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  1. iSank

    Happy Birthday Thread!

    Mahalo @iacas was able to play Torrey Pines a couple weeks ago and since then I have been on the road with my bike. One more week and I go home.
  2. iSank

    You're Down to 4 Clubs in Your Bag...What Are They???

    It is indeed a great game. Enjoy it. Sometimes when walking the public course on Lanai I will limit my clubs, made it down to only 7 iron several times but yes I would agree when spoiled with 4 I would use 3 wood, 7I, PW and putter. Being there in Montgomery you got a few good choices there at Capital Hill. We enjoyed the Senator and while the Judge was a bit challenging it was still good fun. Aloha, iSank
  3. Last weekend we got a good deal at Manele Bay, Lanai. It was an all you can play for 1 price. Anyway, the carts were nice and came with built in speakers that bt connect to your phone. They were about the nicest carts I’ve driven. We played 36 holes and never got around to testing them out. Never heard anyone else either. Now if the deal stays when we go back in the fall, we might play a tune or 2. Aloha, iSank
  4. iSank

    Anyone wear UV sleeves?

    Good conversation! I’ve been wearing Tilley widebrim upf 50+ hats for the past 15 years. Had the same dermatologist as well. Working outdoors on the ocean in Hawaii, caused him to express concern about my other outdoor activities. Since then I basically wear exofficio or Patagonia long sleeve lite weight shirts with upf coverage. Never thought of doing the sleeves until this thread. It’s gotta be cooler than 2 layers right? Well I’ll try it out. Might be a while. July has me on my Harley and knott on the golf course, except for July 2-4 at some San Diego goat path. Aloha, iSank
  5. All my bags are packedI'm ready to goBut I’m gonna sleep before I'm standin' here outside your doorI cant wait to wake you up to say “ I need a ride to the airport”But the dawn will be breaking'It'll be early mornThere is no taxi's waitin'I’m blowin' our hornAlready I'm pissed, start driving now!Then I’ll be off to Kapalua, then Lanai. so I’m leaving on a propeller plane, I know exactly when I’ll be home again. Nobody is lonely here. Yes it may be only 120 miles away but I have to pack up the clubs like I’m heading to Auld Grey Toon. 3 days starting tomorrow at 11am at Kapalua, yes again, I did it 7 weeks ago, but this time I’m going to Lanai and will play all day at Manele Golf Club. Hope for 36 holes, then I’ll sleep. Aloha, iSank
  6. iSank

    2018 NCAA Division I National Championship

    Oh yea, I was a bit surprised the #1 team in the country gets to play on their home course. Golf is a lot different than having the home court in say basketball, whatever happened to a neutral field? ( guess that’s not an expectation) so when Auburn makes it to #1, if ever, will they hold the tourney at the Grand National on Opelika? Stanford? They gotta nice course? I don’t know college golf that well, but I have enjoyed watching a few games. Congratulations to OSU, they played well.
  7. iSank

    2018 NCAA Division I National Championship

    I enjoyed keeping up with the season and the men’s & women’s tourney. I have liked the ‘get your team to perform’ on the stroke play to keep playing as 1 of the 8. Read an article criticizing that because high rated team missed the cut but that’s part of the comp, and I like it. The cowboys showed up today and Bama didn’t. Tough looking course, I also saw (on tv) the final round of the SEC tourney and that course looked pretty incredible. Work really does get the way of playing all these courses. Aloha, iSank
  8. There’s two courses that I have enjoyed that are now closed. The Kalakaua golf course closed on 2004. Opened in 1922 and located on Schofield Army Barracks. The army was pretty cool and would let us on base with only our drivers license. During WW2 P-40’s would sometimes land on the par 5 eighth occasionally scattering the golfers. It’s now military housing. Saddest of all are the empty fairways of The Experience at Koele on Lanai. I usually play Cavendish every morning when on Lanai and sometimes I walk back across the quiet Koele course. Played that course the morning before my wedding. Really enjoyed that course. Aloha, iSank
  9. Well it’s a good day, I’m all packed up (well clubs & shorts,it’s Maui) and I’m on the AM flight, tee-ing off just after 12 on the Plantation course, tomorrow Bay Course and Saturday back to the Plantation at Kapalua. Then I got an email confirmation for Torrey Pines 3 days in a row this July. Lovely! Aloha, iSank
  10. iSank

    Which course on Kauai

    True dat! And I think more is coming down as I type.
  11. Hey it’s 1-0 starting out the 3rd so we got a game, but yea, my tv starts on the golf channel and I was enjoying the Hockey then it hit me this is the Golf Channel. Monday to Wednesday no big deal, Hockey is an exciting game. Still remember all the moms with cowbells screaming at us 5 yo’s on the ice. Aloha, but originally an empire stater, iSank
  12. iSank

    Which course on Kauai

    Well I’ve gone over there a few times sometimes for golf, sometimes to paddle, and here’s my thoughts. Poipu is really a lot of fun, beautiful course but only have played it once. What use to be Kauai Lagoons is now Hokuala and I really enjoy that course. There are some fun carries plus there a few beautiful holes heading to the harbor. It’s getting better I believe too. But when I go I always play the Makai Course in Princeville. I think the Prince course has gone private or was under construction when I was there last July but that course is beautiful. Every hole is a postcard view. But the Makai course also has plenty of fun holes and beautiful views. It’s just a drive up there to Princeville. I either stay up there or down at the Hyatt for Poipu, okay I guess I’ve played there twice, it is a very nice course. Here’s some fotos from Poipu https://williwannago.wordpress.com/2013/03/19/the-poipu-bay-golf-course/ and a few more from what is now Hokuala, it’s right there close to town. https://williwannago.wordpress.com/2013/03/18/18-holes-at-the-kauai-lagoons-golf-club/ Have fun! iSank
  13. iSank

    Lydia Ko Thread

    Didn’t think I’d be posting on this thread but we spent today at one of our favorite courses Koolina at The Lotte. When Ms Ko came by my wife said “is that Ko? She is skin and bones” then I saw her and wow she is thin, not just small. Now I got to find a foto of her next to either of the Jutanagarn sisters. So she does pretty good for such a physical lite weight. We watched the last 6 groups off the green on #1, then moved to #5 & caught the last 5, then went over and sat between the 17th green and 16th tee and could watch the tee off on #18. Where we we saw from group 13 on to the last group where BH was up by 4 so we came home after they finished 17. Aloha, iSank

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