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  1. I'm looking forward to seeing this one in person. The others (Callaway, Taylormade, Ping), I feel like i have seen previous iterations and hit them, but haven't taken a look at Cobra in a long time. But it seems like there are a whole lot of good options and competition for drivers.
  2. Wanzo

    Unusual Putting Technique

    not trying to be a jerk but this would not move the ball if done literally. I guess you are just using this feeling. Like others have said, would be helpful to have a video of both "methods".
  3. Going to Destin in 3 weeks. Not sure what courses I’ll play yet. Visiting my uncle who is living there for the winter for the first time. But really looking forward to just playing especially with all the winter weather here.
  4. Wanzo

    Winter Depression Thread

    6-8inches of snow last night and 4-6 more coming today. Counting the days til spring.
  5. Wanzo

    My Swing (DeadMan)

    That’s great! Love the smile at the camera before the swing.
  6. I remember playing the top flite magna. Same concept I guess. It was kind of odd looking down at a ball that was noticeably bigger.
  7. Wanzo

    My Swing (Wanzo)

    I built it a few years ago and I have a flightscope with some tru golf software. I don’t use the software or flightscope near as much as I thought I would. I use the practice area almost daily, especially in the winter. But I’ve found I kind of prefer to not get distracted by how far I hit shots or the numbers when I’m working on my swing. So I just don’t turn it on often. I’ll use it to check my swing path or work on wedge distances some. But typically I just leave it off and work on my swing at home then I’ll see my ball flight etc when I’m at the range. Although this time of year I will turn it on some since weather is bad.
  8. Wanzo

    My Swing (Wanzo)

    Full swing evolvr notes: keep working the drill to feel the backswing more narrow and shorter to stop the arms from running on. Exaggerate the laying down the shaft feel a bit more and slow way down especially on the pump where I hit the ball so I can keep the shaft from tipping out. Make sure to keep steady head to start downswing to keep axis tilt. Feel swinging out to the right through impact. Some drills before I got these notes.
  9. Day 4, January 4: 30 min rotating putting setup changes along with steady head and slow mo backswing feels for the full swing. Same stuff, working on keeping the club narrow early in the backswing and right tricep touching side to shorten the backswing. Will read some lowest score wins later.
  10. ha, nice find. I traded that one in for some other gear because i started using the wedge that matched my full set more often. but i still have the matching 56 and 60 that i like a lot around the greens.
  11. Day 3, January 3: -early morning super speed training -15 min putting working on my setup tweaks and getting more comfortable -5 min working on first few feet of backswing, keeping right elbow in front
  12. Wanzo

    Predict the 2019 Majors

    Players: Jon Rahm (-12) Masters: Jordan Spieth (-13) PGA Championship: Tiger Woods (-9) U.S. Open: Rickie Fowler (-5) British Open: Rory Mcllroy (-8) FedExCup: Jordan Spieth
  13. Gotcha...something to shoot for. I misplaced it. Not sure if it’s somewhere around here or maybe left on vacation and some lucky guy now has it. I’m looking forward to reading it again.
  14. 146 with green club? That’s about the fastest I’ve ever swung it. Day 2, January 2 actually did superspeed yesterday and forgot to list it. I did mirror work on my backswing feeling the umbrella getting the club up vertically quickly by pushing left hand down. Did some putting with my head up against a wall. Also got my fresh copy (misplaced my old one) and gonna take a fresh read through this....
  15. Day 1, Jan 1, a few short sessions working on steady head while putting and the recent setup changes. Then some mirror work on my current full swing changes i’m working on; feeling narrower arc to the club going back, pushing down with left hand, shorter backswing with right tricep touching my side.

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