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  1. Love the aerial views of the holes, minus that it’s always Molokai in the background, and #9 then #15 are brutal holes so it’s comforting in a small way to see them struggle to get it on the green in two. I did birdie #17 once with a 100’ chip in, but few swings are as fun as teeing off on #18. Great to see how those guys got around the track, and it’s a good thing mics are kept off most football players.
  2. Well that was short lived, guess I’ll go play a round.
  3. And it’s only a little after 3pm local so let’s playoff another 9 holes. English v. Niemann, the 15th playoff for this event. Aloha, iSank
  4. I do not get to play it enough but if asked about my top 3 I would choose 16-18 at Hualalai. 16 par 4 at 440 yards playing towards the ocean, slight bent to the right, little water on right, 17 par 3 with 163 yards running parallel to the shoreline, and then 18, a 410 yard par 4 with an over water carry to a fairway running right to left. Always leaves me wanting more.
  5. Very Nice! After flying over Norway on a cloudless day I knew Norway was a beautiful Nation. Then reading about Lofoten, I told my wife we will create an opportunity to golf there. Looks like that’s one of your top games. Very cool. I never counted rounds and I guess when I was keeping a handicap it would be easy to look up. This year we played Maui Kapalua Plantation x2 and Wailea Emerald, Vegas Wynn and some links course near town, Oahu, Ted Makalena x4, Ewa Villages x4 Pali GC x2 and Koolina x4, then finally Lanai; my clubs are 20 ft from my from door and I walk to the course. So I’ve
  6. Yes it did, but like I said in Edinburgh it took about a half hour. I start looking for it before we are even off the runway, and it’s a nice confirmation that they have arrived too.
  7. iSank

    Golf Wife?

    D. My wife is my favorite and most frequent golf partner. We have golfed on most of our trips, and have gone to college and pro football, baseball and basketball games, NHL, and cricket games together. Glad to see a couple other guys enjoy the blessings. She does not like to shop and does not want a pet. I’m a happy guy.
  8. OK guess I’ve been golfing for free over here on Lana’i to much to find this question. So, you can get a state ID, not worth changing license over, and yes there is a fairly significant green fee difference. Big Isle and especially north and south of Hilo has some odd characters, I mean who builds on an active volcano? There is decent mtn biking north, full moon Mana rd is pretty cool and the local bike crowd is very welcoming, hiking, my favorite is to the summit of Mauna Loa from 6k ft, and for golf you gotta learn to love Saddle rd, it’s the gateway to golf. Maybe bring a tent, drive
  9. Good and sad tales, kind of understand that. So I left Oahu that had high concerns of controlling it to an Island that had yet to get 1 case. All was well until Wednesday 4 popped positive, Thursday 38 and today Friday 60 something. I was tested and none in my circle including an 85 year old woman has had any issues. So the governor/mayor answer is a lockdown. How do you lockdown an island where the population is but a postage stamp on the entire island? No worries, I plan on golfing next week. I got to log a few more birdies on the 2020 birdie challenge. Aloha, iSank
  10. We used lugloc and used it Hawaii to Scotland, Hawaii to Sydney, to Auckland and Hawaii to Pinehurst to Alabama to Hawaii, and a few west coast trips. I think when we landed in Edinburgh it took a 1/2 hr to confirm but was able to confirm at JFK, and heathrow. I have lost clubs before on a mainland trip and love seeing that the clubs and luggage are with me. Aloha, iSank
  11. Aloha Gang, I have yet to play the game but am open to it, and as I play golf I see the cages around the course but the public course on Lana’i Hawaii there is a frisbee game. If you come over, please feel free letting me know. Aloha, iSank
  12. Aloha Gang, Well in this year I have visited Maui and Vegas for golf but then things got stymied. Took the COVID test this morning and my Dr just messaged me I’m clear so on Friday I head back to Lana’i and once in Maui county I can travel freely in Maui county, so I am not sure when I’ll get back to Oahu. Anyone else had to do the test to travel or had non-stymied golf adventures? This section needs some action. Aloha, iSank
  13. Had not seen this one but yes my wife and I played last summer 2019, while visiting family in CNY. We loved it, stayed at the lodge there, my dad told me his company had several Christmas parties there over the years. We played Shenendoah the first day and Atunyote on the 2nd, loved both days. I heard the other course was bit tough so chose to not play that, I love the game and need as much fairway as can be provided. Fairways and greens were in great shape, we felt like we were the only ones on the course, kept us spread out. Aloha, will
  14. In a few days the once “Toughest course in the country” Koolau golf course will be closed, last day 9/30 think I’ll save myself from losing so many golf balls and go play the Turtle Bay Palmer course. Aloha, iSank
  15. Wife got me this a couple years ago. As I walk to the course the neighbor kids come up and say “hey Uncle we like your Yoda” Aloha, iSank
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