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  1. Hey it’s 1-0 starting out the 3rd so we got a game, but yea, my tv starts on the golf channel and I was enjoying the Hockey then it hit me this is the Golf Channel. Monday to Wednesday no big deal, Hockey is an exciting game. Still remember all the moms with cowbells screaming at us 5 yo’s on the ice. Aloha, but originally an empire stater, iSank
  2. Which course on Kauai

    Well I’ve gone over there a few times sometimes for golf, sometimes to paddle, and here’s my thoughts. Poipu is really a lot of fun, beautiful course but only have played it once. What use to be Kauai Lagoons is now Hokuala and I really enjoy that course. There are some fun carries plus there a few beautiful holes heading to the harbor. It’s getting better I believe too. But when I go I always play the Makai Course in Princeville. I think the Prince course has gone private or was under construction when I was there last July but that course is beautiful. Every hole is a postcard view. But the Makai course also has plenty of fun holes and beautiful views. It’s just a drive up there to Princeville. I either stay up there or down at the Hyatt for Poipu, okay I guess I’ve played there twice, it is a very nice course. Here’s some fotos from Poipu https://williwannago.wordpress.com/2013/03/19/the-poipu-bay-golf-course/ and a few more from what is now Hokuala, it’s right there close to town. https://williwannago.wordpress.com/2013/03/18/18-holes-at-the-kauai-lagoons-golf-club/ Have fun! iSank
  3. Lydia Ko Thread

    Didn’t think I’d be posting on this thread but we spent today at one of our favorite courses Koolina at The Lotte. When Ms Ko came by my wife said “is that Ko? She is skin and bones” then I saw her and wow she is thin, not just small. Now I got to find a foto of her next to either of the Jutanagarn sisters. So she does pretty good for such a physical lite weight. We watched the last 6 groups off the green on #1, then moved to #5 & caught the last 5, then went over and sat between the 17th green and 16th tee and could watch the tee off on #18. Where we we saw from group 13 on to the last group where BH was up by 4 so we came home after they finished 17. Aloha, iSank
  4. April 10 Day 10 just after an easy 4 mile jog I went out back and worked on wedge play. Then I saw my canoe racks so I set them up about 20ft apart. Picture 2 small field goal posts and it required me to focus on getting the ball off the face squarely with the right amount of carry. Good fun, and I do get disappointed in my near green wedge play. Then I worked on swinging my 3 wood, and called it a day. Time for dinner. Aloha, iSank
  5. April 9 Day 9 had a tough run w/o with 9 x 30 sec uphill sprints so I only had enough energy to putt across the living while watching the news with my wife, she tolerated me going back and forth across the screen. Worked on getting a straight and smooth roll, and on distance control to as far as the room will reach. signed up for the Honolulu marathon so I’m running a little, trying to not let it get in the way of golf. Aloha, iSank
  6. April 8 Day 8 went to the range, practiced clearing my waist by keeping my left foot at 45 degrees, it felt good, and contact was good. Worked a few shots with each club. Then hit the putting green for a bit of focus on the ball going where I’m aiming. Aloha, iSank
  7. April 7 has arrived and I woke up and ran a 10k race. Day 7 too tired to play 9 I practiced my swing outside with 6I and 3W. Starting out with the 9 to 3 Drill focus on keeping left arm straight, then took some full swings and went back and forth. Then came inside and focused on my putting back swing. Hope to play tomorrow, aloha, iSank
  8. April 6 Day 6 indoor putting practice by putting across the living and trying to pick a spot for the ball to stop. Focused on good contact and pulling the club back cleanly and consistently without swaying in or out. ( noticed I did that a few times in the past) Aloha, iSank
  9. Day 5 April 5th did the 9 to 3 Drill emailed from revo golf today, I’ve seen a few pics of my left arm being bent at impact so I’m really trying to practice correct form, then got in a few full swings with my 6I. Then chipped around the back yard without breaking anything but bad habits. Aloha, iSank
  10. Between rain squalls I stepped out back and worked on my 3 wood swing, and pitching wedge. Took about ten swings with my 3 then chipped back and forth with my wedge a few times. Went back and forth a few times until the rain came then went back inside until the next break where I went back out and repeated my drills. It happens in the spring sometimes. Aloha, iSank
  11. Day 3 April 3rd, got home threw on the golf shirt and was headed up to the course next door then I realized the fairways are all torn up and the range was closed so I chipped across the back yard for several turns and then bumped and ran it many more times. Focus was on good contact, center of club, and getting the balls closely landing together. Aloha, iSank
  12. 4/2 Day 2 monsoon conditions outside so I putt across the living for 10 min working on square contact and hitting the ball with the center of the club face. Then I grabbed my wedges and tried to keep bouncing the ball in the air. Almost broke the cable box and still cannot find 1 of the balls. But did improve, will it help my hand eye coordination to result in better contact? I don’t know. Aloha, iSank
  13. OK, looking forward to a few games coming up so I find I do a lot better when I practice, and I practice more consistently when I report here. So for April 1 I walked 9holes with my focus being hitting the greens in regulation. That I got to drive and putt was icing on the cake. Aloha, iSank
  14. Old Tom Morris Shop is No More

    Kinda sad, as it was pretty cool to see that visible connection to the past. Especially since there are two St Andrews links souvenir shops nearby, three if you want to count the New Course shop. Thats it! ?On my next visit i’ll Stay in Dornach! Aloha, iSank

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