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  1. How? Can you elaborate how you improve your shot by gripping differently? I've always use the same grip as any normal iron shot. The sand was just normal, not fluffy and not hard. And due to the Covid situation, all lies are perfect (new bunker rule: lift and place on flat spot because of no raking to avoid contact)
  2. This is quite embarrassing. I've been playing golf for about 25 years, average low 80, but suddenly I've been struggling so much in greenside bunkers this past few weeks. 2 weeks ago, shot 79 (avoided all bunkers), last week shot 89 (11 strokes in 4 bunkers), earlier today shot 91 (14 strokes in 5 bunkers). I've watched countless youtube videos on bunker lessons over the years, just this past week I watched about 20+ different videos but still struggled. I went back to the basic routine, wide stand, dig feet in, bent knees, stable stand, open my (56) sand wedge slightly, play t
  3. I've been playing golf for about 20 yrs, about 11 handicap. I used to be fairly consistent with my driver until this year, I suddenly hitting driver snap hook often on the course (about 4-5 times per round), after each round I went to the range and not hit even 1 snap hook. I'm quite puzzled on how to correct it as it doesn't happen on the range, only on the course. Any suggestion?
  4. Thanks for your response DutchLeon, but my issue is definitely the mental game. I've developed a fairly consistent tempo swing over 20 years, so it's not the same kind of issue as a beginner. I don't mean to be rude, but I don't think a beginner would understand this kind of mental issue. A few years ago, a Pro named Michael Bembenick got a spot in a web.com tour and posted scores of 89 & 103, I'm sure he would normally shoots in the 70s, but the pressure probably gave him the Yip. Furthermore, I'm not "into the cycle of wanting to do better", I'm quite happy with my game shooting avera
  5. Golf is definitely a mental game for me, more for some than others. And I've seen it in a lot of golfers I played with, some are like me, can shoot 80 one day with GIR on almost every hole, then the next round posting 95, can't hit 1 decent shot. However, I have tried focusing just on the swing in the past, didn't help me, will try again when I get the Yip.
  6. Definitely sounds familiar, it's seems to be the ego thing. I usually played my worse games when I really want to win and especially when there's a bet is on the line, mind you that our bets are quite small (just a few bucks for fun, we're not gamblers), but I just wanted to win so badly (again, ego thing) that caused my game to go from bad to worse. However lately I noticed that I played fairly consistent and haven't got the Yip in quite awhile, all because winning the game is not important any more, I'm just happy to be out there golfing (still recovering from golf elbow).
  7. A couple of months ago, I played a round with a friend who's a doctor, asked him about it, he said there's not much I can do with it, however it's kind of strange that he recommended to me that I should just keep playing with it if not too painful and it will get better. So I kept on playing with it, I stopped when it's really painful, and play again when it got better. It's actually been getting better, I can play once a week now, just mild discomfort after the round, ice it a bit and it's ok for the next round.
  8. I don't think I am in the same boat with the golfer you described above. I'm not a youngster who tries to hit 300 all the time as I'm in my late 40s. Late last year I spent an hour with the club pro on the range, and he only adjusted my swing plane slightly, he told me that I have a fairly controlled swing with good tempo so there's not much to fix. When I told him about my Yip issue, he told me it's all in my head and he couldn't fix that. The different between me and the gentleman you describe above is that I don't play bad in every competition. In half of my competitions, I wo
  9. Thanks Pete, I think you may understand my issue the most, seems like most others don't because I believe most people don't have the extreme mental issues I have and I don't blame them as I have not seen it in any of golfers I know over the last 20 years. Regarding your question, occasionally I get invited to play in a scramble tournament (vendor's, charity, etc.) where I play with people I don't know and I always play tremendously well, making great shots after great shots that I even surprised myself. Probably because I'm relax and have no expectation. I can't remember since when I
  10. I have a friend with just about the same handicap, and he shoots consistently mid 80s, rarely ever score higher than 90 but doesn't break 80 that often either, he's very consistent. I'd say 95% of his rounds score in between 83-88. I on the other hand, probably 25% in that range, 40% lower that range and 35% higher than that range. Extremely inconsistent.
  11. I don't claim myself to be a low handicap golfer, and just for the record my current handicap is 11.6 according the club computer. I have done that as indicated in earlier post. When I go to the range, I alternate between drivers and irons, aim driver between 2 posts and aim irons on greens at various distances. I rarely missed my target, and green misses are always right besides the green. I've always walked away hating that I couldn't do that on the course. Many times after playing a horrible round where I consistently snap hook or slides my drives, I went to the r
  12. Last summer, there was a stretch where I play 4 games in a row with scores between 72 and 81. Mostly pars, many birdies, worst hole was 1 double-bogey in 4 rounds. How is it possible for a golfer who lacks in swing mechanics to do that 4 games in a row? After those 4 games, all my golf buddies asked me for strokes, so I give them strokes and the next round I think I shot 97. Whenever I play in a scramble tournament with business associates, they all think I'm a scratch golfer because every shot I hit is exactly what I wanted it to do, when there's no pressure at all. I even sur
  13. I strongly disagree. Golf is highly effected by the mental game. I'm not a scratch golfer but I'm not a high handicapper either. I shoot many rounds in low 80s and high 70s frequently, so I you are incorrect assuming that I am a high handicapper. Around the green, when I'm confident, I can get up and down from anywhere, I can make my ball checked up from the bunker every time, bump-and-run, chipping, pitching, flop shots, etc are no issue at all. But when I loose confident, I can't decide which shot to play to minimize the damage. I am quite certain it's the mental game
  14. Thanks for the suggestion, but I don't think the score is the issue. I always play with my buddies and we always have a friendly wager on the game (beers, lunches, etc.), I really don't care about the scores as I usually don't keep scores, leave it to someone else, and only know my score at the end of the round. I either have a relax feeling and cruise through the round, or got nervous from the get go and the whole game just goes down the drain after 2 or 3 holes. I just couldn't shake the tension once I have it.
  15. Rory McIlroy -14 Hideki Matsuyama - 14 Matt Kuchar -14 PING is going to help me be fast and forgiving with the new G Driver and Crossover!
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