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  1. haven't followed this topic much, but saw him a couple times at the pga and he had a funky waggle like JT but longer before he swung. just looks uncomfortable.
  2. I’ve played the 639 cb irons for almost a year. I like them. Just got the same shaft and specs from my previous irons. They work well for me. Jason the owner is very accessible to answer questions. I’ve tried a couple other clubs, a driving iron and a driver that I didn’t like and they let me return them no issue. I think their irons for better players are solid.
  3. I didn't get 9,12,15,16. impressed you got 15, 16.
  4. I thought this was kind of fun. How many can you name?
  5. Day 3 done. No video. These are good drills for me to feel a little more compact backswing and not let that elbow get too far behind. Finished up with my current drill from evolvr to slide the hips and feel a little fall towards target along with getting my arms down quickly to start downswing.
  6. Forgot the split hand drill so went back and did that after. My daughter was “helping” me film so the tripod was moving some.
  7. bought this on a whim, good deal on woot. Want to try just playing to the middle of every green more this year instead of lasering every flag.
  8. Looks better to my untrained eye. Seems more under control at top of backswing. I’m trying to shorten my backswing and the feel I go back to is one @iacas gave me to have the arms stop when the pivot stops.
  9. A fresh look at my swing with a new evolvr instructor. Here are the notes and focus for now. I’m looking forward to getting to work on this priority. 1) your lower center needs to slide a bit more from 4-6. I think that will be easier if you flare your left foot more. 2)from 4-6 I would like your lower center to fall forward and down on to your left foot. Left knee is going to track over the left foot if there is enough flare to the left foot. Moving forward properly will make it easier to get the shaft inline with the lead arm at impact. I like his last note as a reminder too, I needed this.... Keep it Simple, short, slow, specific and see success.
  10. cool, good perspective. I'd like to try that someday. I've added a few more ping clubs to my bag the last year and really like them. I've got the regular g400 3 wood and it's so easy to hit. I'll have to test the other versions sometime. Thanks for the reply, good luck with your events this year.
  11. Good looking bag Mike. Just curious since you are all ping do you test other brands or just sticking with one keeps things simple? Also that stretch 3, do you play much off the deck or as another option on a tight driving hole?
  12. Wanzo

    Super Bowl LIV Picks

    Yes! Yes! Hope the first of many.
  13. From the website...I find this to be accurate for me too; “The SuperSpeed Set Swinging the lightest club first increases the speed by reducing the load. You should swing this club approx. 19% faster than your driver club speed. Swinging the medium club second not only increases the speed but as it weighs more than the light club it encourages perminancy of the initial speed gain. You should swing this club approx. 15% faster than your driver club speed. Swinging the heavy club third helps to create a perminancy in the speed gain. You should swing this club 12% faster than your driver club speed.“ If you mean just how fast can you swing it all out like the sticks then yeah it’s between red and blue at least for me. I swing it at the end of a session after the other sticks as fast as I can a few times.
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