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  1. Wanzo

    My Swing (Wanzo)

    I remembered this drill from the instruction portion of the site....this is a better description of what i was working on to help my backswing, kuchar takeaway drill.
  2. Wanzo

    My Swing (Wanzo)

    I'm going to try to refresh this thread and get to practicing again. I tried to mostly just play this summer, not focus on too much technical in my swing. Mostly putting and short game when i did practice. Got my handicap down to 6.6. I went back over this thread and refreshed on some of the main ideas today. I'll upload a video after I've had a couple of practice sessions working on these feels again. One thing i found in my practice session today was it seems that hovering my club helps get me started with the things i need to work on, getting the clubhead up a little quicker going back and then shortening the back swing a bit. Still feels a little awkward, but i know that long term i really need to get this down to become a more consistent ball striker.
  3. Yeah. i agree that doesn't make any sense. Some people like to point to Dustin Johnson and say it looks like he doesn't care about results. He obviously cares, but his personality doesn't manifest itself in yelling or slamming clubs when he misses or hits a bad one. I think this topic is related to your previous comments about mental game being boiled down to enjoying pressure. More caring=More pressure. And if you don't enjoy that feeling....people, (me at times included) use the not caring philosophy or at least pretending not to care about results as a self defense mechanism and maybe a way to minimize pressure. Probably not the most effective long term way to get better when feeling pressure as just accepting it and learning to enjoy it.
  4. I think the line of thinking is saying that if you focus, or "care", about the results too much during your pre-shot, it can change your process or routine, even if just mentally, and negatively affect the outcome.
  5. Agree. I saw him a couple times at the masters and he whined about the greens or something after each shot/putt I saw. Kinda his style. Emotional.
  6. I do the routine then take three swings with each stick and my driver maxing out and write down my highest for each. I was wondering if I was making progress so I charted them the other day and added the trend line so that gave me some motivation to keep going.
  7. Wanzo

    2018 Masters Tournament Discussion Topic

    I went with the field and top 10. I think he will play well. I like his chances better than any one individual but I think he’ll come close but someone else will get hot and win. Should be fun though. And I’m excited for my first time I’ll get the opportunity to attend on sat. I hope he’s in contention.
  8. https://www.bizjournals.com/phoenix/prnewswire/press_releases/Arizona/2018/01/23/NY95380 "On approach, easy-to-read diagrams illustrate the contours and flows of the entire green, helping players with their club selection and ball placement strategy so that players know which part of the green to hit to. Moreover, with every putt, players can see precise closeup views of the breaks between the ball and cup -- subtle changes in elevation and green direction that are often undetectable to the naked eye." Great, now my playing partners can check the slope of the green to decide how to funnel their ball to the hole.....99% of people are not good enough to have this be helpful, just slow them down. Seems like this tech offer the same info as the ones the pros use that are likely to be outlawed?
  9. Wanzo

    My Swing (Wanzo)

    Thanks Erik, I noticed that the practice motions looked good then on the hit the shaft did get much steeper. I’ll make that a focus.
  10. Wanzo

    My Swing (Wanzo)

    Thought I would post a couple pieces of practice to this thread with the main drill and feels I’m working on daily right now. Trying to eliminate a small flip and have better club face control. Working on keeping club outside hands going back, shallowing with right elbow leading going down then “hit it with my pivot”. So square club face that way as opposed to hands rolling over quickly. The “pump” is too big and I could stand to slow down a little more but heading in the right direction.
  11. Wanzo

    Golf apparel for girls

    I’ve ran into similar issues finding clothes for my oldest daughters who are starting golf ages 10,9. I know you mentioned she needed to try them on, but I did have luck finding a few things (adidas, puma, under armour) on amazon. Couple I had to send back for new sizes but no biggie.
  12. These 4 are all on my bucket list. Enjoy! I’m hoping to pick one for a trip for my 40th bday next summer. I’m not sure if I’ll make a trip happen to play anywhere special this year but I’ll drive over to St. Louis to watch the pga champ which falls on my bday.
  13. Wanzo

    My Swing (Wanzo)

    Thanks for the note. That is helpful and confirms some of the feels I was going for. I’ll keep at it, keeping it simple and focused while confirming these checks. Thanks again.

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