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  1. Thank you all for the great tips and advice. I am going to watch some videos, check out the other threads, and use the advice given to work on my swing. I replied a few days ago and for some reason it didn't post from my phone. Again, than you all.
  2. I am a new golfer of only 3 years and roughly 20 -30 games played. I'm also new to this thread. The problem that I have been dealing with since day one, is my swing is only a 3/4 full swing. My distance on each shot is noticeably shorter than others who use the same club. When I do try to perform a full swing, my club face never makes it back to the starting position. Meaning the ball goes nowhere it is intended. What can I do to gain a full swing? What practice tips could anyone suggest I do to improve my full swing? Thank you in advance.
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