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  1. Favorite Tiger Car Crash Jokes

    tigers asian side came out when he crashed his car.
  2. This may sound like a dumb question...

    hybrids are a club that are two club formed into one. A long iron and a wood. aka Hybrid
  3. Divots?

    i highly recomend reading the "impact zone' by bobby clamet i think. but he basically says tour pros make a divot infront of the ball as higher handicappers always make a divot behind the ball making ground then ball contact. always focusing on hitting ball then ground first will greatly improve your ball striking .
  4. when i bought my tour burner i got it with a stock stiff shaft. then i got it cut down and tipped out to what is now a xx shaft which luckily work out perfect having the shaft length and stiffness all from the original shaft. i've hit many stiff flex drivers and do feel like they are a little flimsy for me but they were also not the same length as my current driver. i'd say go with the xx if your inbetween shafts and grow into it. i was also an avid weight lifter which helped out a lot with my distance/swing speed also.
  5. I'm 5'8 150lbs and i can hit one or two drives 300 yards playing 18 holes. I got a tour burner 9.5 with a xx-stiff shaft. my swing speed can get into the 120's but you also have to catch it on the sweet spot and hold your lag as long as you can.
  6. ahh sand traps!!!

    set up feet open, weight on the forward leg and right shoulder low. position ball forward of stance and take a short tight swing making sure to accelerate thru right under the ball. your finish swing should be longer then your back swing
  7. im pretty sure pine valley has lost its 1st place spots before. pebble beach was number 1 at one time i think
  8. Hello from a girl state champ from Iowa!

    what are the average yards for a championship set up for females?
  9. Hello from a girl state champ from Iowa!

    yes lets have some proof
  10. Myrtle Beach Golf

    ha if it's sometime before next week let me know