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  1. Aloha Gang, I have yet to play the game but am open to it, and as I play golf I see the cages around the course but the public course on Lana’i Hawaii there is a frisbee game. If you come over, please feel free letting me know. Aloha, iSank
  2. Aloha Gang, Well in this year I have visited Maui and Vegas for golf but then things got stymied. Took the COVID test this morning and my Dr just messaged me I’m clear so on Friday I head back to Lana’i and once in Maui county I can travel freely in Maui county, so I am not sure when I’ll get back to Oahu. Anyone else had to do the test to travel or had non-stymied golf adventures? This section needs some action. Aloha, iSank
  3. Had not seen this one but yes my wife and I played last summer 2019, while visiting family in CNY. We loved it, stayed at the lodge there, my dad told me his company had several Christmas parties there over the years. We played Shenendoah the first day and Atunyote on the 2nd, loved both days. I heard the other course was bit tough so chose to not play that, I love the game and need as much fairway as can be provided. Fairways and greens were in great shape, we felt like we were the only ones on the course, kept us spread out. Aloha, will
  4. In a few days the once “Toughest course in the country” Koolau golf course will be closed, last day 9/30 think I’ll save myself from losing so many golf balls and go play the Turtle Bay Palmer course. Aloha, iSank
  5. Wife got me this a couple years ago. As I walk to the course the neighbor kids come up and say “hey Uncle we like your Yoda” Aloha, iSank
  6. Pinehurst gotta figure out which one, par 3 went long into the sand, SW out rolled in, only two eagles have been a year later(2019) different par 5s at Manele Bay Golf. Two days in row, I had an eagle. Great drives followed by solid second shots, day 1 a tap in, day 2 a 10 ft straight putt, was stunned. Mann I love life!
  7. Score! Mahalo for the ideas so I went poking around apps, and found nbc’s. Now I’m smoking brisket and watching golf. Aloha
  8. So I either buy nbc for a month or visit my mother in law for the next two Sunday mornings. This is shaping up to be pretty interesting so I hope to see more than golf channel on my iPad. Thanks for posting the broadcast schedule. Aloha, iSank
  9. There are only 2 courses within 20 miles. I walk to Cavendish, take the taco to Manele Bay Golf, and take the ferry to Kapalua Plantation and Bay courses. #5 would be at Wailea an hour drive from Kapalua. Love playing each of them.
  10. I’m pulling for the guy sadly when they switched over to the major network, all I’m getting is hurricane coverage. On top our Sunday morning tee time was canceled when we easily would have been off the course in time. So it’s 2019 lpga action. Aloha, Go Tony!
  11. If and when I play a round without losing a ball, I usually do pretty well.
  12. Had not used my open table app in so long I had to log in again. So for us it’ll be Ruth Chris Steakhouse next week. Our favorite place is not open yet, but if your in Honolulu check out the Vintage Cave. Aloha
  13. $5? Only if your buying the 3 pack at Costco. I prefer to keep my velvety smooth hands untouched from actually having to grip the club. Aloha
  14. Good stuff! Saw the email last week and have been looking forward to it. Will have to watch it first but hope it’s entertaining. Aloha, iSank
  15. Here on Lana’i I can play cavendish at no cost, or Manele for $250. Not a tough choice but Manele is sweet and with the little traffic it gets you could walk the whole course barefoot. (If you so desire) On Oahu the muni’s are $22 to walk 18, then places like Koolina, Kapolei or Turtle Bay are close to $85 with occasional deals. And that’s why I keep a set on both islands. Aloha, iSank
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