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  1. Welcome. I'm also in Oregon. I played Chehalem Glenn once and it was nice and a good price.
  2. I finally got to use my rainsafe. It came in handy as it sits strapped to my bag and when it started raining on a fairway, I was able to quickly unfold it and cover my bag. It worked as expected. It does seem a little thin/fragile but that is because it is light weight and compact when folded. I definitely like it as it covered my bag and not just the the top.
  3. I got a box of these from Wildhorse with a stay and play package. I normally use balls I find and so I try a wide variety. With these positive reviews I will try them soon and hopefully don't lose them too fast. The e6 is a ball I liked to use whenever I could find a stray.
  4. I have the Rain safe for my blade but still have not had a chance to test it. I usually check the weather before I go out but I do bring it just in case. I will update when I get a chance to use it.
  5. Hello everyone. I am from Oregon, west of Portland. I started golfing last year and am really enjoying it. I came here to learn some things and spend some time.
  6. I use a Scooby Doo for my driver and a R2-D2 for my putter. I don't have any woods or hybrids at the moment so no other covers. I was told that the part of the driver cover that covers the shaft is to protect the shaft from being hit by the other clubs that are shorter.
  7. In Oregon, it rains frequently and a good pair of waterproof/resistant shoes are a good purchase. I also go a pair of gloves for cold weather to keep both hands warm.
  8. I play with the M4-12. I got it when I had just started playing and did not know much about golf.
  9. Update with your testing. I was thinking about picking up the 3.0 as well for my putter.
  10. "PING is going to help me be fast and forgiving with the new G Driver and Crossover!" Hideki Matsuyama -14 Paul Casey -13 Patrick Reed -12
  11. I will try these out as it has been raining a lot still this year. Thanks.
  12. This year it would be a 21 degree Titleist 816 H2.
  13. Driver: Nike SasQuatch 460 Tour Graphite Irons: Titleist CB 712 Dynamic Gold
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