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  1. I played my first tournament today, and I stuffed up royally... Everything that could possibly go wring did, and the harder I tried, the worst it got. Shot 113. The last few weeks I've been in the low 90s and I have scored 88 twice. I will be back out tomorrow and try to spank the course in the bum, I'm sure that will meka me feel better! hahaha! Peace
  2. Bag: Nike stand bag Driver: Taylormade R15 10.5* 3 Wood: Taylormade R15 Irons: Taylormade RSi1 4-PW Wedges: Titleist Volkey SM4 50*, 56* and 60* Putter: Ping Anser Scottsdale
  3. Played 18 holes 1st thing in the morning. Not the greatest front 9, back 9 a lot better. After that I went to the driving range and hit 100 balls. 25 pitch shots at various targets, 25 shots with a hybrid and 50 drives. just focused on take away and staying balanced. On the way home I decided to go by the club and played the back nine
  4. Went to the course after work, Played 7 holes to get ready for tomorrow. I wanted to hit 3 balls on each hole, but there were a couple of people behind me so i had to keep pace. Here's a link: http://www.gamegolf.com/player/KiwiGolferNZ/round/755216
  5. Today (2nd March) had a fitting for some Ping clubs. I must have hit about 30 or so balls with a 7 iron and about 50 with the new G driver. After that I played the back nine. 3 balls, just trying to get to GIR. It worked on all 3 par 3s and on 2 of the par 4s. Good 9 holes all in all.
  6. I'm in. Today (1st of March) I swung a wedge for about 10 minutes at work. No balls involved. It was a long 16hr work day so I knew that was all I was going to get. I mainly focused on take away and the top of the back swing, making sure I had a flat right wrist.
  7. Thanks mate. I have seen the 5 simple keys mentioned quite a bit, haven't read them yet. I am playing with one of my mates this weekend, I'll get him to take a few videos and I'll start the thread. Thanks for the advice At my club, everybody plays from the championship tees (blue) on the weekends. I haven't been able to break 100 from the blues, shot a 102 on Saturday. My best from the white tees is 94. So yeah about an 8 shot difference.
  8. I started playing under a year ago (I'm 41 now) and I have slowly got better. I can consistently hit straight drives as long as I don't want to crush the ball, as soon as I do that I slice it. I still skull the odd iron shot, less and less now, but it still happens. The one thing I am really good at is bunker play! I know, odd right? My next step is to get some lessons, I want to focus on consistency and hitting the ball on the centre of the face.
  9. Cool! I have a fitting on Wednesday, my first one. I'm looking at getting the driver and 3 wood. I'm also trying the Gmax and G irons. I've read that the Gmax are more geared towards high handicappers, but I'll wait until I've had a hit. I'm excited!
  10. Hi everybody! I joined The Sand Trap today. I'm from Wellington, NZ. I started playing under a year ago, and my Handicap index is 22. Looking forward to meeting you! cheers!
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