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  1. War Eagle! I've yelled that few times. I grew up east of there so my memory is warped, but I just got an email from some golf website promoting "Niagara Parks Golf" maybe someone here has played there or close by, have a fun trip!
  2. As a scorecard holder for the LPGA Lotte I walked around 20,000 steps and when I did two rounds in one day my app showed 39,000 steps. When I walk 9 holes after work Strava says it's 5k as in 3.2 miles. its fun out there!
  3. Sitting here at the airport on Lanai thinking 2 things; 1) wow there are a lifetime of experiences out there and 2) where can I find a practice range with mirrors closer than Cambodia? Mahalo for sharing!
  4. Doh! My bad, well then she had plenty of time to reflect on it.
  5. There was a few rain/ lightning delays last week at the Lotte and that's a lot of time hanging out at Roy's waiting. Plenty of time to get on someone's nerve. I talked with a handful of caddies last week at the Lotte and I was wondering for these non-marquee players it can't be cheap coming out to Hawaii only to miss the cut. At least she took home $139,000+ while the two I followed holding the scorecard took home $10k each.
  6. That sounds like a great trip, tough to beat last years, dang, hanging with the Man and all. But your off with a solid plan. Look forward to the report. My wife seems to end being my golf buddy on most of my golf trips. Used to be my brother then he got busy but it's good fun with the dear one since I usually win the long drive competition.
  7. Aiea in the house! Today I played Pearl Country Club and was glad to add it to the map. Mahalo Dave!
  8. That is some nice golf, thanks for sharing the game golf links. Took me a couple days but enjoyed it, what a enjoyable way to live a few days. Note to self, pack wool cap, 53 degrees. But I guess it is still early, living in Hawaii I forget other places have seasons. I adjusted my 4 hybrid and driver to 1 degree lower and I'll see how that plays tomorrow, gotta stay out of that wind. Aloha, iSank
  9. b101 thanks for the link to Burnham and Berrow course looks great, such beauty. Look forward to hearing how it went and seeing proof. Dave, Big Mahalo's for the kind offer. We got 4 nights in Dornach by design playing both Brora and Royal Dornach. That's our most unplanned time for dining/ drinks. Kept it open to check out the area. Staying near 1st tee. again great foto's keep them coming. Aloha, iSank
  10. Gleneagles, Dornach, and St Andrews with a few stops along the way. Trying to get my game together, and not think about it too much.
  11. Aloha Gang, If, the biggest word of our language, so if, I was going to the Final Four and Sunday was open for golf, where would you suggest we stay? Nearby Glendale prices are high, we are ok with a $100 or less Uber/taxi to uopx stadium. Mahalo, just looking right now, iSank
  12. Looks like a worthy few days out, thanks for sharing. We are almost 2 months out from Scotland road trip.
  13. Good memories, in my elementary years our family played the Arnold Palmer putting course quite a bit, and after finding dads clubs in the garage we commenced to setting flags around our yard and whacking the ball around. When my brother turned 16 and got his drivers license we were off mostly to this 9 hole goat path that only charged $3 for 9 holes. I was 13 and we gradually worked our way up to nicer courses and had a lot of good fun for years to come. For the last 30 years when our paths have crossed, we have enjoyed a round or 2 together. Aloha, iSank
  14. I've been following St Andrews blog and that is a good walk thru of how all these horrible sand traps were built. I do not plan on being anywhere near that one, my plan is to kiss the balcony of suite 336 with wind only and come in with an 8I. Questions? good stuff, mahalo for posting!
  15. I always use to just have my cover buttoned on, never had a problem with clubs falling out. Did crash once, taking a corner about 50 mph, center of gravity too high and slide onto my side then off the road. Collapsed a lung and was pretty sore for a while. Then I bought a truck. Aloha & Mele Kalikimaka! iSank