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  1. Agreed @georgep I’ve been to the range 3xs since I got mine last week. It’s interesting to see good #’s with a good looking hit, and what numbers stick out when I make a bad shot. The bugga is tiny, easily fits in my pocket, and I am thinking of bringing it with me if I play tomorrow morning. Here’s to improvements!
  2. Well Happy Valentine’s Day! What “price of Paradise”? The usps over achieved here and one Mevo in my mailbox today. I appreciate the ball marker and the quick delivery Thank You Erik!
  3. Right on! Just finished 23 holes today & may have to cancel my Thursday twilight if this arrives so I can hit the range. mahalo @iacas!
  4. Ten Mevos are on their way to me. Copy and paste this list and add your name (in @mention form please) to the list where there's an "open" listed. local sale @saevel25 @iSank open open open open open open open
  5. Aloha iacas, please count me in. Mahalo, iSank
  6. Left/Right Shot Dispersion- Whats Yours?

    Dangest thing, I am a lifelong slicer which since I’ve gotten a little more focused with the sport now am 37% left, 37% fairway, and 26% right off the tee. Love the things I learn fro game golf!
  7. Well, I’m not too familiar with the road but it looks like in Greenville there’s 36 holes of the RTJ. Let us know if it’s worth the trip south! Here’s the guide for all their courses. or rather the link to where I got the guide https://www.rtjgolf.com/trailguide/ have fun! .
  8. Fowler Playing With Untucked Shirt

    I liked the look, except was there a button missing? Living in Hawaii I can and do wear an Aloha daily for work and chilling at home but when I went back and looked for golf foto’s I found none wearing one. So I’ll check out what they are offering....after all, I still have puma like reflexes on 2 wheels. Missed todays coverage b/c I was out golfing! Love the 1st, 8th, 17 & 18 on this course. Aloha, iSank
  9. I think I qualify, my wife asked me if I wanted anything and I said no I’m good. Callaway Big Bertha irons, B.B. driver, the Callaway green (edge?) 3 metal, 56 degree callaway wedge, and same brand putter. Plus I have a Golden Bear 52 degree wedge, that’s the goods. My score is on me, love the clubs!
  10. Pinehurst/Sandhills Trip

    Great idea and plan! Was there a couple months ago, The Carolina does have a nice spa, plus they have a breakfast and dinner package but there’s not many, if any cheap ways to get on #2. We also enjoyed many other PH courses especially #8. We stayed at the Holly but there was more happening at the Carolina. Have fun!
  11. ShipSticks or Not

    I’ve used them, and am happy, will use them again. They frequently have emailed discounts so you save a few bucks, plus dang it’s easy. We dropped them off at the Carolina in Pinehurst and in a few days they were at a friends place in Alabama. Not the same distance but sure there’s a trust issue, but we were content.
  12. Ok so Friday AM was free so let’s get one more round in... it was bit chilly and foggy but we had a good challenge and much fun. The course was Cherokee Run and it was in December shape. And a big Salute to my wife, she was all bundled up and still aiming for a birdee.
  13. There’s no short answer to that other than it gets the family together. My team is great at critical sports such as golf, I pull for the Commodores, go Vandy! But I just enjoy good competition, was kinda pulling for Bama because the Hawaii connection aka Tua Tagavailoa. Will do the 3 ball on our next RTJ Trail visit. The weather has been fantastic, sorry we missed Oxmoor ; the IB came up last minute. We will definitely be back with clubs.
  14. The wife and I found we had a week between 2 events (Thanksgiving w/family & the SEC championship football game) so here’ how the week went. Friday the 24th we played Ross Bridge, nice course, it’s a bit BIG, big hills, big carries, and it was a full day, we got paired up with another 2 ball and it was a full 4:45 game. Scored a couple Iron Bowl tickets so we cancelled Oxmoor Valley as it was an all day affair. Sunday the 26th we woke up near Montgomery and tee’d off early on the Judge, here’s a look at the first. The next day we played The Senator, and we really enjoyed both courses. The Judge was a bit busy but we played at a fair pace around 4:20. On the Senator we never saw another group ahead or behind us until the 17th, finished in 3:20, a lovely day out. Right after that game we loaded the car and took off for Opelika, home of the Grand National courses. We arrived about 90 min before sunset so we asked if we could jump on the par 3 for 9 holes, and that was our 0.5 game we played, and it was fun as the sun began to set. Next day we played the Lakes course and with the fall colors, and no crowds we had another absolutely lovely day. We had no group near us on any hole and finished just over 3 hours. Here’s one of the par 5’s and you see how nice a day it was. This was my favorite course of the trip and we will most surely return. The staff at the Marriott here was also very good. Then we drove to Atlanta, we had the next day off until dinner so we looked around for a course to play and we decided on The Bear’s Best gold course. We teed off close to 10AM and had the front nine to ourselves, then on the 9th we hit a little traffic but all we had to was slow our game a bit and we ended up not waiting very much at all. Here’s the 2nd par 3 on the front 9 Said this one was designed after #12 Muirfield Village. The course was good fun, and we were back in the city well before nightfall. So tomorrow we’ll pack on the clubs and on Sunday with any luck we’ll go to Hawaii. Mahalo, iSank

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