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  1. My Swing (Wanzo)

    I had the opportunity to visit @iacas in Erie and spend some time working on my game so I wanted to document my notes here for reference. I'm not going to put them all here, because there is a lot, but these are the main ideas. First of all, thank you Erik for your hospitality, I think we made a lot of progress and I have a good understanding of my swing now and the things I need to work on to get my scores down in the future. Here's my takeaways: Practice slower My tendency is to swing too fast when I'm trying to incorporate changes. Erik would tell me to swing at 50%, I'd try the move, and we both would agree that was probably more like 90%. So from now on, I really need to focus my practice sessions on working slowly to do the move right. Jason Dufner is my spirit animal Or he should at least be the swing picture I'm working towards, especially when referencing how compact his swing is and how his right elbow works The first day we spent most of the time working on my takeaway, getting the club to work more up...and then working on my right elbow starting down by moving towards the ball (not just down) and in front of me, in order to get the shaft to lay down. A lot of drills, slo-mo swings with a few training aids, etc.. Here is me exaggerating the feel on the takeaway: A before and after showing the right elbow concept As we were working on these two items, a couple of other issues started to clear up some without addressing them directly. I was keeping my head more steady as I started the downswing and I was retaining more secondary axis tilt. Also, my hands weren't rolling over so fast in the forward swing after impact. Here is where I'm hoping to get to in the backswing: We also spent some time working on my pitching the first day. I got a better feeling for the concepts from the instructional thread about pitching on the site. Practiced feeling the club fan open and under the plane a little and feeling gravity do a lot of the work to let the club fall back on the ball. Also touched on setup for these short shots. Day two we added in a couple setup tweaks: Also added a feel of keeping the chest pointed at the ground. This is me exaggerating but shows the feel of not retracting the right shoulder, this also helped shorten the swing and keep the right elbow in check. We made a couple of tweaks to the setup with the driver too. I was a little too tall and had the ball too far back in my stance. Later we worked on my putting and I thought this part was really cool. I seemed to do ok aiming my current putter, we made a small tweak but the main objective was to create a little overspin. Also, I had a tendency to have the putter accelerate slightly after impact. We worked on having the putter rise a little through impact with a little more forward press/shaft lean feel or "float loady" feel. I am glad I was able to make the trip and now more motivated than ever to try and make the changes necessary to improve.
  2. Tipping Hotel Staff

    well i started the thread saying i haven't. i could see that. the guy who wants to clean mine at the end of the round earns his tip, plenty of work to do.
  3. I was reading back through this thread because i know that i need to work on this and really want to commit to this way of practicing, but have a tendency to get off track easily. Trying to do too many things at once and judging my practice based on impact and results instead of am i changing the picture. i was listening to an interview with Matt Every and he said this talking about the swing: I've learned a ton, I almost think i've learned too much. I wish i could forget a lot of stuff I know about the golf swing. I feel like I'd be better, but I can't.
  4. Tipping Hotel Staff

    absolutely, i try to make sure i get some cash before traveling because I tend to not use it in general. I agree, it would help me remember, but it seems enough people complain or get offended by this that companies choose to not do it
  5. Tipping Hotel Staff

    Good idea. I am usually with my family when in a hotel so with 4 kids we are usually calling for extra towels most days . Totally agree here, i feel bad about leaving a mess. I thought the gratuity guide linked in the article was somewhat helpful: https://www.ahla.com/sites/default/files/guestGratuityGuide.pdf This is a little off topic but it does seem like more places are starting to ask for tips when you pay. When you slide your card to pay, the system will ask you if you want to tip. The places i have noticed it at: Panera: This one i don't understand. You walk to the register, order, go pick up your own food, eat, clean up your dishes and leave. What are you tipping? Sports Clips: Makes sense, i'm going to tip anyways so makes sense for the system to ask.
  6. Tipping Hotel Staff

    Do you tip hotel housekeepers? I'm pretty good about tipping in general, but this one I've never really got in the habit of doing. This article is thought provoking. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/10/30/business/hotel-housekeeper-tipping.html
  7. When is it too cold to golf?

    Played 9 holes this morning and it was 40 degrees, cloudy, and some wind. I wouldn't have played but have a buddy in town who want s to play. It wasn't as bad as i thought but pretty darn cold and harder to swing with 4 layers on.
  8. What is Your Punch-Out Club?

    6 or 7 iron. I generally have a higher ball flight so I have to make a couple adjustments but I don't really feel comfortable punching with anything longer.
  9. Are you a brand snob?

    I think I lean on the brand snob side. For me it's a little bit of a mental thing, I want to believe in my equipment and part of that (for me) is trusting major brands and their tech. When I try new clubs I usually have a pretty good idea based on reviews which ones i'll try, then i'll check them out in person and see if I actually like the look, if so, i'll hit them. If they feel good when I hit them....i'll test the final contenders against each other on how they perform. I do play Snell balls, so I guess I'm not a snob on balls....although I do think that they have a pretty strong following and support on this site and are gaining more mainstream acceptance.
  10. I voted "something else" and "no". I tend to think he had pretty poor technique, but I do think that it probably got in his head some after hitting some poor shots which affected his confidence too. I think he'll be past that this time around but curious to see if his technique is different. I mean, he had to have practiced that area a lot given his physical limitations for a while and the obvious need.
  11. My Swing (Wanzo)

    Going to keep working what I've been working on along with: -feel the right hip crank back a little more towards target in the backswing -Head steady in the downswing -Torso will be in more flexion to help swing more in to out
  12. Wanzo

  13. Golf Digest Best in State

    Understood. Seems like you have the right approach to these lists.
  14. Golf Digest Best in State

    Keep helping people and the recognition takes care of itself. Congrats and nice work.

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