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  1. Not sure where he started, but...... Maybe getting close to your big payday? 😀👍 seriously though, cool post. Good reminder for me. I feel like most people probably know deep down how to get better? Like losing weight, it’s not usually complicated (with correct info) just hard not to want to shortcut things. I might be willing to give you a bonus if you get me to scratch, prob not 100k 😀.
  2. I was surprised how poorly they scored. Obviously a tough course, cameras, pressure, but still that’s pretty rough. I was shocked how bad that looked given his hdcp. Even before they started commenting on it it will be interesting to see how this year progresses for them.
  3. For folks that like the pod, they posted this video of them playing Kiawah recently from where the pros will play this week. It's a long one, a pro gives him some advice at the 42 min mark somewhat related to this. Curious if you agree. Overall, pretty fun video to watch some decent players try to play that course.
  4. I agree that a lot of pros and really good players end up at a similar angle at impact as they started. In this example, would it make mike more consistent/better if he started with his hands higher but got to the same impact angle that he currently does? Maybe, I’m not an instructor. Just seems like an easy thing to point out that might not be the most important thing to change, at least not directly.
  5. yeah, I've never understood why some instructors seem to obsess with shaft plane at address versus impact. I get they should prob be closer than Mike's, but it will be if he's not so squatty at setup. Seems like it should be more about is the shaft on an ok angle at impact. Interesting stuff. I enjoy the podcast and the youtube vids.
  6. I voted yes. i had heard a couple negative stories from friends who played junior golf with him so that jaded my opinion. But it's a good reminder that people generally judge folks without any context and give themselves the benefit of the doubt or a pass because of context.
  7. Yeah, ha. I can see mike but Eli was more surprising.
  8. latest evolvr notes: Show me a lead arm that is over exaggerated and straight pointed back to the camera at a3. To do that your right arm will have to flex at a slower rate and the right shoulder will retract at a slower rate. This is the same things that we are currently working on but I feel that we need to over exaggerate them. trying to exaggerate and get this feeling....need to keep doing this at slower speeds.
  9. Yeah, it’s a good drill for me. Anything I can do to practice the arms from over-swinging.
  10. I’m not 100% I did this correctly, but this was my first crack at a swing with the feelings you described.
  11. Day 8. 15 mins of pitching and chipping into net focusing on contact. 10 mins or so of backswing work and then trying to feel left arm get off the chest early in downswing. Nice! But @Darkfrog with the longest active streak I think.
  12. Yeah, here's the code if anyone else was considering the videos now is a good time.... When you gift the video set between now and 12/26 you can save 20% by using coupon code: 20XMAS20 Lowest Score Wins - Shoot Lower Scores on the Golf Course NOW Shoot lower scores on the golf course… NOW!
  13. Just bought the videos as a Christmas present to myself. I read the book, but it's been a while. Looking forward to brushing up on the concepts and coming up with a plan for practice over the winter into spring.
  14. Day 6. Putting lag practice indoors and a little backswing work in a mirror and submitted a fresh video to evolvr instructor.
  15. Is there one or two main things you use it for? I don’t know a ton about it but from looking at the site I’m still a little confused.
  16. Looking forward to spring to put these to work. Just got them today. I’ve had Edel wedges before but tried another brand for a while and missed how versatile and great these are.
  17. I enjoyed reading the post. I have some similar issues. It was interesting to see you walk through deliver the info to a new student. Thanks for sharing.
  18. Day 2, super speed this morning and 15 min or so of slow motion swings working mostly on backswing, getting club more vertical/umbrella feel.
  19. Thanks! Yeah I felt very uncoordinated trying those again today. Ha.
  20. Day 1...I’m going to start this up again. Had three or four ten minute breaks today where I worked on my backswing. Hinging the club head up quicker and getting the club more vertical when left arm is parallel. Lot of slow swings and hit some balls at a slower pace and then hit a few drivers at full speed trying to keep those feels.
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