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  1. Thanks! We had a beautiful day and didn't feel the wind too much until the 18th and then we were straight into a stiff breeze. The one thing I remember, and I'm hardly qualified for any golf advice, is that there were several 'run outs' on the fairways. 2,3,5,7,11 and I don't recall each but on the 3rd I had my best drive only to end up on the steep rough leading out of the gully, making it tough to reach the green 148 yds away. Have a great tournament! Aloha, will
  2. Hickam AFB par 4 2nd shot sliced badly to the right, hits a tree root and flies up in the air, and floats over to the green 5 ft from the pin = birdie Funny to see spieth and his caddy laughing after the shot.
  3. Mahalo @dennyjones @bkuehn1952& @DaveP043 We went into town for lunch at the pub and as it was graduation week, there was no parking any where near, we found a spot on the street but it wanted lbs, we searched the car, no lbs, so we had lunch at the Castle Course clubhouse. Graduation was the day we left, and it was a good day to leave. have enjoyed Glenmorangie in the past, just haven't found one that I'm a fan of but I did have a dram that night and raised my glass to the 16 men of Tain. Fully agree on Tain and RD. Being that I've spent a few moments on the ocean, the Links fairways look like a moment in time, a snapshot of what the ocean surface is, and while St Andrews is a nice easy breeze small waves, Tain is a small craft advisory. Big 10-15 ft surf, We had the course to ourselves, but at Royal Dornach players were stacked. As far as my ocean analogy on Royal Dornach I would say mostly 10-15 knots with an occasional Tsunami. Its a good day for golf!
  4. Aloha good people of The Sand Trap, We took a few weeks in beautiful Scotland and here's some of the details. First of all it's a long flight from Honolulu, took a little time with the TA to make sure there was only 1 over night flight and minimal layover time. After 2 days in Edinburgh we headed to Gleneagles, and what a resort this is, great food, service, and 3 courses, we played 2. Here's us on the PGA course and thought we'd wear the red, white and blue even though the US did lose that one. This course was downright fun and good challenge. Then too long of a drive to Skye but in the end was well worth it. There is now 3 nice bottles of Talisker at home. Then we headed north. One night in Tain after playing Tain, then we stayed in Dornach for 4 nights. Stayed at the Links House and loved it. We had a mini-fridge outside of the room, stocked with bottled water, with a coffee machine on top. They also had an "honesty bar" where you poured and recorded your own drinks. Met 4 US guys who go here every year, they love Dornach and called St Andrews a circus. What a course it is, but first Brora and then Royal Dornach, here's the start of Foxy, boogied it. Tough course but would love to play it a dozen more times. Then we went down to St Andrews, stayed at the Fairmont, it's ok. Played the Eden, New and the Old courses plus the Kittocks at the hotel. About getting on the Old Course...We entered the raffle last year, then entered the ballot 4 days in a row, when no luck I decided to go standby, my wife stayed in bed, and at 7:50am I heard my name being called, the 3 ball was already on the tee, my heart was pounding, paid my $$, introduced myself and then all of a sudden it was my turn. I tee up, heart still pounding, I try to relax, take a deep breath and ripped it, best shot of the group. Then I could not stop smiling for the next 4 hours, shot a 92, played with the same ball until the 17th where I put that dear ball on someone's balcony so I got to tee-off twice on the 17th. What a game, you meet the best people, have a fun set of times, face a challenge, and enjoy the fairways & fresh air. After 20'years of marriage it's still very fun to experience such a trip together. We rented a car so it was easy to get around, except for a few very skinny roadways. And at the end of the trip, we got onboard a plane a flew to Hawaii If your thinking about it! Aloha will
  5. Haven't worked since May 30 and it's been an enjoyable summer. Students return in 2 1/2 weeks in Hawaii so yes it's coming to an end but the work is engaging then ten weeks later is fall break! Yes @DaveP043 I'll get the tr up shortly. About the birthdays, I cant say it was fully intended but the though crossed my mind when got married real close to her birthday. So it's an Us week and her day. Aloha, iSank
  6. Wife and I got back in June from 3 weeks in Scotland and it was Scotch and golf. What a fabulous time it was. Did a 3 hr tasting at Talisker and walked away with a few liters to bring home. Golfed Gleneagles, Tain, Brora, Royal Dornach, St Andrews Eden, New and Old. What an experience, Do it! I'd like to play Augusta, and any other of the wonderful courses we have here in USA or North America. We go to Vegas enough so we'll get on Shadow Creek, and we'll go back Scotland maybe Ireland but it'll be a few years. What a game! Aloha, iSank
  7. That's me teeing off on the 18th, it was a great round, played my handicap and played the same ball except the one deposited at the Old Course Hotel. Will do at the Whey Pat! Had to look it up but look forward to the stop.
  8. Success! No luck on the lottery or daily ballot so I set the alarm for 3am and got in line. Ended up being #22 with 11 guaranteed spots right away I sat there reading in the 11th spot. Every one must have went to breakfast because at 7:40 my name was called and ten minutes later we teed off! having fun in Scotland, Aloha, iSank
  9. War Eagle! I've yelled that few times. I grew up east of there so my memory is warped, but I just got an email from some golf website promoting "Niagara Parks Golf" maybe someone here has played there or close by, have a fun trip!
  10. As a scorecard holder for the LPGA Lotte I walked around 20,000 steps and when I did two rounds in one day my app showed 39,000 steps. When I walk 9 holes after work Strava says it's 5k as in 3.2 miles. its fun out there!
  11. Sitting here at the airport on Lanai thinking 2 things; 1) wow there are a lifetime of experiences out there and 2) where can I find a practice range with mirrors closer than Cambodia? Mahalo for sharing!
  12. Doh! My bad, well then she had plenty of time to reflect on it.
  13. There was a few rain/ lightning delays last week at the Lotte and that's a lot of time hanging out at Roy's waiting. Plenty of time to get on someone's nerve. I talked with a handful of caddies last week at the Lotte and I was wondering for these non-marquee players it can't be cheap coming out to Hawaii only to miss the cut. At least she took home $139,000+ while the two I followed holding the scorecard took home $10k each.
  14. That sounds like a great trip, tough to beat last years, dang, hanging with the Man and all. But your off with a solid plan. Look forward to the report. My wife seems to end being my golf buddy on most of my golf trips. Used to be my brother then he got busy but it's good fun with the dear one since I usually win the long drive competition.
  15. Aiea in the house! Today I played Pearl Country Club and was glad to add it to the map. Mahalo Dave!