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  1. Well it’s that all too familiar process; remove all metal heads, wash all golf apparel, get a fresh dozen from the local golf shop. Tomorrow it’s a flight to Lanai, Tuesday I’ll take the boat to Maui. The island’s top 2 courses, Plantation and Wailea Gold are out and aerated. So it’s the Bay, then Wailea Emerald then on day 6 either emerald again or blue, maybe Silversword. Six days, six games. Maui hotels now seem busy, I almost brought my tent to camp. Aloha, iSank
  2. Australia is a great trip. If you have any club memberships it seems like it could open a few doors but without that we still played some solid courses. The Lakes in Sydney is very good. We had a tee time at New SouthWales GC but a late minute push back of our tee time gave us the chance to visit The Lakes. Melbourne seemed to be one big sand trap but good fun golf. our closest port to Cape Kidnappers was 3 hrs away, by the time we could have rented a car, and got there we would have had to return after a few holes. So the plan is to return to Auckland and play Titirangi a couple more times, and head North to Kauri and nearby north island golf and local qualities such as food and wine. Aloha to all, iSank
  3. Very cool, glad you got a round in. I always cringe the moment the taxi driver responds in confusion and has no idea there’s even a golf course nearby. Happy Travels!
  4. Did you play this past weekend? Yea that was a sporty breeze and Maui looks like it got it pretty good. Thanks for sharing how it went!
  5. She beat me by 1 stroke, and yes I mistyped, the question was “What did young Tom Morris do at the 1868 British Open that no one else had done up to that time at a tournament?” Nice piece of history there @iacas Thanks for checking that! one we got correct (except the year) was What was the third tournament to be canceled because of rain since the 1991 Houston Open? Since we were watching it at the time. Aloha, iSank
  6. One of my very kind co-workers gives me this the other day. I’m not really a board game player. Made in China from 1997 and it was still in its original wrapping. Wife and I played 1 round, some questions are really out there, never knew the first hole in one was by Old Tom Morris in 1888. There are other questions about early 20th century amateurs and it all depends on what you land on. Am I alone, anyone else have this game?
  7. Will do and we will get there. Was just in NZ and one of the courses we played received 3 olives trees from Crete. here’s the foto
  8. Inbee Park is just so relaxed, she is in my thought bubble when I feel I’m getting uptight. Doesn’t always work.
  9. We had some time off around the holidays so we did a cruise from Sydney to Auckland and enjoyed 8 rounds with my favorite golf partner, my wife. 12/20 Sydney The Lakes 1928 Michael Clayton Our first game of the trip, the course was in beautiful shape, and it was a worthy challenge. Seemed like the 1st 9 was one giant sand trap, and the back 9 brought in the water obstacles. Would love to play this course again. 12/24 Melbourne Sanctuary Lakes Greg Norman design A fun course, many sand traps, too many, but we had fun, and both played a good game which made for good tempo’d enjoyable golf. 12/29 Stewart Island Ringa Ringa Heights Golf Club 6 holes 3 laps $10 pay is on an honor system, basically a slot in the wall of the office that says slide $10 here. Hilly, tall grass, tiny greens, set along a lovely coast line. Here’s us on the 1st hole with the ship anchored in the background. Yes the grass was a bit thick at points. 12/31 Akaroa golf club If you ever looked at a hillside and thought you could never build a golf course there, well here they did build that course and while holes are set along the relatively flat near hill fields, several are build alongside, up, down, and cross over a fairly sized hill. 1/1 Kaikoura Golf Club Great people here, and on New Years day they had over 50 golfers out for a tournament, we were on our 13th hole when the shotgun start filled up the first 12 holes. Nice rolling fairways, set on a fairly easy 18 holes, but good fun. 1/2 Purapuraumu Beach Golf Club designed by Mr. Alex Russell of Melbourne Took an hour bus ride from Wellington to play this enjoyable course. Set up very much like a Scottish Links Course where the holes seem dictated by where the sand dunes formed. The design maximizes these features, and with the wind blowing steady off the Tasman Sea set me up for glorious successes and utter failures but surely a fun day out. Good golf loving people at this club. 1/5 Mount Maunganui Golf Club Mr. C Redhead 1935 designed the 1st 13 holes then the rest were developed after WW2. Set in 3 sets of 6. This was a Saturday and the all the members were out enjoying their fair track. Missing the fairway costs you here with rough and trees between parallel holes. The play was a little slow but we were able to meet 8 super nice club members in the groups ahead and behind us while waiting. 1/6 Titirangi Golf Course, Auckland designed by Dr. Alister MacKenzie Loved the course, tough course, every shot counts and there are 4 challenging par 3’s; par 70 (2 par 5s) for 18 and under handicaps and par 72 (4 par 5s) for all others. Would love to play this course again about 5 more times, maybe more. Here’s a tee on the back 9. And then we ended the trip at the CFP championship. Good to be home! Look forward to walking 9 later this week. Aloha, iSank
  10. I’ll try Duke Kahanamoku Eddie Aikau Shane Victorino Ted Makalena iSank in 15 years maybe Marcus Mariotta in 20 years maybe Tua Tagovailoa Narrowed down to Ted, Duke, Shane and me. looks good to me.
  11. Unscrew the heads off of everything you can. Had the airline loose everything travel bag, clubs and all but never a broken club but I do take all my heads off then tape the shafts together and protect the ends. Doesn’t help you now but have fun buying a new shaft.
  12. Not sure how the weather will cooperate but we played there early December last year and it was great. Ok from my small experience I really enjoyed The Judge and The Senator there at Capitol Hill, not a fan of the Marriott there. There’s a 3rd Course there, all part of the RTJ trail. Then head an hour east, or was it 2? And visit Opelika where there is nicer Marriott plus 2 beautiful courses The Lakes and the other one, plus there’s a fun par there, best par 3 I’vebeen to. Welcome to the TST, have a great trip.
  13. We live about 225 yards down the 1st hole, House has been hit a few times but never had a broken window except once by the stoopid paper boy. I love living here, plus I get a couple free barely used balls each week. Was with a co-worker a few years ago at Waikele where he hit a house and the lady came running out asking him to pay for it, he did.
  14. Great to see/hear about the nearby courses, we don’t get out there that much but enjoy hearing about these trips. iSank
  15. Hope that goes well, I love Maui Golf, especially Kapalua. This is My favorite thread, watching the Australian Open this week and in just over a month we have a round at The Lakes in Sydney secured. We are doing a cruise and bringing our clubs so here’s a quick rundown. 2nd port is Melbourne and we haven’t yet booked a tee time but plan to. Next 2 stops are small Islands but both have 9 hole courses we are likely to play. Then off to New Zealand Here we start at Clearwater GC, Christchurch, then Kaikora GC followed by either Paraparaumu GC or Wainuiomata GC, have a game booked in Rotorua, and we end with a round at Titirangi GC, Auckland. Please let me know if you’ve played any of these. It’s just my wife and I and we look forward to peaceful Holidays. Aloha, iSank
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