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  1. Sorry about my horrible spelling and grammar.
  2. Hello from Kansas City

    Swope is cool, never played royals but if you come up I highly suggest Ironhorse, Tiffany Springs, Shoal Creek, and Staley Farms m. Those can be a bit pricey so Drumm Farm and River Oaks is nice too.
  3. That actually helped me a lot cause I was tryibg to figure out when I was swinging the Xseries why in my slower swibg soeed I wasnt having them carry like I did with the VRS at both faster or slower swing speeds and that explained why.
  4. Yeah I reckon, I mean I am a open book and I by no means know it all. I just wish I could find a this club v.s this club and pros and cons like on a webpage or something so I don't know but any information would be great.
  5. Hello from Kansas City

    Thank you thank you
  6. Oh most deffinetly the way I am going to go but with the clubs I have now I cannot play at all. They kill my back and my shoulders when I play and I went from shooting upper 70s lower 80s to shooting upper 90s and lower 100s and its nerve racking. I have a aggressive swing so the weight of steel shafts help me with control over these ones I have now that are way too short and they are graphite shafted. I have always been a firm believer in the whole "its the indian not the arrow mentality" but I cannot work on my game until I have the proper equipment to do so.
  7. Alright here is my situation, I am usually a 6-10 handicap but due to loss of clubs (tragic what a ex gf can do) I have been using a set for the past 2 years that are 2 inches shorter than the norm for me. I have been eye balling clubs for a while and decided this past week that I deffinetly need to get better clubs and custom fitted to me. My main question here is that I am stuck with the Calloway X series (X2 hots to be precise) and the Nike VRS-X irons. Now I have never been a Nike fan by any means but I swung the VRS today and was hitting the ball further and streighter with the same consistency against the X series. They feel better too but I cannot find a lot of information on them. Eventually in the next year or 2 I plan on the Wilson Staff C200's because I hit them the best of all but till I can get the money for them ($800) I can buy the Calloway X2 hots, used, for $230 or the Nike VRS for $200 brand new. Now of course I am looking at the plability factor on them and I am looking for game improvement clubs but I do not want a club that is wide like the big berthas so I can have something to blade easier in a rough and its a club I can grow into and not give up a lot of distance. Any ideas or thoughts or information would be greatly apprciated.
  8. Hello from Kansas City

    Hi there, My name is Paul but everybody calls me Booney. I just came across this forum today and wanted to ask some questions but also become a regular. I do not have a deadset yet for a club membership but I like to think I am starting to become a regularly player. My PM is always open for anybody who would like to talk and maybe if you are from the Kansas City area we could possibly play sometime. Anyways I look foreward from hearing from some of you and we all can meet on the 19th hole.