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  1. Dick Kusleika

    How Much "Simpler" Are the 2019 Rules, Really?

    I'm in dangerous territory talking about these changes given the small amount of time I've spent on them. My understanding was that the relief options are the same for red and yellow stakes. That is, they eliminated dropping on the other side of a hazard. But as I type this I realize that wasn't the only difference so it's even less of a simplification than I had in my head. I think the drop area is measured by your longest club (excluding putter) where it used to be any club you choose. One club instead of a choice of clubs. Simpler. Although I have to admit I never saw anyone use their sand wedge to measure, so the "simplicity" probably affects zero people. I agree. None of these are big. But what would be? They could have made the relief options for all penalty areas identical, but even that wouldn't have been that big of a change.
  2. Dick Kusleika

    How Much "Simpler" Are the 2019 Rules, Really?

    Having the same relief options for penalty areas. Removing the choice of clubs for marking off a drop. And generally any time they remove a penalty, I consider it a simplification (hitting the flag stick from on the green, loose impediments in bunkers and penalty areas). If there's no penalty, there's nothing to remember. None of those are big, even collectively. But like you said, what could they have done. I can't come up with any way that I would simplify the rules that wouldn't drastically alter the nature of the game.
  3. Dick Kusleika

    How Much "Simpler" Are the 2019 Rules, Really?

    I voted 'quite a bit' until I read your answer. I looked at how much they simplified compared to how much they could have simplified and concluded they did a lot. But in absolute value of simpleness, I think it's about the same so I changed my vote to that.
  4. Dick Kusleika

    Game Golf Live Continued Use

    Due to some personal projects this Summer, I'm not practicing. I'm just trying to hold serve. But normally I do and I will be back to actively trying to get better next year. When you look at approach shots over time, how do you do that? For instance, I can see how far my clubs go and change from all rounds, to last 20, to last 10 etc. But I haven't found a place that shows me how stats change over time on one page. One thing that's pushing me to keep doing it is that I may want that data in the future. If Game Golf ever lets us get at the raw data, I'll be sad if I could have had a whole season worth of data to play with but stopped tracking. I will admit that I like the post round review that editing forces me to do (there's always a couple holes that I'd rather forget). I didn't mean to imply that my "slight anxiety" was rational - I know it's not.
  5. I bought a Game Golf Live when then Pro model came out and it went on sale . I have 18 rounds logged and I got some good information out of it. It was definitely worth the cost. But now I'm wondering if it's worth the ongoing effort. I feel like I've gotten all the information out of it that there is to get. I hear that a lot of people like the tagging as part of their pre-shot routine, but I'm not one of those people. It's not a lot of effort, but it causes me a slight amount of anxiety a few times per round wondering if I remembered to tag. I also have to remember to charge the belt clip. Like I said, it's not a *lot* of effort, but it's not nothing. I'm thinking about putting it on a shelf until something changes - swing change, new clubs, etc. If you're continuing to use a shot tracking system after your stats stabilized, do you find the benefits diminish over time? Have you considered stopping using it?
  6. Dick Kusleika

    Dick Kusleika

  7. Dick Kusleika

    Plugged ball

    Isn't "as near as possible (not closer to the hole) to the spot where it embedded on the second drop" in the pitch mark that I wasn't able to repair?
  8. Dick Kusleika

    Water hazard: dropped a ball then found the first?

    From the local rule: "The ball is played provisionally under any of the applicable options under Rule 26-1 " Why does the local rule say "any of the applicable options" if it's only option a? Do you think 27-2 would override the local rule and limit the options available? I've never interpreted it that way, but they do seem to contradict each other.
  9. Dick Kusleika

    Water hazard: dropped a ball then found the first?

    You can't play the original under 26-1 options, but you can play the provisional under those options, right? So it's not stroke-and-distance only for the provisional. You could, for instance, drop within two club lengths of a red-staked margin and call that provisional.
  10. Dick Kusleika

    GHIN Average/Similar Golfers Report

    Right - 6.6-7.6. I thought they had levels and that I just happened to be right in the middle of one. But after thinking about it, they probably just add/subtract .5 from mine. The first time I ever saw this report was a couple of years ago. I was just under a 6.5 for very brief time. I remember thinking what a great scorer I must be. Everyone in the 5.9-6.9 range was clearly better than me in most of the stats. I thought the few categories where I was better must account for a lot of scoring. But I was back up around 7 in no time and all the stats kind of fell into place. I was just playing above my pay grade for a short while. Now I want to go back and see that. Where are the 6 handicaps clearly kicking my butt? Does Game Golf or some other shot tracker have a similar report?
  11. When I record my scores on ghin.com, I use the hole-by-hole and advanced scoring. I like reading the Average/Similar Golfers report. But what I'd really like to see is how I compare to the next lower handicap group. I have two questions: 1. If you work at GHIN, can you put me in touch with your web app team so I can make a suggestion? I can't find a way to do that on the site. 2. If you're between a 5.6 and 6.6 index and use advanced scoring, would you mind posting your Average/Similar Golfers numbers so I can do the comparison myself? Thanks
  12. I'm having a hard time answering this question. But I have some questions of my own. How do you contact a golf tournament to report a rules violation? I went to lpga.com and saw a feedback form, but really no other contact mechanism. What email address did this viewer use? Why is the LPGA monitoring this email account during a tournament anyway? I would think Thursday-Sunday on event weeks is pretty much all hands on deck taking care of the tournament. Sure, you answer emails and phone calls from sponsors or pros, but I'd think they'd have private ways to contact tour officials. If the LPGA wants to hear from the general public during a tournament so they can get tips on rules violations, they don't seem to publicize the methods of contact. Maybe the guy who emailed knew the secret handshake.

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