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  1. You seem to be whipping the club too far too the inside and the club becomes stuck... The clubface is shut however this doesn't mean anything unless it relates to a club path angle. Now, the main problem is whipping the club to the inside because the club becomes stuck... You can now only go either over-the-top or under the plane. Your club then goes further inside which means that the only place your club can go is out to the right. This is okay however combine this with a shut club and you will hit huge hooks. I would say you best is to work on a 'one piece' takeaway as you seem to
  2. keeping the lower body more stable will restrict the club swinging too far back. Much of the power in the golf swing is created by the separation of the shoulders and hips (torque). Restricting the hip turn but trying to turn back will feel very restrictive and this is how the power is generated. It should feel as though you are coiling your upper body around a stable base. Also if anything, your arms should be even straighter at the top of the backswing! This is good for consistency and for generating width which in turn creates more power... It also takes out the variable of how bent yo
  3. HI, You appear to be taking the club quite far on the outside which can be a good thing however during the transition the club isn't shallowing to the inside. As the club is now coming in steep, you are having to release the hinge in your wrist (not the fault of your wrists but your brain compensating for the steep angle of attack). This can lead to a club path that goes too far to the left and 'casting' the club can lead to the face shutting. This is causing your shots to start left and fade... I would imagine when you hit a straight draw you have somehow compensated for the pa
  4. Hi Guys, I am currently playing well and blasting my driver with a high towering draw however I am struggling with thin iron shots especially ones that are pushed to the right. I have embedded this link of my swing however it is not in slo mo unfortunely. Any help would be greatly appreciated as i would love to get down to single figures this season. I can hit irons well up to about my 7 iron and then i hit low blocks or pushes, this is unusual for me as i am a mid to high ball hitter. Additionally, i am hitting my irons very short as i can hit it 20 yards past my playing partners ho
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