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  1. 1. I always warm up before playing but warm up is always a little different depending on the group Im playing with and the course we are playing. I always stretch(this routine is the same every round), I always tke at least 10-15 full swings(5 wedge, 5 7i, and 5 driver) - some of these are on a range with balls other times its just swings with no range and then I try to chip and putt a little bit I know consistent warm up would help but I pay with different people and different courses and often times ride with others to the course so they don't always arrive in time to give time at the
  2. I'm honestly not sure what I am even looking for from starting this thread other than to just vent a little. A little background: I am an average golfer that has always been a stellar athlete. I have excelled in any sport I have taken up outside of golf. I assumed I would excel at golf but it has never happened. For the last 3-4 years I have bounced around a 14-16 handicap and never been able to put it together This year I have practiced more consistently and been able to play more frequently but still can't quite reach the breakthrough that I would like to reach. My last 3 rou
  3. Shot an 83 - 44-39 I started slow and double bogeyed an easy par 3. Then I settled in and found a groove. Driver was straight, irons were middle of the green. Just couldn't get a birdie putt to drop on the back
  4. I am Staying Ahead of the Game with Sun Mountain 1. Charl Schwartzel - -2 2. Billy Horschel -2 3. Kevin Chappell -2
  5. Welcome. I am from the Lansing area. Enjoy the site
  6. I want outrageous speed with a Callaway XR driver! Brandt Snedeker -7 Paul Casey -7 Alex Noren -7
  7. It was a 9 hole round 3 weeks ago 1st hole - triple bogey 2nd hole - double bogey 3rd hole - double bogey 4th hole - bogey 5,6,7,8,9 - I played in 1 under.
  8. Yes. If i came to a hole like that, I would simply skip the hole as to avoid the potential problem. The argument has nothing to do with whether a home owner should take precautions to protect their property. The question is simply is a golfer responsible for where they hit there ball. The answer to me is simple
  9. No your distinction just makes no sense. The reality is that it doesn't matter what is off of golf course property or how far off golf course property it is. As a golfer you have a responsibility to keep your ball on the course. if you do not do so you are responsible. IT IS YOUR BALL, THAT YOU HIT. THEREFORE YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE It is a simple concept
  10. So if I knowingly drive my car by it knowing a ball could hit it is my fault? Either a golfer is responsible for where there golf ball goes or they are not. It really is that simple
  11. No it doesn't. Both are a case of a wayward golf ball, hit off golf course property. Not sure how its any different at all
  12. Why is it different? I bought a house next to your kids, just like someone else bought a house by a golf course. Why does the one at the golf course have to assume risk, but the one with a house by kids doesn't? Is there not an assumed risk that a kid might act like a kid
  13. What does the homeowner have to be responsible for? They did not break the window. The homeowner is not responsible for your golf ball and where it goes. You are playing a golf course which means you are to be on the course, if you can't keep your ball within the bounds of the course that is not a homeowners responsibility, it is yours and yours alone
  14. So I am responsible for where my car goes and what it does, but not for where my golf ball goes and what it does? If being close to a golf course makes me responsible for protecting my home with nets or something else, then why is it not my responsibility to protect my car in a parking lot? Something here doesn't add up. Why in one case am I responsible and not in the other? The reality is the golfer hit his/her golf ball, therefore they are responsible for where his/her golf ball goes.In the same as a driver I am responsible for my car, as a dog owner I am responsible for my
  15. Of the courses listed that I have played here are my rankings Yarrow Ravines Hawkshead the Medalist Angels Crossing Thornapple Pointe But you are over an hour from New Buffalo at Yarrow, The Medalist, Thornapple Pointe, and Angels crossing More information would be helpful. Are you basing your stay out of new buffalo? Are you looking for 2 courses on the same day? Separate days? If looking for 2 courses same day an hour from New Buffalo, I would do Ravines and Hawkshead Edit: Wanted to add I have heard nothing but good things abou
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