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  1. That’s my first instinct as well. Knocking 30 yards off their drives and 10% off their approach affecting choice of club would have a bigger impact. Agree, except they would start respecting them more and play away from them and avoid short siding possibly without a lob wedge? Sure, but just asking which affects scoring more. Not which gives certain players advantage.
  2. A teaching pro I know posed this question that I thought was interesting.
  3. I usually dislike scrambles but a few guys from work wanted to play yesterday so we scrambled. I hit some of the best shots I’ve hit in a long time. Usually when I’m playing I try to just forget about mechanics as best I can but this kind of freed me up to accept the results while still thinking about incorporating a couple changes I’m trying to make. So I’m encouraged to keep working my swing better over the winter. Main things I’m working on which probably aren’t really going to change: *hands in and clubhead up more on takeaway. Felt it in a new way yesterday by focusing on keeping the left arm more connected to start back *shorten backswing *whatever feel works to get club a little more shallow and in to out and more inline at impact. lay shaft down, right elbow forward, increase right side bend, steady head to start down, cam champ shaft lean at impact. it sounds like a lot but I’m feeling it more as one fluid motion at slower speeds during practice.
  4. Yeah I feel old but ready to get after it and ready for that savvy veteran thing to kick in any day.
  5. Now that the season is winding down, at least for me, i'm going to start working on my swing a lot over the next few months. Starting by trying to feel the head/pressure going away from target while my hands push forward into impact to try to get more of an inline impact. extreme example of the feel i'm shooting for and my current swings below:
  6. Evolvr notes: 1. Keep same backswing feels and continue to work to shorten the arm swing on the backswing, stop arms when pivot stops 2. Keep head steady or feel it moving away from target slightly at start of downswing 3. Feel right side bend, right shoulder closer to right hip in downswing 4. Keep my tilt as I keep the body turning through lot of slow swings for now to work on this new feel All with the goal to flatten the shaft and get clubhead coming into the ball a little more from the inside and a little shallower
  7. Latest Evolvr Notes: Add in a feeling that the hips are opening to start the downswing as the shoulders are slow to open or even not opening. this should help tie some of the other pieces i'm working on together.
  8. Really nice looking clubs 👍
  9. 3. Groove cleaning brush, white shorts (if that counts), hard 7 iron.
  10. I vote no. Maybe if I was single. Odds pretty well in my favor doesn’t make me feel any better if I’m in jail for 5 years away from my family. Although I do feel confident I could do it. Just not worth that risk.
  11. This makes sense. Thanks for the reply. This is specifically something I’ve been working on lately with evolvr so wanted to make sure I understood. I have the tendency to accelerate a little too much instead of just coasting into the ball.
  12. I didn’t look back to see if this has been specifically referenced before, but in this video he mentions Sam putt lab data that shows pros go forward twice as much as back in their putting stroke? No need to watch the whole video but just watch 20 seconds starting at the 3:00 min mark. I tried to google the data but didn’t look too hard yet
  13. Have you listened to this podcast (chasing scratch)? i couldn't tell, honest question. I'm always intrigued to hear how people do it who are one step (or many steps) ahead of me. I've found some interviews on the "18Strong" podcast to be interesting along these lines. He has had a few guests like this, (former club champion at bellerive, guy who has won many amatuer events and competing nationally in usga am stuff, former Mizzou player now trying to make it on tour, etc.). it might be more interesting to me since the host is from st. louis (not far) so i am familiar with some of the guests. The strategies and mindsets seem to vary of course, but i would say one common theme is they are focused, have a plan and work the plan.
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