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  1. I don't have any factual evidence to back this up, just a thought. But I think fruiting of the beer has been a more recent trend with the heavy influx of craft beers the last few years. I don't know that it was ever supposed to go in the glass with the beer though. Leave it on the side. The theory may be that when you take a drink you inhale through your nose. As a result the scent of the fruit goes into your nose enhancing the citrus flavors of the beer. Now this isn't really applicable if we are talking about dropping a lime in you Carona or Bud Light, just more with the craft beers.
  2. MKPKR


    sorry, misread. not that we need to have another thread about stealing balls from a range.
  3. I remembered seeing this in golf digest but never new what happed to the story. Thanks for the link.
  4. I like the idea of using the 5i method to figure out what yardage you should play from. Here in the Charlotte area, no two courses have the same colored tees. Typically what i do to determine which set to play from is the par 3 yardages. I find something in the middle to where i don't have to hit 3hybrid or 3w off every par 3. Thats just the way i always figured it.
  5. i need some tips guys. have tried to implement the S&T; for the last month, and my iron play is great and very consistent. Here comes the problem. I can't hit a driver/wood/hybrid to save my life. Last Saturday i resorted to playing 4i of the tee on the back 9. shot better than the front. I don't really want this to get into a conversation that "you can't hit woods with the s&t;" but can anyone give me a few tips to maybe make this a little easier. everything is either slicing or pushing hard right. HELP PLEASE!
  6. as a smoker i don't see a big problem with people smoking on the course. the only thing that bothers me is when people litter the course with their butts. whether it be cigarettes or cigar butts doesn't matter. i always put it out and either put it in my back pocket or put it in an "empty can" in the cart. one of my buddies is infamous for flicking them and i ride him to no end about it. on a side note, don't leave anything out there for the next person to have to clean up.
  7. no, but i work in an office. if i worked outside with the heat, dust, sand and walked 5mi i probably would.
  8. seriously? who cares. i've noticed it too, and it's pretty clear that he doesn't dip, he is just spitting. it isn't like he is bending over and spitting in the cup i.e. sergio. so he has a bad taste in his mouth. who really gives a crap.
  9. I really think what EA gives the most of the attention to is the online game play. If they were to bring back course architect feature (which they have been talking about for the last few years), they would have to develope an online forum where different people could upload their designs for other to download and play. Something like a little big planet kind of deal on the PS3. www.littlebigplanet.com As far as bringing back amateur status, q school, sponsorships etc. they are going to have to do two things. One would be cut out the added game feature that doesn't involve the tour. i'm at work so i can't get to the website to see for sure, but you have to complete various tasks against a course or player to open courses/merchandise to buy. The other would be to cut the number of courses that comes with the game. At this point, you only get 6 or 8 with and option to go online a buy additional courses for 8 bucks each. my vote would be to cut the added game feature that doesn't deal with a tour schedule. lastly, i don't think "tiger woods online" is TW '11 that this thread was started about. Mike.
  10. this thing starting on wednesday really screwed me. guess i should have paid more attention to detail. so what else is new.
  11. Mine is of "The Schrute." That's all.
  12. In one of the previous posts, it talked about placing your bag towel through the last row or so of your iron in your "traditional carry bags." The towe will prevent the clubs from rattling every other step. If you really think about the abuse that your body takes riding in a golf cart with your idiot friend after a 6-pack imagine the stress on your clubs not bracing themselves. It isn't that hard to see why walking is just all around better for your game. 2010 - the year of walking!!!!
  13. That's what they are supposed to give you with a big enough tip. Just sayin'. Regardless of the exchange rate, i'd say 10 or 15 dollars would more than cover it. Especially when the charge for a caddy is 19 bucks.
  14. MKPKR

    Please stop it!!!

    i guess the average temperature here in charlotte is around 50 in jan/feb, but i don't think that we've seen 40 in 2weeks. i can't wait for the temps to go up a few degrees. You're supposed to be able to play golf all year long here.
  15. Rory. I watched him a little bit off and on last year. But after the "international match play thing" in China, i'm now a big fan.
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