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  1. The irons were my first set. Tommy armour from 06-07. And a callaway x-hot2 driver from this year :(. I was planning on getting new irons soon but now its forced upon me. I dont mind playing just irons either thats why im debating
  2. Ok. Thats what i was thinking. I just dont have experience with sets from big brands like adams so wasnt sure if it would be the same quality
  3. So i am in the unfortunate situation of having to buy new clubs due to mine being stolen. Ive narrowed it down to either buying a complete set (adams speedline plus) or just getting irons to save a little and get woods later. The irons i am considering are cobra amp cell-s and amp cell-d, or nike covert 2.0. Open to suggestions in that price range ( set is 500 irons are around 300). My real question is if the speedline plus set is in the same quality range as the irons im looking at.
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