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  1. I am a retired cop and soldier. I have been playing golf since 92 and have lifted weights since the 80's. I suffered a career ending injury from the military and then went on to be a cop. while working as a cop, I ignored my injuries from the military and after ten years, i woke up one morning and could not walk. (that was progressive). During the time before becoming disabled I worked out everyday for 5 days a week. I was also a personal trainer. After eight surgeries I was told I would never walk again. If it had not been for me always exercising, I would not be walking today. I use very expensive knee braces from Germany to walk. The point is, I can walk. Fast forward to 2014. I was on a ladder and fell fifteen feet and injured my shoulders. No more golf. Lost range of motion. I could not put my hands behind my back. I could no longer work out. I was benching over 400 before the injury. Now after natural healing and stretching, I have more flexibility in my arms and shoulders. Working out has always enabled me to recover. I played my first round of golf two weeks ago since 2013, and hit a 53 on the front nine and as muscle memory came back I hit a 38 on the back. A 91 overall. That motivated me to get more core strength because I was sore for four days after that round. Excercise will help in life in general. I trained my nephew for six months. He was 410. After six months I had him down to 192 lbs and he was able to enlist. He followed my footsteps and went airborne as well. If you have difficulty with exercising get over it and do it. Your spinal cord can be injured by swinging your clubs and not properly stretching. So no one but tiger nows why and how it happened. I believe surgery should be a last means.