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  1. Yep. It's still like that. I've been on the list for a few years now too. I'm a big fan of open source so I like the openness, especially for a closed software. After the take over by the Back9 network they had to pause development but they apparently back at it so I'm not holding my breadth but considering I've invested years in the project and all my stats are there I'd rather not switch to another app just for SG stats. Cheers,
  2. Thanks RandallT. I found a few ones and learned a lot in the process. I made the request to SwingbySwing developers to have such a feature added as it already has GPS and course mapping so adding a simple quick GUI for tracking distance, lie and club wouldn't take much added effort and would make data entry much faster than paper for me. Their app is dirt cheap so it beats having to pay for yet another app/subscription. Cheers, Steph
  3. Hi, Just spotted your old post about your spreadsheet for strokes gained. Impressive stuff! I also use SwingbySwing and been beta testing for them for a while. They started development again (after an ownership change) and said they'd look at my feature request of adding Strokes Gained but I doubt that will happen anytime soon. So that leads me to your spreadsheet... Do you still have it and if so, can I possibly use it for my own use? Or even a shared google calc (think free online excel) if you want to remain in control of your "algo". I'm used to inputting everything in an app so for me the extra work is not a big deal and doesn't slow me down. So hopefully one day SbS integrates it... Thanks in advance, Stephane
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