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  1. I have played it. Its an expensive course (for county residents as well) and only 9 holes. I am looking for an 18 hole course I can play on weekends.
  2. I live in Jersey City, NJ. Looking around my area, I see two golfing options within reasonable driving distance (around 30 - 40 mins) for the up coming season. 1) Buy a player's card to play in Union county. golf courses include Galloping Hills and Ashbrook 2) Buy a player's card to play in Essex county. Courses include Weequahic, Francis Byrne and Hendricks Field. Which player's card should I purchase ? out of the 2 which offers the best bang for the buck.
  3. I am in the market for a new golf bag. I like walking so I want something that is light, easy on the back but also durable. Some of the names I have found interesting are DaTrek go lite pro & Sun mountain 4 5 . What bag would you suggest for someone who prefers to walk the course ?
  4. I am looking for an instructor in or near Manhattan. Any recommendations ?
  5. I will be going to maui in the first week of September. What are some interesting courses I can play at ? The plantation course is on my list. Any website where I can get cheaper tee-times in Maui ?
  6. Agreed but if it ingrains distance control on putts between 5 to 45 feet it might be worth it. Not really sure how effective this thing is though.
  7. Has anyone used the puttist ? Looks like a really cool idea to ingrain distance control on your putts . It is a bit pricey though. http://www.puttist-usa.com/
  8. Next time you go up there, try Eagles Nest. Its an awesome course as well, in the same league as Angus Glen.
  9. moadhia

    Driver Loft

    how much does it cost to be fitted for all the clubs ? Any idea. Although I still consider myself a high handicapper , I think fitting might help drop my handicap by 4-5 strokes.
  10. moadhia

    Driver Loft

    I play with a 10.5 degree driver and hit my driver a fairly decent distance ( 235 - 250 with roll). My playing partners have been commenting that I am hitting the ball too high which is probably robbing me off some distance. Would moving to a driver with lower loft (9.5 or 8.5) help gain some distance ? How difficult is it to hit a lower lofted driver ? Can i get my current driver bent to 9.5 ?
  11. moadhia

    Golf GPS

    So birthday coming up, I am looking for a Golf GPS device not more than $300. I don't want to pay an annual subscription fee. What are my options ?
  12. Anyone knows golf courses reachable by public transport in the New York City / Jersey City ? I am sick and tired of playing Van Cortlandt and Dyker. I need some change. I usually play alone or with a friend so zipcar is too expensive for us.
  13. Here is a list of courses I like in the greater toronto area. - Silver Lakes ( North of highway 404). Well kept and challenging. - Osprey Valley . Links style and challenging but fun. - Angus Glen ( pricey, the Canadian Open was held here) - Eagles Nest (again pricey but if you play after 12 , its a good deal) - Ballantrae golf club ( Amazing twilight rate) - Richmond hill Golf club ( course is short 6000 yards. on weekends you can replay for free but cart is not included. Not a bad deal for $89).
  14. I live in the land of 6 hours rounds too, and I chip to keep my sanity. Don't like staring at hackers who insists on walking and take 5 practice swings before blading/shanking their ball. Never had anyone complain about chipping though. Where were you playing ? VC or Dyker ?
  15. I know people say short game is key, but its important to hit your driver on the fairway or close by. A well hit driver will leave you with an 8 iron or less into the green on an average par 4. That is important. I am able to hit 6-8 GIRs per round and I think thats mostly due to my driver. No need to hit it very long, just keep it in play.
  16. If I bring it down to 30 putts I will be a mid to low single digit handi capper , that would be something :D
  17. So I finally crossed the 90 mark after have hit 90 on the dot 3 times before. Shot an 87 with +11 on the front 9 and +4 on the back. Had two birdies and missed my third one. Now I just need to take my putting to the next level and I think I can break 85 :D Ahh.. feels good that all the range work is showing off. How does one stay in the 80s consistently ? short game ? I make 40 putts per round so that needs to really come down.
  18. Sweet !! Got my first and only eagle on a par 4. Hit the driver 250 yards and then an 80 yard pitch shot right into the cup ( no bounce just directly into the hole). Gives you the best feeling ever
  19. I had a lesson with one of their better teachers. It was an ok experience. The tips and drills I got did help fix my golf swing. I thought the approach was a bit leadbetter like, take the club inside , place your left elbow here if that works for you. My personal opinion was that the instructors there are more concerned about the money than teaching their students. The guy teaching me kept looking at his watch and was turned off by the fact that I was only there for 30 minutes. I didn't feel a connection. Yes what he was saying made sense, but I like to establish a rapport with my instructo
  20. So i have a blackberry curve and recently downloaded freecaddie . Its an amazing app gives me distance to the front, center and back of the green. But I was wondering if you guys know of a "free" GPS app that would actually let me measure my shot distance or give me distance to hazards, end of fairway etc. I know you get what you pay for but still wondering if I am missing out on something much more interesting than freecaddie.
  21. you can find better information for free on youtube. Search for "clemshaw" you wont regret it. Or even better, get lessons from a local PGA professional.
  22. I read Stan Utley's book "The Art of Putting" and have decided to change my putting stroke. I was kind of in between SBST and arc , i.e my back swing following an arc but my follow through was straight. I was wondering if any one releases their putter head on their follow through. Its really hard for me to ingrain the release, I kind of hold on to a sqaure face. Any one knows any drills to help me release my putter effectively . I have tried a couple of times and I seem to be pulling my putts.
  23. So this season, I really want to fix my short game. I want to know how you guys practice your short game. This how I am planning to planning to divide up my practice session - hit 5 100 yard wedge shots - hit 5 80 yards wedge shots ( with my GW and SW) - hit 5 60 yard wedge shots ( with SW and LW) - hit 10 40 yard wedge shots(LW) - hit 10 20 yard wedge shorts ( LW .. half with open face and the other half with square face) Have anything to add.
  24. ohh wow I didnt know there was such a thing as an alignment putter. Well I have been working on my putting stroke for the past 2 months, and I think I have got it down pretty much. I would say 70% - 80% of my putts hit on the sweet spot of my putter, this I can tell based on feel and distance ( the putter I have doesnt make a distinct sound on good strokes though). The problem is sometimes stand too far from the ball and during my takeaway I tend to bring my putter too much to the inside. VP109 might just do it. Are there any other putters that help with alignment ? How is the feedback on go
  25. This sounds interesting. Which model of the seemore putter are you referring to ? I am a believer in buying used golf equipment because I think there is a lot of good quality , cheap stuff out there. I will try going to a golf shop and trying out different putters. So are mallet putters easier to hit than blade ? If not, what's the logic behind making an ugly putter with a huge ass ?
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