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  1. Super fly

    Anybody have one of these in the bag? Was in a new sporting goods store today and saw it. I've never seen one with this much loft. This would help with the flop shot challenge
  2. What'd You Shoot Today?

    81 with two bladed wedges that cost me at least 4 strokes. Was playing in our work match play bracket and won on the 21st hole. Guy I was playing didn't hit a wood all night, teed off with a 4 iron every hole and kept it in play. I'd be 50 yards past him. Actually kind of frustrating he was hitting his irons so well all night.
  3. http://golfweek.com/2017/08/01/david-fehertys-oldest-son-dies-from-overdose-on-29th-birthday/
  4. NFL 2017-2018

    My Chiefs finally drafted a quarterback. If he plays this year, that's probably a bad sign though. Although with Alex Smith as our QB, we will be good enough for me to get excited and then heartbroken when they lose in the playoffs. That said, I'm excited for football season, and playing some fantasy football.
  5. Callaway Apex Forged irons

    I have the apex and like them fine. Feel is good IMO. They do spin a little less as mentioned. Pretty forgiving for the type of iron. I have a little trouble feeling the miss and hitting consistent yardages (prob more me than the club's). I'm not a long hitter necessarily but I think my next set I will pick something that's not so designed for max distance. Irons are a really personal preference thing and I know a ton of people love them. Just test a few out and get fitted
  6. Cool driving range

    I didn't realize how big it was. And they are still building new courses and lodging. I need to plan a golf trip here. Probably driving distance for you too I think. I didn't walk down close but I think your right. Not sure if they allow off grass sometimes or not, it rained quite a bit last night.
  7. What Podcasts Do You Listen To?

    I haven't been a podcast guy up til now, but listened to the first 2 episodes of s-town and looking forward to finishing. Pretty addictive. I didn't look too closely at this thread for fear of reading the ending. ?
  8. My wife and I are in Branson and I snapped this pic of one of the coolest driving ranges I have seen.
  9. My Swing (Wanzo)

    I'm getting back into a routine of working on my swing a little more. My focus right now is: 1. Feel right foot twist or corkscrew in the ground on the backswing to make sure pressure shifts back dynamically 2. Feel a squat in transition 3. Feel trail foot banking to keep lower body structure A lot of mirror drills and slow mo swings. We'll see if this cleans up a few other things related to key three. Trying to keep it simple and focused.
  10. POLL: Is Jordan Spieth a Whiny Baby?

    I think he's a little whiny at times but I still like him and enjoy cheering for him. I appreciate he seems genuine.
  11. I like animals but we had a dog that kind of went crazy after we had our 4th daughter. Guess he was sick of us bringing kids home to replace any attention we gave him. Little sad but mostly relieved to find him a new home. Golf related, I was excited to get a Scotty Cameron like tiger had but I couldn't line the darn thing up with any confidence And putted poorly with it.
  12. Not that I wish I had them back necessarily but the first real set of irons I had and got fitted for were titleist 962. A lot of fond memories of rounds with those
  13. I like spieths chances a little better.