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  1. iSank

    2021 Masters

    Boku? Nihongo chotto jozzu desu, pulling for Matsu-San, lived outside of Tokyo for a couple years, loved it.
  2. iSank

    2021 Masters

    I’ll play...Dustin Johnson -18, now all that needs to happen is for him to do it, not -16 nor -17 but -18.
  3. Will check out the museum and Lino, Thanks! We are building a new home, this week I rented a mini ex and am digging the footings and placing the forms, next week the rebar comes in, hopefully we pour in a few weeks. So we are looking for a whole home plumbing purchase.
  4. Last nite I talked with our travel agent, first time in a year. Niece getting married this summer a short (4 hrs) drive to Kohler Wisconsin so we booked a flight and will enjoy being with family then we have three days to golf and relax at Kohler. Wonder if we can order all our plumbing fixtures while we are there. Aloha, iSank
  5. Got an email earlier today saying 3/27 vaccine open to residents of the island 16 and over. When I got the call last week and went in for the 1st Pfizer one of my students an 18 yo was getting his too. But at less than 3000 it’s not too hard to offer it to everyone. I have never really got vaccinated before but travel is a major hassle and I’ll do just about anything to ease some of these restrictions. Have fun!
  6. Update: I updated my drivers license to an on island address so now I play Manele for $75, Cavendish is still free.
  7. Grew up in the frigid Northeast, and never looked back after my first winter in Hawaii. We can and do play comfortably just about every day of the year. Now there are some spring days with a bunch of rain, and there some middays in July and August that I prefer to play early or twilight. Yea cost of living is a bit high, (check every tv ad that says in small print “not valid in Alaska or Hawaii). I have gone years without wearing pants, yes I have shorts on. So I am biased and love living here. San Diego is pretty nice and yes any place within a couple hour drive near Pinehurst has got to be p
  8. Aloha, I do not come into the 19th Puka very much but I would love to share a quote from my Econ Guru that I fully agree with.... from Cafehayek.com 2/16, the font is large and may be bold, no one is screaming here... I Am Insane by DON BOUDREAUX on FEBRUARY 16, 2021 The following conclusion is now firmly set in (what remains of) my mind: If humanity’s reaction to Covid-19 is sane and rational, then sometime in the past 11 months I’ve lost my mind and I am now certifiably insane. If, instead, I remain reasonably in touch with reality and rationality, and am not completely in
  9. There’s a Marriott I think at Ross Bridges GC part of the RTJ trail, or head south a little farther to the state capital and they have three courses, the Judge super fun, and the Senator which is a links style course that was plenty enjoyable, we did not play the 3rd bc we headed over to Opelika (sp?) by Auburn U to enjoy another 3 course set up with 1 being about the funnest par 3 I have ever played. Happy Trails!
  10. Ross Bridges GC Alabama Orange tees were 6783. Loved the course but had some BIG holes. Then it snowed a week later. Orange is the 3rd set of tees with the tips being 8191. Aloha iSank
  11. Interesting, I checked out some Scotland trips and yes it does appear to be a lot cheaper than what we did on our own. I would not enjoy being in a group riding van/tiny bus around to courses. We saw several at a few of courses we played, but I did not specifically read that this is their SOP. I still like just being on our own and maybe making last minute changes due to weather or crowds, we did have one hotel make a couple local bookings in Dornach otherwise I made all our own reservations, and tee times. But I’ve never tried this, it’s hard to imagine a bad golf trip.
  12. The thread on how many courses have you played had me thinking quite a bit and I still have no answer so allow me to ask a simpler question. How many countries? let’s see....USA, Japan, Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, Iceland, Ireland, Scotland, Germany, and I guess that’s it. Always went to Canada in the winter, could not find the course in Turkey, not sure why no other Euro nations so its 9. Hope to add more, Aloha, iSank
  13. Love the aerial views of the holes, minus that it’s always Molokai in the background, and #9 then #15 are brutal holes so it’s comforting in a small way to see them struggle to get it on the green in two. I did birdie #17 once with a 100’ chip in, but few swings are as fun as teeing off on #18. Great to see how those guys got around the track, and it’s a good thing mics are kept off most football players.
  14. Well that was short lived, guess I’ll go play a round.
  15. And it’s only a little after 3pm local so let’s playoff another 9 holes. English v. Niemann, the 15th playoff for this event. Aloha, iSank
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