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  1. Red got some momentum going into tomorrow!
  2. Taking lessons poll

    I was curious how people approach taking lessons. If they alter how and when they take them based on the season, how much they are playing, etc.. Especially since there are some on here who use evolvr or work with an instructor consistently, I was curious if those types of instruction change over the course of the year....meaning more lessons in the winter or when things are going poorly or if people just keep the same mentality and approach year round on improving. Maybe this is true, I didn't know. It sure seems like a lot of people on this board who are lower handicaps are consistently working on their swing, talking about the work they are doing with their instructor. Would you consider tour pros to be taking lessons when they work with an instructor? Maybe some are only talking to the instructor when things are going bad but I kind of doubt that is the case since most of the instructors are standing behind them on the practice range before tourneys. I think it depends on your instructor and how you define regularly. If you are seeing someone every 2 or 3 weeks and they aren't changing the priority every time, then I think that would be constructive.
  3. Taking lessons poll

    Makes sense. I think where I've tended to struggle is not doing a good job turning off the mechanical thoughts when I'm trying to score. I think I'd like to take the approach of making bigger technical changes now(this time of year), where the season is winding down here. Work on them over the winter and then try to calm down the changes going into the season. It's hard for me to draw that line because I don't play a lot at this stage of life so part of me thinks I should just keep working on technical stuff all the time to make the most progress until I'm at a point in life where I can play more.
  4. Taking lessons poll

    How often do you take lessons?
  5. That was fun to watch. His reactions were great.
  6. Voted no. Will watch now. I'd like to try.
  7. It's already been stated but I don't pay attention to total when working on flightscope, only carry. I did have a related question and didn't see this discussed anywhere unless I missed it. The Numbers I get on flightscope indoors seem to be inflated versus actual when I'm playing. Maybe because I'm hitting off a mat? Anyone have similar experience?
  8. Super fly

    Anybody have one of these in the bag? Was in a new sporting goods store today and saw it. I've never seen one with this much loft. This would help with the flop shot challenge
  9. What'd You Shoot Today?

    81 with two bladed wedges that cost me at least 4 strokes. Was playing in our work match play bracket and won on the 21st hole. Guy I was playing didn't hit a wood all night, teed off with a 4 iron every hole and kept it in play. I'd be 50 yards past him. Actually kind of frustrating he was hitting his irons so well all night.
  10. http://golfweek.com/2017/08/01/david-fehertys-oldest-son-dies-from-overdose-on-29th-birthday/
  11. NFL 2017-2018

    My Chiefs finally drafted a quarterback. If he plays this year, that's probably a bad sign though. Although with Alex Smith as our QB, we will be good enough for me to get excited and then heartbroken when they lose in the playoffs. That said, I'm excited for football season, and playing some fantasy football.
  12. Callaway Apex Forged irons

    I have the apex and like them fine. Feel is good IMO. They do spin a little less as mentioned. Pretty forgiving for the type of iron. I have a little trouble feeling the miss and hitting consistent yardages (prob more me than the club's). I'm not a long hitter necessarily but I think my next set I will pick something that's not so designed for max distance. Irons are a really personal preference thing and I know a ton of people love them. Just test a few out and get fitted