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  1. Hit a bucket at the range worked on good contact, and tempo, then played 18 at Ross Bridge Alabama. What a lovely day! 11/24
  2. Toughest day yet, took a red eye Honolulu to Atlanta then drove to Bama. Reunited with my clubs from our Pinehurst trip so I took my clubs out back and took several tempo swings with each. The weight felt good, great to have the putter back. Then focused most of my time with my driver and 8 iron. Happy Thanksgiving, 11/23 Thankful to enjoy this game.
  3. 11/22,it’s early and I was in my living room practicing my putting. Working on center contact and ball rolling straight. Aloha!
  4. Was watching Sung Hyun Park this past weekend and it seems like she really keeps her head down for a moment after contact so I practiced that today with my irons out back. “Felt”real good but I don’t know, it’s just nice to swing the clubs and keep the tempo going. If I make it thru tomorrow, the rest of the month will be a breeze. 11/21
  5. Yikes! Grew up an Empire Stater, now I’m an Aloha Stater. at sunset I stepped outside and took close to 50 swings, making good contact, nice and easy, focused on swing path, good practice. 11/20
  6. Hit a bucket working on center contact by putting those poles on both sides of the ball. Then walked over to the sand trap practice area then the course looked quiet to I played 9. Was a nice walk, and I had no sixes! 11/19
  7. While I haven’t given up hope of getting on the course today, this morning I set up four tee’s right, left, behind and under the ball, and practiced with my 8 iron. Amazed how off center I can be at times, and I’m trying to rid myself of fat shots. Aloha 11/18
  8. Seeing the thread below I took my 3 metal behind the home and worked on tempo, and....here’s the challenge, making good contact, not over, not under. Started slow but after a few strokes, it started to come together, meaning anyone can hit the ball if given enough opportunity.
  9. Feels so good, being outside walking 9 after work. Focused on good contact, thru working for no sixes. Made it to the par 5 eighth with a 6. Ugh.. but still a pleasant 90 minutes. aloha 11/16
  10. Was stuck inside today so I practiced this putting Drill where I open my hands and putt with the club between my two open hands, trying to get the feel off the arms moving together. So now I gotta go golf and see how amazing my putting will be now. 11/15
  11. After 2 days of putting practice it was nice to get outside and swing the 3 metal. So I did, working on keeping my tempo, and no reverse c on follow thru, saw mostly good contact. 11/14
  12. Enjoyed playing the past 2 days so today I focused on my putting by using 2 alignment poles and putting making sure the ball comes off the club squarely. 11/12 Congrats @onthehunt526 hope everything went great!
  13. 11/11 tee’d off near sunrise, 2nd group out. Pregame focus no six’s, after the par 5 first how that was out the window then greens in regulation became the new goal, and while I was frequently short, it went well. Aloha!
  14. On this observed Veterans Day, I Tee’d off at sunrise, focused on no six’s. Made it to #14 par 5, then had 1 more six on par 5 16th. Still an enjoyable morning out. 11/10 will try again tomorrow.

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