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  1. The last couple of weeks I've been working on a drill from my evolvr instructor to feel my left arm pull down quickly from the top of the backswing. Basically feel like I'm trying to get my hands ahead of my front leg and hitting the ball with a lot of shaft lean. I have a small "flip" currently that we are trying to get rid of, along with trying to get the right elbow in front of my body on the downswing, instead of lagging behind. So I've been doing this slowly and then hitting some balls with the same feel. It's kind of crazy how I can hit a ball 80-90% of full distance with a shortened "punch" type of swing. Sometimes even from a stopped position at the top of the backswing. Addressing.... flip: Right elbow:
  2. Agree. I like this list. I have to actively remind myself not to "correct" my girls when they are swinging. They are all basically brand new to golf. Trying to just have fun.
  3. I work in the mortgage industry. My two cents on if it's worth your time, it's very scenario specific. I.E., your current balance along with the other items you and others have already discussed above. It sounds like you have a good handle on how to figure out if it's a good deal. I would encourage you to seriously consider moving forward if you will save a percent for 8-9 years it's likely worth your time. Companies like Quicken might not have the local presence of other large banks, but they are obviously totally legit. Although I would say that they don't normally have the lowest rate. If you have good credit, debt to income, etc., and only 8-9 years left, you will probably get a good deal with a local bank or credit union. Good luck,
  4. I had a futura and liked it fine. Made a lot of putts with it. Especially good at the shorter ones. I can't compare to an odyssey but I switched back to a blade style this year, I seem to have better distance control on lag putts with that style. If u want a good deal on the futura it's just sitting in my basement.
  5. That's terrific that you are entering. Hope you play well. Looking forward to hearing how it goes. Good luck with finals too.
  6. I feel bad about that. I accidentally deleted them from my YouTube when I was cleaning up some stuff and I'm trying to locate the originals to re-upload. That said, I would like to at least play enough times to get a legit hdcp before being considered. So I am working on playing some in the month of may. I've been traveling for work and weather has not cooperated when I've had time.
  7. What's to the right of the water, another fairway?.....is it big? A shot like that I think I would defer to the club that I just felt the most confident I could hit the desired shot that day and leave a decent distance to the green. For me, typically a hybrid.
  8. I'm intrigued by the idea and would love to try my own version of it someday. I would scale it back quite a bit even if I had the time and resources. I want golf to always feel like it's fun and not a job.
  9. Finally played my first full 18 hole round this year and shot 79 on my home course. One birdie, couple doubles. Couple chunked pitches and couple pulled tee shots cost me. Just aerated so putting was basically aim and hit it hard and hope for best. All in all, not terrible but need to get out and play more now.
  10. Nice round!
  11. haha, well I hear you and I'm not saying we need more f-bombs caught on live tv. I'm just amazed at the lack of emotional response of most guys. I think that's part of the appeal of the ryder cup, they seem to let their guard down in that respect since it's more acceptable to show emotion in a team setting I guess.
  12. I voted yes since he seemed to play ok last week and has played well at times under pressure before. But I agree with some that I'd be ok if he didn't make it....he's kind of easy to cheer against.
  13. I agree, I'd like to see more on tour....positive and negative. Rory throwing his club in the water, fist pump after a made putt, something that shows they care. I realize they very much do, but few show any emotion, unless it's the ryder cup.... Which is interesting that some of them seem to play so well when letting emotion take over, (Rory, Patrick Reed) you'd think maybe they'd let that style carry over more to individual play. But, I guess part of my point in the original post is how people totally overreact to stuff like this.
  14. http://www.golfdigest.com/story/heres-the-jason-dufner-club-drop-that-people-were-upset-about-at-the-rbc-heritage I know there was another thread on this topic (sort of) a while ago, but I found how this was portrayed in the story and some of the reaction interesting. I didn't see this live, but I would bet that what one of the commenters in the story said was true..... that the caddy was probably holding the flagstick so he would have been walking to the hole anyways. Either way, probably not a great look for Dufner.