunch, went back out but on the last 9 I was swinging pretty tired,so no way could I have walked it. But in my 20 and 30s we played 2 different courses in a day, all walking, feeling good to the last hole. I can give it a try, but I just haven’t done a lot of 36. Aloha, iSank
  15. Well I’ve been blessed in that earlier on, back when our love was young, my wife went to the range with me one night on a holiday, and while spanking a few she asked if we could play a game. I kept away from any instruction was just supportive. Now for your question...tough one. Looking back it was rough going for a while until one day we got paired up with another couple and the other wife was a real professional. On her game, dressed and played sharp, and I think that changed things forever with my wife. Since then we have really enjoyed playing together, but it took years. Everybody is different so you never know. Aloha
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