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  1. Dick Kusleika

    Plugged ball

    Isn't "as near as possible (not closer to the hole) to the spot where it embedded on the second drop" in the pitch mark that I wasn't able to repair?
  2. From the local rule: "The ball is played provisionally under any of the applicable options under Rule 26-1 " Why does the local rule say "any of the applicable options" if it's only option a? Do you think 27-2 would override the local rule and limit the options available? I've never interpreted it that way, but they do seem to contradict each other.
  3. Dick Kusleika

    GHIN Average/Similar Golfers Report

    Right - 6.6-7.6. I thought they had levels and that I just happened to be right in the middle of one. But after thinking about it, they probably just add/subtract .5 from mine. The first time I ever saw this report was a couple of years ago. I was just under a 6.5 for very brief time. I remember thinking what a great scorer I must be. Everyone in the 5.9-6.9 range was clearly better than me in most of the stats. I thought the few categories where I was better must account for a lot of scoring. But I was back up around 7 in no time and all the stats kind of fell into place. I was just playing above my pay grade for a short while. Now I want to go back and see that. Where are the 6 handicaps clearly kicking my butt? Does Game Golf or some other shot tracker have a similar report?
  4. When I record my scores on ghin.com, I use the hole-by-hole and advanced scoring. I like reading the Average/Similar Golfers report. But what I'd really like to see is how I compare to the next lower handicap group. I have two questions: 1. If you work at GHIN, can you put me in touch with your web app team so I can make a suggestion? I can't find a way to do that on the site. 2. If you're between a 5.6 and 6.6 index and use advanced scoring, would you mind posting your Average/Similar Golfers numbers so I can do the comparison myself? Thanks
  5. I'm having a hard time answering this question. But I have some questions of my own. How do you contact a golf tournament to report a rules violation? I went to lpga.com and saw a feedback form, but really no other contact mechanism. What email address did this viewer use? Why is the LPGA monitoring this email account during a tournament anyway? I would think Thursday-Sunday on event weeks is pretty much all hands on deck taking care of the tournament. Sure, you answer emails and phone calls from sponsors or pros, but I'd think they'd have private ways to contact tour officials. If the LPGA wants to hear from the general public during a tournament so they can get tips on rules violations, they don't seem to publicize the methods of contact. Maybe the guy who emailed knew the secret handshake.
  6. Dick Kusleika

    Modernized Rules Discussion: Areas of the Course

    I think I'll invent a hole liner that projects a hologram of a flag. Problem solved. Except wind direction at the hole.
  7. Dick Kusleika

    Modernized Rules Discussion: Areas of the Course

    You might consider citing a study or two, even if it's in a footnote.
  8. Dick Kusleika

    Modernized Rules Discussion: Areas of the Course

    They don't have to change the rules for me to have that round with that guy. :)
  9. Dick Kusleika

    Modernized Rules Discussion: Areas of the Course

    Yes, that's what I had in mind: Anybody from any side could make the effort to attend and remove the advantage for everyone. The only time you could put the flag back in an unattended state is if the next shot (from whomever) is from off the green. If the next shot is from on the green, you (or someone) has to continue to attend or the flagstick has to be removed. So under this rule, you would not have a "right" to leave the flag in, only the option if everyone agrees - agreement being not making the effort to attend - and yes this is starting to feel like agreement to waive the rules which is terrible.
  10. Dick Kusleika

    Modernized Rules Discussion: Areas of the Course

    What if the flagstick rule were to say "once the flagstick is touched, it is considered attended and must be continued to be attended or removed until the stroke is complete."? That seems like it would solve the futzing with the flag issue. And it wouldn't interfere with the situation where two players are on the front of the green with a back pin. They could still come up without risking a penalty.
  11. Dick Kusleika

    Modernized Rules Discussion: Taking Relief

    My only problem with an "always place" type rule change is that people would spend too much time trying to balance their ball on a tuft of grass. I think the 1" drop is good. It's basically an "always place" rule (of which I am in favor) but doesn't devolve into a rock balancing exercise.
  12. Dick Kusleika

    Putts are 1/2 Stroke?

    Speaking as someone who can't hit a 2i 20 feet from anything, I think we should make putts worth two strokes. The guy who bailed out and saved par is the hero of the story. The 2i-hitter took an unnecessary risk and got lucky. We shouldn't reward him for that. I'll admit that your or his definition of "unnecessary" may differ from mine.
  13. Dick Kusleika

    Separate Rule Books for Match Play and Stroke Play

    They could leave the rule book as it is, but publish a different version with all the match play stuff removed. That's the one I'd keep in my bag.
  14. Dick Kusleika

    Nearest Point of Relief & OB

    I'd like to introduce a similar, but more extreme, situation to see if I understand the rule. Cart path up the right side, three feet of rough to the right of the path, then out of bounds (staked, no boundary fence). A right-handed golfer's ball lands in the three feet of rough. When he takes his stance, his heals are on the path. The NPoR is literally 2" from the out of bounds line. The player lifts and drops, but misses the 2" strip. He drops again, hits the 2" strip and the ball bounces out of bounds. He drops again, hits the 2" strip and the ball bounces several inches toward the path to a position where he is no longer taking complete relief. Now he must place the ball in the 2" strip where the ball struck the course and play on. Do I have that right? Thanks

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